swirly saturday (volume 1/issue 7)

~~Just got home from 12 hours in the car/at the funeral home. Up in 5ish hours to go speak. Praise the Lord for being my strength when I’m all out.

~~Please continue to pray for Gabe’s family. The viewing/funeral was a neat time of celebration of Andi’s life. Gabe and I didn’t know her that well, but it was hard to see the people who loved her most missing her so much. Her mom, Aunt Sis, and step-dad, Uncle Gary, are just so precious to us. And Gary’s three daughters, Andi’s step-sisters, just cried and cried. They’ve been Andi’s sisters for the past 22 years.

~~Tug did a beautiful job sharing the gospel of Christ at the funeral service. Praise You, Lord.

~~At one point (between the two viewing times), I was sitting on a couch across the room from the casket. Aunt Sis pulled up a chair, sat down by Andi, leaned in close and just talked to her. I lost it. I pictured myself in that chair with one of my baby girls in that casket, and the wave of grief that washed over me about took my breath away. Yet tonight, I returned to my home with my girlies all safe and snug in their beds. Oh, God. Wrap your arms tightly around Aunt Sis tonight. Love on her. Comfort her.

~~I just can’t imagine. And I’m ready for heaven.

~~Praying for God to be glorified tomorrow as I speak to women about not comparing ourselves to/judging one another. I’m tired, I’m sad, my shipment of Is That All He Thinks About? didn’t come (I’m all out), I don’t feel like leaving Gabe and the girls all day. Please pray that God will allow me to rise above my circumstances and bless some sweet women I’ve never met. I know He will. He’s awesome like that.

~~Have a stellar Saturday, sisters!

5 thoughts on “swirly saturday (volume 1/issue 7)

  1. Kaye

    Sorry this is late but please know I continue to pray for you and your family.
    Take GOOD care…blessings always as I’m sure you blessed some sweet women earlier today,
    Matthew 21:22

  2. Stephanie

    Prayed for Aunt Sis and the family just this minute. I can’t even imagine.

    Just prayed for you, too. I love you!

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