swirly saturday #20

If you’re not familiar with Swirly Saturday, read up on the phenomenon (cough, cough) here. And if you’re stuck inside your house in the middle of a snowstorm, you can read the first 19 “issues.” Or go sledding with your loved ones. Whichever you think will be less painful.

Jumping right into The Swirl.

~~HAPPY 59th BIRTHDAY, DAD!! I love you!! You’re the BEST dad a girl could have!

~~Up until 2005, my daddy got to celebrate his birthday with his daddy. Grandpa would’ve been 90 today. Love and miss you, Grandpa! Tell Jesus I said hi!

~~You know how my sister Stephanie Dawn had a baby girl on Wednesday? Well, did you know that Steph’s husband Daniel also has a sister named Stephanie Dawn? True story. And guess what Daniel’s sister Stephanie did right after my sister Stephanie on Wednesday? HAD A BABY. Mia and Miles. Sweet little South Carolina cousins born on the same day, 15 hours apart. I LOVE IT.

~~I’ve shipped 171 Blushing Bride books out this week. 51 more ready to ship once I get the checks. And several more left that I’m willing to part with. I can do 5 more boxes of 17 books (for $15 to cover shipping). Let me know if you’d like one of them.

~~Beth Moore’s new book, So Long, Insecurity, released Wednesday. I bought my hardcover copy from Amazon for $12. You can’t beat that! I don’t buy many books, so rest assured that I expect this one to be GOOD.

~~I was hoping to get started on the Boa and Jewelry Sales by the end of this week, but that didn’t happen. I have high hopes for next week!

~~My friend Mary Kate sent me this List of Book Titles in case I’m drawing blanks for my next book. I’m totally thinking of using one of them.

~~I got to do an interview with Moody Radio’s Midday Connection Thursday afternoon. We chatted about Expecting, which was super fun. It airs in March.

~~And did you need to see another picture of my new niece? I thought you might. This is her daddy, Daniel. A real nice guy who says “y’all” a lot.

~~May the rest of your weekend be cheery and bright!

11 thoughts on “swirly saturday #20

  1. Tiffani

    what a great name “swirly” saturday!!

    That baby is just a darlin’ thing! I know you can’t wait to get some of these baby shugeys!!

    Glad y’all had a safe trip and you’re back home again!

  2. amber

    I love swirliness. Really. I do. It’s my favorite kind of language.

    Anyway. Mia is precious. And I love that her daddy says “Y’all” a lot. Because that might just be my favorite word.

    AND BE CAREFUL on the roads, sweet friend.

  3. Omom

    I love Swirly Saturdays!
    What a fun story of the Stephanies. I too want to buy that book, but am having trouble parting with 12 dollars…..tell me I need to…. 🙂

  4. meghan @ spicy magnolia

    Fun swirly saturday post! I love that about Miles and Mia, and thanks for another picture. 🙂

    I’ve started the first 2 chapters of “So Long, Insecurity” and sister, be prepared. There’s part of me that can’t put it down and part of me that can’t read one more word because the Lord’s using it to get to the core. It’s all in my face…is that the saying I’m looking for??

  5. Charity

    Very cute niece you have there. I am glad to see her daddy is a Clemson fan. If you have to live in SC they are the team to cheer for. I will be praying that you get to see little Mia soon. I know what it is like to have a newborn and be far away from all of your family.

    Keep up the good work Marla. You are always an encouragement to me. 🙂

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