i need you!!

FRIENDS. First of all, forgive me. I have totally fallen off the birthday give-away wagon! I am so sorry. I still have fun things to give away. Never fear!! I WILL STILL GIVE THEM AWAY!

coverwebBut today. TODAY. Oh, this is a big, big day. Today, one week before my birthday, and FIVE DAYS before the four-year anniversary of Gabe’s heart attack, MY NEW E-BOOK IS DONE.

For those who don’t know, it’s the story of our lives from October 2011 (when Gabe survived a massive heart attack) through December 2013 (right before we moved to Abbey Lane–another ebook!). Anxiety, panic, depression, debt, anger, frustration, heartache, shattered dreams, talk of suicide and divorce, tears, cussing, anguish. (ETC ETC ETC ETC)

(sounds like a GREAT read, eh??)

It will be a little while before it’s ready on Amazon, Barnes & Nobles, iTunes, etc, but I have a PDF ready right this very minute (THANK YOU, GABE THE BABE TAVIANO!!).

(EDIT: It’s already available on Amazon! And as a PDF! Oh my gosh!! Just $2.99!!)

I have sooooooo much to say about this book and no time at the moment, so I’ll cut right to the chase.

I would LOVE it if 15-20 of you would do me the biggest, hugest favor. If you have time over the next five days, I would LOVE to send you a PDF of the book for you to read, and on October 29, I would love for you to SPREAD THE WORD about it.

But there’s a little bit of a catch. I’m specifically looking for people who suffer from anxiety or depression (or love someone who does).

ANYONE can read this book, but it’s really especially for YOU.

So. If you:

1.) suffer from anxiety/depression or love someone who does.


2.) have time to read a book in the next few days–or at least get a good jump on it


3.) you’d be willing to share about it on social media (fb, twitter, blog post, whatever) on October 29,

Please leave me a comment or shoot me an email

(If you don’t love the book, you’re off the hook. How’s that sound?)

Historically, I suck at book launching and promotion and selling and all of that, but I know in my heart that there are PEOPLE WHO NEED THIS BOOK, and they won’t know about it unless someone tells them. So, LET’S TELL THEM.

I’m also looking for some folks to pray for the book’s “official” release/push on October 29. Gabe and I reeeeeeeally want God to get ALL THE GLORY through our story, and we’re putting ourselves out there in a pretty vulnerable way. So prayer would be AWESOME.

If you’d like to pray, please let me know (or just pray!).

I’ll be sharing more about the book in the days to come, and on Thursday, we’ll have a great big So Thankful Gabe’s Alive celebration (with give-aways!), so stay tuned!

(EDIT: And since the book is now available for purchase on Amazon and as PDF, you are MORE THAN WELCOME to BUY it for $2.99 and STILL tell people all about it on Thursday! wink wink)


15 thoughts on “i need you!!

  1. Brooke

    i haven’t yet ordered, and am just now reading this. i feel like i’m becoming a launch team pro by now. sorry to miss the boat on this one. i just don’t see how i’ll have it done by Thursday.

  2. Mary Kate

    Hey you. Just bought the book. SO EXCITED! Would love to help. Having struggled with anxiety and panic attacks, specifically related to medical drama – I get it. Can’t wait to start reading! (Is it nap time YET!?!)

      1. Mary Kate

        Dude. I would go nuts to feed you lasagna and turn you loose in my basement. BUT – I read Organized Simplicity, per your glowing recommendation. Loved it. I’ve been a purging machine!! It’s so fun! See?! You’re still helping from across the globe!! Also, this book is messing with my heart. I’m loving it. It’s so (to steal Glennon’s word) bruitful. Totally brutal and totally beautiful. Proud of you for sharing it. MISS YOU!!!

  3. Tina

    Oh friend. I would love to review this new book of yours. I have struggled with depression for years. In fact, I contemplated taking meds last Spring after a really deep and extremely frightening time. But, something has told me to fight without relying on meds (not saying there’s anything wrong, at all, with meds for depression. just right now, they’re not for me, but they might in the future…) It’s gotten in the way of life as my family and I know it so many times, too many to count. I ordered your book on Saturday and will read it and post a review for you. I’ll also share on my one and only Social Media these days . . . Instagram!

  4. sent a pm

    I sent you a pm on facebook. I would love to read your new book. I suffer from ptsd, depression, and anxiety and truthfully just 2 days ago was a very very dark day for me but I’m still here so PTL! I’m sure this will be a very hard book for me to read but I need to know what my family goes through, I need to know I’m not the only one who is going through this, I need to know how it is possible that you still have a marriage and you are in another country etc. Thank you for this opportunity.

  5. Sharon

    Hooray! It is finished!

    I have a few loved ones who suffer from anxiety/depression and would love to pre-read the book AND blast it all over social media, as well as specifically target (privately) said loved ones about your latest book.

    I *just* signed up for Netflix last night, but think I’ll use the next few days to binge read your book versus binge watch “New Girl.” 😉

  6. Laura H

    Ooooh how exciting!! I’m a classic over-committer (I can’t say no) but I am today. I can’t even find time to read a book for extra credit in my sociology class. My life is insanely busy (although I did find time to check your blog, ha! Priorities!) so I don’t want to say yes to reading it and then let you down when I don’t. So, I just said a prayer for Gabe, thanking God for this path He’s created for him, and the story you can share from it. I look forward to hearing the positive way it helps others. Gabe, your pictures are incredible. Such talent!! So proud. (Of ALL of you girls too!!!) xoxoxo

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