swirly saturday (volume 1/issue 6)

Hi there. It’s actually Friday afternoon, but I’ll be off with some girly-friends Saturday morning, so here we go.

~~Just got back from the zoo with my friends Colleen and Anne Marie. I hadn’t seen them in over a year, and it was sooooo good to reconnect. We had 9 kiddos 8 and under–the oldest 8 are girls. Fun times! The kids were great, and the animals were on their best behavior. Except for the huge male gorilla who kept running up and banging his fists on the glass, trying to scare little kids. It worked.

~~This weather is so gorgeous I could cry. Thank you, Jesus!

~~We got a “package” from Marathon Pipe Line, LLC this week. I was kind of excited. See, long story short–we moved here in July 2006. When we moved in, we had 2 huge evergreens against our back fence and the entire fence line behind our neighborhood was lined with trees. Less than 2 months later, MPLLLC came plowing through and cut down every tree in their path. Oh, the horror. I cried. No more “it feels like we live in a woods, even though we’re really in a subdivision.” We were left bare and naked and exposed and treeless. I’m still not really over it. So, when I get this package, I’m thinking, “Maybe this is some belated monetary compensation for violating us and our home.” The first paragraph of the letter– On behalf of Marathon Pipe Line, LLC, please accept the enclosed notepad and magnet as our gift to you. You have received these items because you live on or adjacent to property on which Marathon Pipe Line, LLC operates an underground pipeline. A notepad. A magnet. So help me. If you could see the rage that is boiling up within my soul.

~~Breathe, Marla, breathe.

~~I did receive something delightful in the mail that same day. An anonymous letter and a piece of plastic. The letter–Dear Marla, Despite my support of being a bargain shopper, I still think you deserve something nice. So, here ya go. Hope you have a better week! P.S. I’m a bargain shopper too. I got this on eBay. The balance on the card is $21.68. The plastic–Victoria’s Secret. Thank you, you little stinker, whoever you are!

–Natalie wrote a review of Is That All He Thinks About? on her blog this week. Thanks, Natalie! I had someone (a married woman) tell me once that she was giving up you-know-what for Lent. Ahem. Nice try, friend. Methinks that maybe you should go buy Is That All He Thinks About? for Lent instead.

~~That’s all I’ve got time for today, friends! Have a wonderful weekend!

10 thoughts on “swirly saturday (volume 1/issue 6)

  1. Jennifer

    That’s it — my next post will be all about how I buy underwear from a thrift store. I don’t really do that, but maybe someone will read it and send me a gift card to Victoria’s Secret! 🙂

  2. Mary

    Is it bad that what came to mind was Christmas Vacation? The Jelly of the Month club. That was my first thought. Shame on me 🙂

  3. Carrie

    HA HA HA – I am totally laughing about the Vicki’s gift card!!! Love it! 🙂 Save it for their semi-annual sale & maybe you won’t have to wear thrift store undies any more!!! 🙂

    Also, giving ‘that’ up for Lent? that’s really funny. her poor hubby!

  4. gitz

    I think I’d write a well-crafted note on that notepad and send it right back to them.

    Just to make yourself feel better. 😉

    Hope your head is feeling good!

  5. Missy

    I’m sure the saplings they’re sending you to replace your trees just got held up in the mail. 😉 OUr circumstances might be different, but we are both treeless as a result of tragedy. We should both plant a tree this spring…ya know, get things growing again.

  6. Ali

    A notepad? You mean a notepad made from the trees that they removed? I’m disgusted.

    As for your secret Victoria’s gift – that is so intriguing. A mystery?! Exciting!

  7. Kori (PrincessSpider)

    Oh my goodness.. I just got “Is that all he thinks about” in the mail TODAY and I am beginning to see the light!!!! You are amazing… but why do you have to be right???? hehehe Thank you so much for writing about this touchy subject with humor but also with God’s truth…

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