s is for swirly and saturday

Does your name start with S? Because today is Name Game Bonus Day!! (and can I just say that every single time I try to type the word g-a-m-e, it comes out g-a-b-e instead?)

Looks like K names are the new winner (unless the S’s can knock it out of the park). I’m Stunned by the Sheer variety of names your mothers came up with. Thanks for playing Keli, Kylee, Kimberly, Kellie, Kathlena, Kat, Kelly (both Cousin and Zoo), Kara Kay, Kim (all 3 of you), Kristi, Kara, Krisha (yep, you’re the only one!), Kay, Katie, Karey, Kathryn, Krista (aka, Krisco), Kristy, Karen (both of you), and Kelsie. I think that’s 24.

Wowzers. Let’s See what you’ve got, S girls!

~~S is for Stephanie and Sarah and Shelly and Susan and Sacajawea! (and all the rest of you!)

~~S is for Swirly Saturday.

~~S is also for Soccer. After Starting the Season off with losses, Livi and Ava both won their games tonight. Sweet! (and Livi Scored a goal)

~~S is for Science. I had a blast-and-a-half with Nina and Ava and 4 other darling Seven-year-olds today, walking around the coolest Science Museum in the country. Well, I can’t really Say that, because I don’t know for Sure that it is. And honestly? Science is not my favorite. I can handle this place once a year max. (And I know Someone’s going to ask me why in the world I like zoos then. I have no idea.)

~~S is for Supervision. Which is what your 4-year-old apparently needs in the Life exhibit, or you might happen upon her with headphones on, watching a video documentary on circumcision. I promptly removed her from the TV Screen, and we moved on to Something more appropriate–a gorilla c-section.

~~S is for Snot and Stinky and Scat. The new Grossology exhibit was a big hit with the girls. You’d love it, if you’re into Sniffing a hole and deciding if what you’re Smelling is armpit, feet, or anus. And that’s just the beginning!

~~S is for Short(ish) and Sweet and See you Monday! Have a great weekend!

If your name starts with S, give me a Shout!

25 thoughts on “s is for swirly and saturday

  1. Jen Lehr

    S is for my little Samantha! And I didn’t get to leave a comment on “J” day, but I’m one of the many Jennifers out there!

  2. AKat

    I’m having PTSD reading this from having to go to speech classes for my Cindy Brady-like lisp in early elementary school! Alllll we did was practice s’s while playing Hi Ho Cherrio, lol!

    Have a great weekend, y’all!

    (I was looking at the map and it looks like our UHaul will be going riiiiight through your city on the way to CT. Maybe lunch out with the road weary R family and the awesome Taviano fam??) Oh happy day!

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