swirly saturday~~sea world style!!

Sea World is one of my all-time favorite places. I loved it growing up. (Do any of you Midwesterners remember when we had a Sea World in Ohio? Sigh. Those were the days.) I love it even more now. For a hundred and one different reasons. For your sake (and mine), I’ll narrow it down to five or six.

For starters, blue is my favorite color. Lots of blue at Sea World.

Secondly, I LOVE big animals–the bigger the better. And killer whales do not disappoint in that department. So huge, so powerful, so majestic.

So sleek, so smooth, so shiny. I desperately want to touch one someday.

No matter how many times I see these whales perform, I can’t get over the fact that humans have developed such an intimate relationship with them. I can’t believe all the things they’ve been trained to do. I just shake my head and let my jaw hang.

The girlies before the Viva! (dolphins/aerialists/high divers) show. I looove the anticipation of waiting for a Sea World show to begin. Especially if there’s popcorn and Pepsi involved.

And beluga whales? Wow. Maybe not the most attractive folk (they’re just so… lumpy), but my goodness, they’re fascinating.

Sadly, the other two girls thought they were too old to be posing with marine mascots. Are you kidding me? I’m pretty sure I was still getting my picture taken with Dolly and Shamu when I was in high school.

We saw our first Pacific white-sided dolphins. Rare, stunning, and oh, so graceful. Aren’t they just gorgeous?

The Viva! show was really incredible. Our favorite of the day–even beating out Shamu (which is no small feat).

So, we were waiting for the Sea Lion show, and I start getting Tweets (Twitter lingo) from my blog friend, Kimberly, on Gabe’s iPhone. She lives in San Antonio and was at the park the same time we were! I tweeted our location, we met just as the show was starting and hung out the rest of the day. How cool is that? Here’s her recap of our day.

The five of us girlies posing by the beautiful BLUE water.

The Shamu Coaster was all kinds of fun. Livi and I rode one of the big coasters earlier in the day–more my style. I love the kind of coasters where the harness comes over your head and your feet are dangling.

Nina was not a fan. A month later, she’s still talking about how much she didn’t like this.

I love, love, love feeding and petting animals–after giraffes, dolphins might be my fave. Someday I WILL swim with them.

We just had the greatest day. We HEART Sea World!

EDIT: Here are some pics from Sea World Orlando back in December in case you missed that post. Woohoo, Sea World!

Sea World San Diego, here we come!

15 thoughts on “swirly saturday~~sea world style!!

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  2. get a clue

    Those “cute ‘n’ cuddly” animals were not meant to be taken from the oceans where they could roam free and then imprisoned in a bathtub-sized pool and taught “tricks” to amuse ignorant people.
    Teach your children that “God’s creatures” were not put on earth to be improsoned for their amusement, they were placed in the oceans for a reason.
    You may “heart” SeaWorld but SeaWorld only “hearts” your wallet. They truly have no respect for nature and even less for their endangered trainers.

  3. Cheryl

    I do remember Sea World in Ohio and agree it’s such a loss that we don’t have it anymore. I went once as a kid and once as an adult. I also agree with you, to touch any of their creatures would be too cool. Swimming with dolphins also on my list to do someday.

    You mention interacting with giraffes, my husb and I (sort of) got to do that at the Columbia SC zoo. It was at the very end of our honeymoon trip in 06. Even though I’m the bigger animal enthusiast, I encouraged him to feed the giraffes which he did. When we got back, the pic of him doing that was one of the first I shared with everyone!

    Love your posts here, wish I would have found this blog when you were here at the Detroit Zoo-would love to meet you 🙂

  4. Elizabeth

    My favorite thing about reading these zoo posts is definitely the amazing pictures. I love Sea World so, so much too. But I also love your commentary. I can hear your thrill and joy at experiencing the animals. I know that you really love them, and your family does too. What a special day!

    I’m thinking we need to make a trip to San Antonio asap!

  5. Stephanie

    Everything in this blog resonated in the deepest cozy, wonderful parts of me! Ah, I just can’t get enough. Especially you talking about the anticipation of waiting for a show to begin, with popcorn and Pepsi. Oh, the excitement! I would give almost ANYTHING to go to Sea World again. And just this very millisecond I realized that you said there was a Sea World in San Diego (I didn’t know that) and Daniel and I are planning on going to LA and San Diego after Jen’s wedding in October. Oh. My. Word. !!!!!!!!!!

  6. Kaye

    101 things to say about this beautiful post – not:)
    But here are a few…looks like Gabe in the water, the guy could seriously pass for him. Love the wonderful ‘blue’ pictures and beautiful smiles. Love the OU Alum t-shirt:)
    And loving the suggested names for our babies by your girls…much better than the Jett & Jesse suggestions Trent made!! I really do like the “Trust” suggestion!
    Have a wonderfully blessed weekend and thanks again for sharing these great stories and pictures with your friends…love, Kaye
    Matthew 21:22

  7. Heather @ Not a DIY Life

    I grew up in western PA and went to the Ohio Sea World MANY times growing up! Loved it!

    Your pictures are fabulous! Thanks for sharing. Isn’t Twitter amazing, to bring people together so they can hang out IRL!


  8. Kelly @ Love Well

    We lived in San Diego for 10 years, and Sea World was our favorite too. (Even with access to the Zoo and Disney and the Wild Animal Park.) Let me know when you head that direction. We’re not there anymore, or I’d host you, but I can at least offer some tips.

  9. Mary

    what fun! i haven’t been to sea world in forever. but i love shamu! i think i’d like him as a pet if he wasn’t quite so large…

  10. Megan@SortaCrunchy

    Oh, i know for sure you will be swimming with dolphins and petting killer whales someday soon! I loved these shots. We have never been to a sea world, but I know our whole family would LOVE it.

    Poor Nina on the coaster! Dacey is convinced she has to ride one (soon!) – I think I’ll not show her the picture of her friend Nina’s disappointing experience. 😉

  11. Kelli

    They have an interactive – get in the water with the dolphins thing at Sea World San Diego. Work your ways with words and maybe you can score some!

    I have pictures when I was in COLLEGE with a sea world mascot. Head hung in shame.

    Whenish are you guys going to San Diego?

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