swirly saturday (volume 1/issue 9)

Sitting in my mom and dad’s living room, chit-chatting and laughing with them and my two older girlies. Livi and Ava were reading World Book Encyclopedias a little bit ago (my grandma used to sell them). Now they’ve moved on to the ChildCraft How and Why Library. Talk about a stroll down memory lane. It’s like I’m nine all over again. I was such a nerd. Oh, how times have (not) changed.

~~We got to see Grandma again tonight (the girls and I and Mom and Dad). She was doing really well. (Gabe’s in Seattle with our camera, so I had to use our old, stinky, blurry one.) We had a good visit. I took her a little book about Heaven by Randy Alcorn. He signed it for me, which she thought was pretty cool. She kept saying, “I know he has a lot of other good books. I just can’t think of them right now.” Each time she said it, I gave her a little list of titles. Other than that, her mind seemed sharp. She was sooo happy to see us. Oh, I love her.

~~Livi has another painting in the Westerville Art Show. It’ll be on display in the library in a week or so. Way to go, Livi! We’re proud of you!

~~Speaking of Liv, Gabe took her to get soccer cleats at Once Upon a Child a few days ago. Last season’s cleats were too small. They came home with size 4 1/2. Are you kidding me?! How am I old enough to have a child with such huge feet?

~~The kids at Ava’s super cool school study one country per year. First grade is Mexico. And we sponsor a little 8-year-old girl from Mexico through Compassion. Ava told her teacher, and Mrs. D. asked her to bring in a picture of her. So, Ava took in Maria’s picture and the letters she’s written us. Mrs. D. read them all to the class. In a public school. Letters that talk about how much Maria loves Jesus. Praise You, God!

~~Please pray for Seth, a 5th grader in Ava’s school who rides the girls’ bus. He had a brain tumor a couple years ago that was benign. It’s back, and they think it might be malignant. I can’t even imagine. He had brain surgery this week, and the principal sent out an e-mail asking everyone to pray. One of the moms held a prayer meeting at her house. Sadly, I couldn’t go, but it thrills my soul to watch God work in public schools. Praying for you, Seth!

~~Free Zoo Tickets from Fort Worth and Memphis today. Woooohoooo!

~~Nina asked me today, “Can we go to my husband Josie’s house?” Um, ‘scuse me? “”What’s a husband?” I said. She looked at me like I lost a screw. “It’s a friend,” she said. “So, when are we going? In first grade?” Josie lives in Kentucky and belongs to my friend, Gail. I plan on seeing her again before Nina’s seven. And the fact that she thinks husband is synonymous with friend makes me smile.

~~I had more to say (I think), and I’m pretty sure it was all witty and fun, but alas, my brain cells have up and gone the way of the… See?

~~Have a great weekend, amigas!

7 thoughts on “swirly saturday (volume 1/issue 9)

  1. Jamie Nygaard

    That’s awesome about Livi! Give her a big hug from me and tell her I’m proud of her too!

    Have you e-mailed Gail that story since she’s not on the web right now? That story is hilarious and near too…like you said. Husband=friend

  2. Allison

    oh, and my favorite memory at your parents house is sliding down the stairs on mattresses!!! so much fun! maybe you, Ava and Livi can try it tonight before they go to bed 🙂

  3. Heather

    Hey there! Maybe we would run into each other at Sea World!! Thanks for the comment, it took me a ouple of days to find this blog, it didn’t come up when I clicked on your name! That zoo stuff sounds like fun! Is the zoo in Houston good? What about San Antonio? I love learning all kind of new stuff about the place where we live now!

  4. jessifaithchickinalina

    i heart nina and her husband josie

    AWESOME about Maria’s letters being read in school!! FABULOUS!

  5. ginger

    The shoe thing? My 12 year-old daughter already wears the same size shoe that I do. And I’m 5’9″ with (ahem) large feet. I can’t even imagine what we are going to do if she moves into sizes that aren’t regularly stocked at stores. Cha-ching!! She’s just excited cause she’s sure this means she will be taller than me. 🙂 And she probably will–my husband is 6’4″. Sports scholarships, anyone? 😉

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