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Hi guys! It’s Livi again! I am here mostly because Mom’s in a funk. What does that mean? It means she had a photo shoot, browsed pages of nothingness on the internet, and took a big long nap. Oh, and also her van was stolen I guess.

So now what is she doing? She is cornering cards and working for The Dancing Elephant. She calls it her therapy. I don’t know, just pressing a button and snap! you’ve made progress. I can’t explain it, it just feels relaxing to her. To me? No, I don’t enjoy the cornering anymore. Sometimes I will do it when she’s busy, but yeah.

Now for the unschooling? Yeah, well mom’s in a funk so I have to make up my own category. All she needs are some words on a page from me. I haven’t entirely made up my mind yet, that’s what I am doing right now as I type on Nora (her computer). Okay, I thought of one. I guess I will just tell you a little bit about myself, about my hobbies?

First of all my favorite thing to do is draw. I draw a lot. And if I went to school I don’t know where there would be time for that. My drawing time would take up quite a few classes.

I also enjoy writing and journaling. I don’t journal much, I have recently gotten back into it because we are moving to Cambodia and all! I use colorful pens to make it more fun. Ava and Mom are the writing gurus of the fam of course.

I really like to read, yet I am known in our family for not finishing all the books I start. The book needs to be good for me not to get distracted a lot. I day dream the most out of the 5 of us and it is well known as lala-land to the rest of the family. My favorite kind of book is realistic fiction. Currently I am reading Papertowns by John Green  it is really good actually.

I also like other fiction, but it needs to be pretty good, one of my favorites is the Mysterious Benedict Society series. Also non-fiction, books about the world. Missionaries, the poor, and life stories. I think school totally kills the idea of reading and makes it hard to enjoy. I remember in 5th grade I had to do a book report on a biography of this guy that played for Notre Dame, I totally read every word from front to cover yet when I reached the last page I forgot it all, I even don’t remember the guys name now that I think about it.

It took my Dad quite the longest time to get back into reading, he just realized about a month ago that reading isn’t all that bad. Just today he said, “I might actually enjoy reading.” And he got another book from the library.

And another hobby is design. Logo design, but mostly I like to draw a picture and then finish it in photoshop. I just recently designed my mom’s e-book cover for her unschooling book. My dad has been training me in photoshop, and I have begun to like it quite a bit.

I also enjoy photography, spelling, geography, and math but I don’t have much to say about those other than I am moving to Cambodia, that counts as Geography right? And I was the one that found our plane tickets, that’s math right? And I guess I had to spell quite a few words for this blog post. I also like to learn new languages and study different cultures which is a good thing to like if your dream is to travel the world someday.

And now I think I am going to stop writing, because when you get tired it is hard to write enthusiastically.

Now I have one question for you. I don’t know if my mom has used it yet because I haven’t been reading every blog post.

What was your favorite subject in school that you are still using today?

10 thoughts on “unschooling: livi returns

  1. Lisa Davis

    Anatomy and Physiology! I LOVED school when I was in it, but I’m glad I never have to go back! 🙂 I use A&P EVERY SINGLE DAY of my life. I think it’s so interesting how God made our bodies and how each little part works together.

  2. Allison

    What a sweetheart you are to offer to help your mom. Way to go, Livi!

    I use math a lot to help the boys with their school (we homeschool), but math was far from my favorite subject. I think if I were to redo school (in a scenario where I could take what I know now with me), I would love math. I try really hard to instill a love for math into my boys. Or at the very least, try not to make them hate it and be afraid of it, like my mom did for me.

    My favorite subjects were French, history, and the arts — theatre, band, choir, painting, general art, creative writing — but I don’t know that I use them much in my life now. I’m sure in some ways they have influenced who I became as an adult, but I can’t say I use them directly. Mais je me souviens un peu de francaise et je l’aime parler la francaise. (But I remember a little French and I love speaking French — I probably broke all kinds of French language rules writing that hahaha.)

  3. Gaylene Carpenter

    You go girl! You are a sweetheart to help out your mom this way.
    My favorite subject that I still use to this day is English, particularly grammar.
    You are not alone in not finishing all the books you start. My philosophy is simple: if they (the books) are not interesting, then there is no reason to waste time finishing it just to say I have read the book.

    PS- Received the cards and bookmarks- thank you! Love them and will share some of them with our residents here in our community, but am keeping most of them for my use.

  4. cyndee

    I loved spelling, reading, and creative writing but the big draw (of school) for me was hanging out with my friends. I still like to read and I guess I use spelling and grammar, but mostly just to notice other people’s mistakes! 😉

  5. Amanda

    My fav class was PE! I know some peeps don’t even count that as a class but it sure shaped me. I always connected w my PE teachers. One of my PE teachers in HS was my soccer coach. I enjoyed being around her & looked up to her a lot. In my spare time at school-I would find ways back to the gym. I was an aide for the special needs class & the kiddos touched my heart & lit up my world daily.

    Working out is a stress reliever & def keeps me sane.

    I received a coaching minor in college & have used my passion for sports to coach soccer on many levels since. Call me crazy but my fav age is 3/4 year olds. I ❤️Coaching them bc I get to bring soccer to their level -making it fun while learning diff skills. Last week, we were Jake & Izzy from the Neverland Pirates searching for treasures that Captain Hook took…..And I get paid for this!!! ❤️Coaching ⚽️

    And Livi-I’m the queen of not finishing books I start! & Non-Non-fiction is my fav. You are a girl after my heart….& I KNOW you love soccer. I’m sure you can use that skill in Cambodia!!!

  6. Jess Mc

    Good to see you Livi! Sometimes naps are hard-work 😉 My favorite subject in school was history (only when learning about something that had substance, I found neat, or didn’t involve lost of dates. Why do we memorize dates when the most important stuff happens between the dashes?). I also enjoyed science, mostly because if your answer is almost correct it could be right. In math you don’t get any points for “almost”. Bleh.

    I guess I still use history, but mostly for comparing situations that are still happening today but in a different manner or called by a different name. I also use it for being able to spout of random facts about why, what, or who.

    Fortunately, I can honestly say that we never stop learning and that school (whatever that looks like) continues. If not, I’d be in a world of trouble!

  7. Melissa

    My favorite subject that I still use today is English. I am always reading and writing.

    And PS if you like Papertowns, you should read An Abundance of Katherine’s, also by John Green. I like that one best of all his books I’ve read (though I haven’t read them all yet).

  8. valerie (in TX)

    My favorite subjects in school were math and the life sciences (biology, anatomy). I actually loved math word problems and complex algebra formulas, but once I got past algebra – geometery, trig, calculus – mmm, not so much. 🙂 I’m a CPA now, so I don’t use science at all in my job, and even though I “technically” use math every day, I tell people all the time that accounting is WAY more about rules than it is about math. So really, I don’t use many math skills either. Love your posts, Livi!

  9. Jill Foley

    As a homeschooling mom, I use EVERY subject I learned in school. I’m actually glad I was exposed to every subject so I can explore the areas my own daughters are interested in with them.

    My strongest subject was math and that’s been very helpful with teaching my girls. And my main area of study (college) was music – specifically violin – and since I also teach violin, I still use that every day.

  10. Bethany

    During my senior year of high school I took my first Home Economics class (It was an elective–not required) and learned how to thread a sewing machine and follow a pattern and sew. My mom doesn’t know how to sew (and therefore could not teach me) so I am very thankful for that class. And I use those skills all the time now for my banner business and also to sew miscellaneous items for my home.

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