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Thanks so much for your sweet words yesterday. You people are life-giving. I’ve decided not to stick a fork in myself after all. Since Saturdays are Links day, and Sundays are Quick Inspiration day, that gives me plenty of time to come up with more stuff for Monday, etc.

I can do this. And I want to.

Here’s a fun TEDx talk from a 13yo unschooled (hackschooled) kid named Logan:

And a friend sent me this very short article last week:

Report: Increasing Number of Toddlers Attending Online Preschool

(The last sentence is my fave.)

And I found this article interesting: On High School Students Sitting Still.

Enjoy your Saturday!

4 thoughts on “unschooling: check this out

  1. Sharon

    Loved Logan’s talk. I am just so impressed by him. So glad you shared.

    As for the online toddler preschool, I hadn’t heard of that before. My daughter recently started preschool. She knew her shapes and colors (examples given in the article about what the kids are learning) prior to starting preschool. I like that she attends an actual school in person so that she gets the peer interaction. She needs it! Her teacher mentioned to me that she is very comfortable talking to adults. And, that’s true. I don’t think there is anything wrong with that, but I’ve already begun to hear about how she is now working at talking to and playing with other kids. Which I’m thrilled about. I just heard a couple of weeks ago that some surprising people (for example Steve Jobs), actively chose not to have their children use technology until a certain age. That was surprising to me. I don’t really have a stance on that particular topic, but thought it would be interesting to mention, as obviously, with online preschooling, the children are using technology at a very young age.

    As for the last article, one word: fascinating!

  2. Kim

    Ooo baby, that Onion article! Show and tell message boards and recess timers? Oh my…satire is so scary when it’s not afar off. I do love a good acquarium or zoo cam tho!!! Can’t visit all those cuties live in person every day 🙂

    1. Sharon

      Oh my! Didn’t realize about the source of the preschool article until I just saw Kim’s comment. I think my points are still valid (for my daughter in particular, not saying for everyone), but obviously I totally took the article as a real one.

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