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unschoolinglargeIt’s not every day that I want to sing, “This is why we unschool! I love this day! What a perfect day! A day of freedom and love and unschooling! What a glorious day!!”

But today was blissful and glorious. (And, by blissful and glorious, I mean minus the car ride there and the car ride home, because those 2+ hours? Not blissful.)

Speaking of, I posted lots of pics of our day to Instagram. A day spent with Gabe’s mom and dad on their land in southern Ohio and at a food truck and on a lake and sitting on a brand-new hand-crafted toilet in the woods. They were delightful photos.

And, while no one has ever accused me of this (directly), I hear a lot of talk about people using social media to post highlight reels and not their real life. Well, here’s my thought on that. True. It’s true. However. I’ve never been one to sugarcoat my life or pretend that it’s awesome all the time. And if I’m having a beautiful time with my extended family, especially knowing that we’ll be on the other side of the world in no time flat, I’m going to document those memories so I have them to look back on in the weeks, months, and years to come.

What am I trying to say?

That I think it’s perfectly fine to make beautiful memories and post beautiful pictures of them (to share the highs of your life), AND I think you should also be honest that things are not always cotton candy and tulips in your home/family/life.

I want to do that with this unschooling thing too.

Share the good, awesome, easy AND the bad, crappy, hard.

Today’s bad:

A fiasco with our bank and our plane tickets (as of right now, 3 of us are going to Cambodia, and 2 are staying here). Some traffic and road rage. Some disrespectful attitudes from children and some anger from parents. Eating too much food that isn’t on our diet. Sciatic nerve pain.

Today’s awesome (please notice all the unschooling that happened, thanks):

Admiring all of the new things the girls’ grandparents have built on their land: a bench, a deck, an outdoor toilet.

Marveling over this bughouse/water bottle contraption that entices bumblebees and then gives them a death wish.

Identifying animal tracks.

Peeing in the woods.

A boat ride on the lake where we saw several grey herons, hawks, kingfishers, jumping fish, turtles, squirrels, and deer.

Learning about railroads and covered bridges. Hearing stories of Grandma & Papaw’s younger years.

Observing Papaw’s very detailed, complex, getting-ready-to-hunt ritual.

Many, many laughs and watching Rock & Janelle store up these memory-treasures in their hearts.

All that to say: this day was a perfect example of why we unschool. The freedom to enjoy the things in life that matter most.

5 thoughts on “unschooling: our day

  1. Sharon

    Just had to say, unschooling came up at my MOPS table today! I was not the one who brought it up. But, you’d better bet I mentioned your series. The topic today was about Kindergarten prep, but we were actually supposed to be doing an ice breaker (unrelated to the topic) when we just started talking about the different options for kids education.

  2. Ruth C

    “The freedom to enjoy the things in life that matter most.” Yes. This. This is why I like homeschooling & more specifically unschooling. Sounds like it was a wonderful day. Praying for the plane ticket situation!

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