swirly saturday #12

Since you’re dying to know where yesterday’s pics were taken, here you go:

1. Gabe and his brother Tug in Ohio Stadium, a.k.a. The Horseshoe (home of the Ohio State Buckeyes).

2. Sand dunes by Lake Michigan.

3. Two miles from Taviano, Italy. One of Gabe’s friends from Italy took a bunch of pics for us.

4. Columbus, Ohio.

5. Reggie White’s house in North Carolina, Sept. 2004, just three months before he died. We coached his daughter’s 6th grade basketball team (I taught 3rd grade.) in Ohio. They lived close to Sara’s family for a year in between his time with the Packers and his short stint with the Panthers. We stayed at their house on our way down to Myrtle Beach where we were vacationing with Gabe’s family.

And the jersey on the wall? Cool story. Gabe’s brother sent it to Reggie for him to sign as a Christmas gift for Gabe that year. He signed it, Tug framed it, Gabe opened it on Christmas Day, Reggie died the next day. We were devastated. But so, so thankful for such a special gift.

6. Sea World Orlando (or the sky above it, rather).

7. ESPN College Game Day in front of The Shoe.

8. McCain/Palin rally in C-bus.

9. North Carolina Zoo back in October. My friend Jess was so impressed when she saw that pic for the first time. Couldn’t believe we were standing out in a field with elephants. C’mon, admit it. Some of you thought they were real too.

10. Columbus Zoo Lights.

David and Sarah like the old Mac on Gabe’s desk. A friend at work was selling it for $10 a few years ago, and Gabe couldn’t resist. It’s quite the conversation piece.

Charity wants to know why we live in Ohio and have a Red Wings trash can. That trash can was a gift to Gabe from me about 12 years ago. The Bluejackets didn’t even exist back then. We’ve been to a few games (mostly when they played Detroit), but we’d have to classify ourselves as Wing fans.

Tarah wants to know if we’re Packers fans. Nope. Browns fans. Wait–did I just admit that?

If I had prizes to give away, Kelly the Zoo Girl and Donita would tie for first place. Great job, gals!

Busy day today. Visiting my grandma and mama for Mother’s Day.  Love you, Mom, Janelle, and Grandma! Thanks a billion for your love, encouragement and prayers!

Happy Mother’s Day, friends!

10 thoughts on “swirly saturday #12

  1. Kori (PrincessSpider)

    Tell Gabe he has a kindred Mac spirit living in my house. The first computer my hubby ever bought was like that little one on Gabe’s desk. He still has it and I think it still works, but it is being stored in the barn right now. He doesn’t have room for it amongst ALL his other computer paraphanilia. He is a Mac junkie!!!

  2. Liz

    Marla…THANK YOU for the Mother’s Day card you sent me! I so appreciated it, and am stunned at your thoughtfulness of sending an encouraging note to someone you’ve never met. May the Lord bless you for blessing others!


  3. Sandi

    …try again.

    What?? A day off? Hope you’re doing okay, but my checking for a Sunday post probably skyrockets your numbers for today! Happy Mother’s Day!

  4. Kelly, Zoo Girl

    So I’ve got to confess. . .I had no idea that I had commented on yesterday’s blog. Apparently, my husband felt like he needed to try and “win” so he commented under my name yesterday. I read today’s blog, and thought, “well, that’s strange, there’s another person called Kelly the Zoo Girl and they got the most captions right?” Then I went back and saw the comments- most definitely Jon and his oh-so-witty responses. In the future, if a comment ever appears with the word “awesomeness,” just know it’s from him. . .

  5. jess

    browns!!! ick!!!
    it was anoother jess….not me…just so you all know…..;-) 😉 😀 (im lying)

  6. Joyce

    Love the Reggie White story…how special to have the jersey. My hubs is from Knoxville and we’re big Volunteer fans…we saw him in many a game when he played for UT.

    Happy Mother’s Day to you!

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