swirly saturday (photo edition)

Here’s some randomness from our trip. Keeping Swirly Saturday alive!

Stopping at the St. Louis Arch on our way to Oklahoma.

Mattress surfing with Amy (Thompson) in Dallas.

Happy Gabe after a twilight ride in Jack’s helicopter.

River Walk in San Antonio.

My friend and yours, Big Mama.

This pic makes me smile.

Word Sabbath tomorrow, Tulsa Zoo pics Monday. Have a great weekend!!

11 thoughts on “swirly saturday (photo edition)

  1. Stephanie

    Is it just my imagination or does that dog look a little possessed or zombie-like? Am I the only one who was scared by that photo?

    LOVE the mattress surfing! I want to do it!

  2. Missy

    Amazing experiences “spoken” in those pictures! Love the dog one, too. The mattress sliding looks like a blast – we used to do that growing up with pop up camper mattresses…and before that, our parents sofa cushions! Fun times! 🙂 Glad you’re home, safe and sound!

  3. Carissa

    I love it! Pictures are so fun to share… I particularly enjoy your shot of the girls against the Arch and the last one of the dog. I think that one will make EVERYONE smile. 😉

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