swirly saturday #19

Oh, Swirly Saturday! I’ve missed you! Let’s belly-flop right in, shall we?

~~Kathi Lipp, author of The Husband Project, has sweetly offered me TWO MORE BOOKS to give away! (for a total of 3 winners) It’s not too late to enter to win one!

~~I’m speaking at a church in Maumee, OH (northwest corner of the state) on Wednesday, October 21 at 7:00 pm. The topic: Unsolved Mysteries: The Case of the Opposite Sex. Anyone’s invited! I don’t usually get to invite people when I speak at stuff, so I’d LOVE it if some of you could come. Bring friends! Bring your husbands! Bring your youth group! It’s going to be FUN–I promise! Details here. (The church started a facebook group, and so far, there are 7 confirmed attendees. One is me.)

~~I know a lot of you know this story already, but my friend Kristen added some more details to her blog yesterday. Angie Smith wrote about her friend C. here. Then C. (Candice) wrote her story here. Then Kristen (Candice’s counselor and my dear friend) wrote more here. Praising our awesome, sovereign God!

~~I love reading. I love writing. I love reading about writing. I’ve been wanting to “give back,” so to speak, when it comes to my writing “expertise.” Maybe “pay it forward” is more accurate terminology. What I’m saying is this–there are lots of writers out there who spend lots and lots of time compiling information and sharing knowledge with other writers. Sometimes I feel like blogging about writing. Then I think, “It’s all been said already. What do I have to add?”

~~That paragraph was so swirly I need to start over.

~~Next week will be Writer’s Week on the blog. Monday through Friday, I’ll be offering hopefully-helpful tips to those of you who are writers (whether or not you dream of publishing a book someday). If writing doesn’t interest you, consider this an invitation to take a week’s sabbatical from my blog. Or stop by anyway. There might be something you can glean from all the shop talk. Writers–come with questions! I’ll have answers (they may not be the right ones, but…).

~~We have top-secret plans for the next couple days. They may or may not involve scenarios similar to this one.

~~Have a great weekend, friends!

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