swirly saturday (flashback edition)

For whatever reason, I just decided to look back at my first ever blog entry. December 29, 2005. It made me smile.

the blog virgin

I love to write. It’s one of my life’s greatest passions. I have been writing for as long as I can remember. But, for whatever reason, I have avoided blogging like the plague. It’s probably my perfectionistic nature. My writing tends to be quite personal, and most of it I don’t want anyone to see. The words I do share are ones that have been proofread and edited. And edited again. A blog is writing off the top of my head and sharing it with the world seconds later. Scary.

My darling husband blogs. Why, he wants to know, would someone like me not jump at the chance to blog? Well, I’ve decided to jump. He just designed a fabulous web site for me (will be ready within the week), and I know that my entrance into BlogWorld will make him smile. So, here I am! This isn’t so bad.

My first real published book comes out in 2 months. I’m really excited. It’s been my dream for a long time, and as it turns out, it was part of God’s plan for my life as well. The book is called “From Blushing Bride to Wedded Wife” and hopefully, it’ll be pretty cool. Book #2 has been approved for publication by Harvest House Publishers http://www.harvesthousepublishers.com as well. Yeehaw!

That’s all for now. Don’t want to use up all my words on my very first entry.

p.s. I’m 2 cm dilated, 80% effaced, and baby’s head is “way down.”
p.p.s. Don’t tell my husband, but I really, really want to try to have this little one au naturel (i.e. no epidural). I’ll let you know how that goes!
p.p.p.s. Are postscripts just for letters and such? I’m not well-versed in blog protocol.

Then one week later (January 5, 2006)…

It’s 9:40 am, and I have a sneaking suspicion that Nina will be born today. On the other hand, I’ve thought that same thing for the last 12 days. Today seems different though… Time will tell. I’ll let you know either way…

She was born that day. 🙂 It seems like a lifetime ago.

Then my 7th blog post ever (January 31, 2006):

Motherhood is a breeze. Having three children is easier than I ever dreamed. So easy, in fact, that every three weeks or so, I have five spare moments to write a blog.

I’m not sure what I thought would be so difficult about it. Surely not being up all night nursing an infant while your middle child fights a fever and stomachache, and you yourself are stricken with violent diarrhea. “Sorry you’ve only been nursing for 20 seconds, Nina, but Mommy has to poop and NOW.”

Surely not going out on a date to Los Cabos with just your husband and newborn and eating the world’s greasiest chicken taco with your right hand and holding a fussy baby in your left. Nina’s favorite pink blanket will remain forever stained.

Surely not writing just seven sentences on your blog, then having to get out of your chair to comfort the crying baby that you just spent 20 minutes getting to sleep. I’m back!

Surely not spending the entire 3am hour trying your darnedest to get your gassy baby to burp. Who says people can’t survive on three hours of sleep for infinite nights in a row? I’m doing just fine, thank you.

Surely not changing your baby on the floor, making sure to put a diaper under her in case she pees, and being the target of an explosive projectile liquid poop, not unsimilar to a horizontal erupting volcano. Picture a squeeze bottle of mustard lying on its side, open. A big man takes a running leap and lands on the mustard bottle. That’s how big and fast and yellow it was. Gabe has pictures.

And sadly, I cannot remember one single more event that transpired in the last month. I cannot remember anything. Not my children’s names. Not simple vocabulary words. Not the time of day or what I opened the refrigerator for. I only pray that my loss of brain functioning is temporary.

Thanks for all of you who check back regularly and wondered when in the world I would write again. I’ll talk to you all again in March-ish.

Oh, the memories. This blogging thing is a gift from God. Really truly. Thank you, Lord!

Speaking of, God rocked my world today with some outlandish provisions that have no earthly explanation whatsoever. From the Pack-n-Play I bought four years ago for $7 and sold today at Once Upon a Child for $12.50 to the unexplainable price mark-downs when I got to the check-out at another store today, God’s fingerprints were ALL over my day.

Praise Him! And happy weekend, everyone!

6 thoughts on “swirly saturday (flashback edition)

  1. Emily Kay

    You and I were both looking at our first blog posts yesterday?? Or did I inspire you because I tweeted about doing that? 🙂 October 26, 2003 was my first post (nearly 6 years ago!!), three days before my 20th birthday. In that post I blogged about teasing and flirting with my then-friend/now-husband. 🙂 Ahhh, memories…I love it!! I’m actually putting all my blogs into book format and printing them using Blurb.com. That way my kids will have a printed book to help them better understand the workings of Mom’s mind. 🙂

  2. Amanda

    Fun idea! I loved reading your old posts. Yesterday I went back and read some of mine from when Jackson was a year old and it gave me warm fuzzies. What a gift to have all these memories preserved. PTL for making money on the pack n play!

  3. gitz

    I went back to my first post today, too!!! Although a year ago seems a lot less nostalgic than four years… I can’t imagine blogging that long. I wonder every day how in the world I’ll find something else to say…

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