swirly saturday #21

Dying to know the history of Swirly Saturday? Wonder no longer.

Dedicating today’s post to the three little beauties who used to look like this (photo circa 2007):

And struggling to breathe through the sharp pang in my chest when I realize how much bigger/older they are now. Especially the youngest one.

Or maybe the pang is because, six months later, I can no longer fit into those jeans. (Or do my hair with the skillz of the Early Show stylist.)

~~I bought this book at the thrift store awhile ago and got it out this week for my 9-year-old. She read it on my bed while I read this book. We chatted, she asked questions, I answered. It. Was. Awesome. Highly recommend the book (the one Livi was reading–verdict’s still out on mine).

~~Speaking of Livi and books, I rediscovered a little funny from 10.18.06. Gabe was getting ready to mail some of my Blushing books, and Livi picked up one of the packages.

Livi: Is this your book?

Me: Yeah.

Livi: There are still people out there that don’t have your book?!

Ha! Yeah, like one or two probably.

~~More from Livi (that same day):

Ava (throwing an absolute fit upstairs–some things haven’t changed in 3 years)

Me (to Livi): What are we going to do with her?

Livi: (shrugs and smiles) Sell her?

~~Ava’s turn! (11.06.06–she was 4)

Me: Ava, what is that on your arm?

Ava: I accidentally wrote on myself with a pen.

Me: You accidentally drew a picture of a girl with curly hair and wearing a dress on your arm??

Ava: (grins impishly. busted!)

~~And all 3 of them from 11.15.06. The context: me putting whole milk in 10-month-old Nina’s sippy cup (which she was refusing to use) as practice for her transition at 12 months.

Livi: What are you doing?

Me: She’s trying big girl milk.

Livi: You have the same milk as me, Nina!

Me: Actually, you have skim milk. Hers has more fat in it to make her chubby.

Ava: Like her mom?

~~And Nina yesterday: “I wish Mommy wasn’t married to Daddy so I could marry him.”

~~When books go out of print and new contracts don’t come, I look around me at these three precious little (big) girls and thank Jesus for the gift of being their Mommy. Besides being their Daddy’s wife (sorry about your luck, Neen), there is no greater calling I could have. If God asked me to give up writing and speaking and blogging and the internet for them for life, I would.

Livi, Ava, and Nina–I love you so much it hurts.

11 thoughts on “swirly saturday #21

  1. Kay

    Oh, Marla, I remember the night me and my daughter went through “this book” together. She freaked out! We did it in bed just like you. But some things she just didn’t want to hear about. Once I got her calmed down, the evening went great. Now she’s the most immodest person in our home, but that night she was blushing and in denial!

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