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75 days until we move to Cambodia, and we’re feeling the crunch. Wanting to soak up every minute of people and places we love. Wanting time to stand still so we can make lots and lots of memories and store them all up in our hearts.

I talked a few weeks ago about wanting to say goodbye well.


Two specific things came to my mind. Ways to say “we love you” to some special people. But both involved spending money (one more than the other) and driving fairly long distances. And ever since Gabe’s anxiety started three years ago, driving isn’t the easiest thing for him. Especially long trips. I offered to drive, but he seemed to think that would make things even worse. (Whatever. Okay, he’s probably right.)

But just last week, after lots of praying and a little discussion, he agreed that we could make a road trip to the Carolinas in mid-November. Why the Carolinas? One more beach trip before we move to Cambodia? Nope.

My brother and his family live in NC, and Josh just became the senior pastor of a church, and they live in a new town. And we only see them 2-3 times a year.

And my sister and her family live in SC, and baby #3 is due in FOUR DAYS, and I’m dying to see her while she’s tiny and fresh. (and I want to see the rest of them too)

So, hooray for spending a few days with loved ones before we see them one last time at Christmas!

And then today? We had the most AMAZING time at the Columbus Marathon cheering for our friend, Pam (and a bunch of other awesome friends and a few thousand strangers). I seriously think I found my calling in life (well, at least a very enjoyable hobby). I was beside myself with joy reading people’s names on their bibs and cheering for them like they were my best friend. I was blown away by how happy some of them looked when they heard their names (and a ton of them even said thank you).

So, we hung out with Pam and some friends after the race, and talk turned to her big NEW YORK CITY MARATHON debut in two weeks. One of our other good friends is going with her to support and cheer for her. Pam is beside-herself excited.

This was the other half of my saying-goodbye-well dreams. How awesome would it be to cheer Pam on in NYC? I’ve said it before, but she’s giving up two whole weeks of vacation in January to come to Cambodia with us. Sure, we’ll do some fun stuff, but it’s going to be more mission/vision/learning trip than R&R for her.

I would looooove to be a part of something that means so much to her. Especially after today, seeing how much it means to runners when people cheer for them.

And then, somehow, while people were talking, and three or four members of our family were sitting at one end of a table, Gabe said something about going to New York City. What?!?

And then he told the girls they could tell Pam.

AND WE’RE GOING. On my birthday. Which is especially awesome, because a couple years ago we started spending all of our birthdays with Pam, and she was going to miss mine this year. (Nina’s is the day after we get to Cambodia.)

And now she’s not going to miss it!

Pam got out her map of New York City, said, “Unschooling lesson!” and showed us all the boroughs (Staten Island, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Manhattan) she’ll be running through. So exciting. We’re hoping to take the subway and see her at least 3-4 different times. I love the subway!

Speaking of transportation, our mini-van got stolen two nights ago. But my mom called me today and said friends from their church want to give us their old mini-van! Hopefully it’s up for some road trips!

And, hey, remember that time we went to 52 Zoos in 52 Weeks and stayed with people we met on the INTERNET?

If you (or someone you know) live anywhere near NYC and would like some overnight guests, we’d love to hang out with you for a night to save $ on a hotel. Let us know!

Or if you know of a cheap hotel that might still have vacancies, we’d love all the tips we can get!

5 thoughts on “unschooling: road trips

  1. cyndee

    We live in south Jersey (about 2 1/2 hours from NYC) if you want to stop for the night (or longer), we’d love to have you! (We have lots of room! )

  2. Amanda

    If you’re passing by the DC area on your trips, I’d love to see you! And if you need a place to stay, our tiny townhouse is open to you and your family. We may all be squished, but aren’t the best hugs the same way? 🙂 <3

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