swirly saturday (#sixteen)

~~Should I announce the give-away winner NOW or at the END? Hmmm… how about the end?

~~Thanks to everybody who has RSVP’d for the Zoo Party! Keep ’em coming! We’re up to 123 guests now with lots more saying, “Let me check with so-and-so or on such-and-such, and then we’ll be good to go!” I’m getting awfully excited! We still need lots of door prizes if you have something fun you’d like to donate. If you create something for a living, I’d love to give one away–and set your business cards out! And my friend Jen is coming all the way from Phnom Penh, Cambodia! SWEET!! I have every intention of returning the favor and visiting her next year in Cambodia when she goes back.

~~Gabe and I got a “Top Secret” letter from Livi’s teacher this week. She asked us to come to an assembly today at 10am because Livi was getting an award. I was thinking Art, because slacker mom that I am, she didn’t participate in Invention Convention or PTA Reflection or Ohio Energy Project or Kemba Community Service, so what else could it be? Turns out she got the Citizenship Award, given to 1 boy and 1 girl in each grade. For students who “show great character” and are “kind to others.” Awwww… I love it.

~~Thanks for your encouraging words about my Blushing Bride Publication Story. I know most of you have heard this 10 times before, but that same book went out of print a year later. Bummer, huh. What a waste. Why, God? After all that work. And the miscarriage. And Grandpa. And what about all the women who wrote to me saying what an impact it had on their marriages? What about that? Huh?

~~In retrospect, there are lots of reasons I’m glad it went out of print:

~~~~I got 2000+ copies for just $1 a copy. When I meet someone who I’d like to thank tangibly, or someone whose marriage needs a boost, or someone who’s thinking of getting married, or the UPS man, I can hand them a gift that’s special but didn’t cost me a fortune. (well, if you add up the 7 million hours I spent writing it over 6 years…)

~~~~Or when people do buy it, I make a couple bucks. Way more than my usual 80-cents (or whatever it is) royalty.

~~~~I’ve learned a lot since I wrote the book. If it ever does get re-printed someday, I have lots of ideas for making it even better.

~~~~I learned the hard way that I have to work hard to spread the word (ugh). The job’s not done when the words have been written.

~~~~And last (though I’m sure there are more), it’s yet another failure I can point to when someone tells me that my life is like a bowl of cherries (which not many people do, but just in case).

~~So, if you haven’t read the book, and you’re wondering what all the fuss is about, you can order it for yourself. Just $6 (including shipping). After postage costs and paypal fees (and the $1.09 it cost to buy the book), I’m making about $1. But, hey, that can go a long way at Aldi. Or get one of my kids halfway around a Zoo Carousel.

~~It really is a good book (like I’m going to tell you it stinks).

~~East Coast Zoo Plans are coming along nicely. The schedule is: leave Tuesday (yes, in THREE DAYS!) after school, get home Sunday night, hit zoos in Buffalo, Bronx, (maybe Central Park), Philly, DC, and Baltimore (in that order, Wed-Sun). We’re staying with Denise’s in-laws, Kim, Sarah, and my cousin Johanna, so we’re all set there. If you live close to one of the zoos and want to join us, let me know!

~~Have a great weekend, all!

~~Oh, yeah. We have a winner of Kaye’s fabulous choose-your-own-tile! It’s #28…jennikim! And I actually know Jen in real life–how fun! Congratulations, Jen! I’ll get you in touch with Kaye!


4 thoughts on “swirly saturday (#sixteen)

  1. Kaye

    I am SO PROUD of LIVI:) So much of this award is a reflection on her parents, I know you are so proud…sincere congratulations!
    Yah for the winner…and hope everyone knows how very much I appreciate them visiting the site.
    Blessings today and always and praying for your famly as you prepare for another great zoo trip!
    Matthew 21:22

  2. Sarah M.

    -YAY Jen! Congrats on winning that awesome giveaway!
    -Congrats to Livi too – that’s such a great award to win!
    -You may want to pack an umbrella….forecast is looking a tad bit rainy this week out this way.
    -Can’t wait to meet you guys, any idea what time on Thursday you may be arriving? Not looking for specifics just maybe like mid afteroon, dinnerish, later than that…etc. Just trying to plan my week-you don’t have to tell me today either.
    – Hope you have a good weekend!

  3. Megan@SortaCrunchy

    WOO HOOOOOO!!! Way to go LIVI! Please tell her I am so proud.

    Thanks for sharing your reflections on the “failure” of Blushing. I needed to hear that perspective right now.

    Hope this weekend is great and not too crazy as y’all get ready for another whirlwind of zoos and people. XOXO

  4. jennikim

    My SIL asked if I had seen your site yet today. I hadn’t, so I immediately came over.

    No stinkin way!!! I never win anything! (Guess I can’t say that anymore. :-))

    Way to go, Livi! And way to go parents, for leading and training your beautiful girls in a way that is pleasing to the Lord!

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