swirly saturday (volume 1/issue 3)

Is it possible that I have no swirly thoughts this Saturday? (I’m using the swirly bullets regardless.) Or perhaps they’re swirling so viciously I don’t even notice. Like the earth spinning on its axis while orbiting around the sun while… Okay. So this isn’t scientific Saturday. Thank goodness. Or I’d have to sit this one out.

~~The only random thing coming to mind is the dream I had last night about my leg hair growing out of control. It was gray (white actually) and four inches long in some places. (Does anyone have the gift of interpreting dreams?) I was aghast for several reasons. 1.) I didn’t know I was old enough to have white leg hair. 2.) I knew it hadn’t been that long since I’d last shaved. 3) I was worried Gabe would find it unattractive/scary.

~~Speaking of Gabe, today is Valentine’s Day. Gabe and I have little use for this holiday. We’re really not into the mush and gush.

~~HOWEVER, when my man walks his daughters to the bus stop five days a week, 40-some weeks a year, he speaks my love language in a hundred different ways.

~~Thank you, Gabe. I love you.

~~I was in charge of the Cookie Decorating Station at Ava’s Valentine’s Day Party at school yesterday. (not my cup of tea) Nina and I rolled out a bazillion cookies and cut them into hearts and baked them. Then I took them to the party with icing and sprinkles and plastic knives. They were a huge hit. And I actually had fun. Originally, I had a bit of a martyr complex going on. Felt convicted, served the little ones eagerly, went home blessed.

~~Went to our friends’ Neal and Amanda’s for supper. Fun times! Stayed ’til 10:30ish. The girlies played Wii, and the Big People played 4 games of euchre. Guys–3, Girls–1. Sad.

~~ Just remembered something I wanted to mention. My friend Jen is a missionary in Cambodia (sent by our church). She’s been there just a few months, and God has already used her so powerfully. I love the photos and videos of the kids we help support in the orphanage over there. And I love reading what God is doing in Jen’s heart–and in the lives of these kids. I loved this blog entry of hers this week. And I’d love it if you’d leave a word of encouragement for a dear gal who went to Cambodia all alone so she could share Christ with some beautiful children living in a very dark part of the world. Love you, Jen!

Happy Valentine’s Day, friends! Have a great weekend!

11 thoughts on “swirly saturday (volume 1/issue 3)

  1. Jamie Nygaard

    How many cookies did you have to make? See…I would’ve rathered frosted them then make them.

    And I’m with Colleen on the Nina comment! That girl is just growing by the second!

  2. Colleen

    love your SWIRLY thoughts…that’s my favorite key on the keyboard! Can I just say that Nina is growing up so fast…holy cow! Happy V-day!

  3. Amy H

    Happy Valentine’s Day (humor me…it’s my birthday!)
    First…I LOVE the random list blog post.
    Second…I LOVE the new blog layout.
    Third…how much would your husband charge to help me out?

  4. Jennifer

    I love that you have “little use” for Valentine’s Day. 🙂 And I love how you appreciate Gabe for the every day ways that he shows love to you. We should all have such an affirming attitude toward our spouses!

  5. Denise

    I heart you! I love your randomness! Any left over cookies, I could use one! Oh and let’s attempt to reschedule getting together. I know Drew is off Monday all day…not sure is we want to do it then, but if not, I think his next day off isn’t until the next weekend! See you tomorrow

  6. Gail

    DeWayne walks the girls down the lane to wait for the bus each morning, and I love, love, love him for that. (This week he had class, so he had to leave early. That left the job for me. I love him MORE for doing it each day!)

  7. Jen

    Thanks Marla! Have loved reading your blog. Thanks for the very timely encouragement. God knows what we need, doesn’t He?!

  8. Holly B.

    Such a cool glimpse into life with Gabe and his girls–that is love! Nina is too cute rolling out the dough. Glad you had fun at the party! Going to check out Jen’s site…

  9. janelle taviano

    Maybe not a dream interpretation…but I could never understand why my Mom…never had hair on her legs and she never shaved….but when you get older…via the white hair on your legs won’t be there…it just quits growing on your legs when you are old….true that ! smile….

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