tees with purpose! (super-duper september)

I can’t do it, Marla, she said. I could tell she was crying. My heart broke.

It’s okay, friend, I said into the phone. It’s okay.

I tried to answer the questions. I wanted to. I just can’t. I’m just so sad. Her voice cracked. This has just been such a sad day.

I told her I was so, so sorry. I told her it was no trouble at all. No worries. Just spend time with your daddy, I told her. You can be on the blog another day. I’ll figure out tomorrow. Your daddy is more important.

I could tell she was worried that she might not be able to do another day either. This was really important to her, to be able to share about the ministry she and her husband have worked so hard to build, but her daddy. He’s dying. He came home from the hospital last night, and hospice is there at her house. They don’t know how long he has left.

He’s lived a lot of years, and I’ll bet he’s ready to meet Jesus. But my friend Karen is her daddy’s girl, and this is just so, so, so hard.

I can do your post for you tomorrow, I said. Would that be okay?

Oh, yes. Would you?? Oh, that would be wonderful. Oh, that would be so great. Would you?? Thank you so, so, so much.

Of course. I love you. I’m so, so sorry. I’ll talk to you soon. I’m praying for you. And for your daddy.

Today’s Super-Duper September contributor is Karen Shock. She’s Kevin’s wife and mama to four beautiful kiddos whose names all start with A. She’s a grandma to a cute little girl (even though she looks young enough to be my little sister–I’m not even kidding–she’s the one in white, second from the right). And she’s passionate about a lot of things. Rescuing women and children from sex trafficking is high on her list.

A few years ago, Karen and some friends and family got the idea for their ministry, She Has a Name. They describe themselves as a movement of Christ followers burdened for victims of human trafficking. Our hope is that God would use us in putting an end to modern-day slavery. Only He can truly set them free and we are excited that He has given us an opportunity to be a part of the solution.

She Has a Name got its name from a true story of a pimp, a john (male paying for sex), and a prostitute. The john asked the pimp, “What’s her name?” The pimp replied, “She doesn’t have a name. She’s whoever you want her to be.”

When the folks at She Has a Name do outreach on the streets of Columbus, OH, they do their best to remember the girls’ names from week to week. And they call them by name when they see them again. The girls’ reactions are amazing. So many of them have forgotten that they even have their own names, that they matter to someone, that they have value.

Last year they started selling t-shirts to raise money to help these girls (and young girls in India in danger of being trafficked). I actually found out about the t-shirts from my friend Amanda and the organization, As Our Own. I had no idea they (She Has a Name) were based 10 minutes from my house.

On March 28 of last year, I blogged 5 reasons why it was my new favorite t-shirt. Then my She Has a Name story got even better (<–I love this post).

Last fall, they added a brown t-shirt (with light blue lettering) to their line-up, and I think I almost love it more than my dark grey one (almost). Seriously. I wear one or the other any and every time they’re clean (ask my real-life peeps). Karen’s going to replace my grey one for me since it’s been worn close to 5,000,000 times now. Woohoo!!

*Today, one lucky winner will get a FREE She Has a Name short-sleeved t-shirt of his/her choice.*

And if you don’t win, you should totally (TOTALLY) get on over to their site and order one. They’re just $15, they’re long and soft and stretchy and awesome, and the $ goes to a great cause (fighting human trafficking here in the U.S. and in India).

They also have long-sleeved tees, hoodies, golf polos, and running jerseys!

Just like always, do what Rafflecopter tells you, then come back and claim your points.

And, if you would, please say a prayer for Karen and her family during this difficult time. Thank you!!

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59 thoughts on “tees with purpose! (super-duper september)

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  3. Shalla

    Love how this shirt produces so many people around the world to ask a question. A question that educates and makes people aware of something awful that is happening in our world. I would love the grey one….actually going to order one now – and give one away if I win!!

  4. Amber

    I just went and bought a teeshirt at their website, because I just felt like it was what I needed to do…. But, if I won a shirt…I’d give it away and share the love!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Ben

    She Has a Name is AWESOME. I suspect I’m highly limiting my chances of winning by stating that I got two โ€˜She Has a Nameโ€™ tees about a year ago. They’re the most comfortable things ever… wonderfully luxurious clothing.

    It’s not uncommon to get people down here in Australia asking what โ€œShe Has a Nameโ€ means, what it stands for, and why a guy would be wearing such branded clothing. Considering โ€˜She Has a Nameโ€™ is Ohio based, the more intriguing thing may by why I’d support a ministry that seems to be so localised to a city on the other side of the world, when there are local ministries doing similar things where I am.

    I’ve had at least one person want to get a shirt, but they seem more effective at starting conversations about Human Trafficking in general, where one can refer those interested to local ministries. When people find out not only what’s happening in their city, but what they can do โ€˜right hereโ€™… it’s always a challenging experience.

    Because I’ve already got some grey ones, I think a large brown one would be AWESOME. If I don’t win one, I’ll very likely go buy one. I didn’t know they had new colours (yep, British English down here), so this post bears some wonderful news.

    Sadly, it’s not all happy news. Death is a stupid disease, and diseases are stupid things. Karen, her family and her daddy are now on the top of my prayer list!

  6. traci

    I’ll pray for Karen and her family~
    How sweet of you to offer up a tshirt! I love the message!
    (…brown sounds good to me.)

    Thanks, marla, for your honesty on this blog. You shine Jesus through the sun and storms and I LOVE THAT!
    Blessings on you today ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Lacey

    What a needed ministry! Praying for God to continue to work through you. And if I won a shirt, either color would be fine. ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. megan

    I am a witness that Marla wears that shirt a lot! I have to say it looks brand new still and looks really soft! Not sure which one I’d pick yet!

  9. Amy Kate

    I love the grey one…what a message! We need to help those caught in the sex industry…thank you for bringing the issue shrouded in darkness into God’s light again!

  10. Rachelle

    One of my favorite charities! I would love a new grey tee. I wear mine almost daily for training runs plus I ran a 5k in mine last year! Planning to again in a couple of weeks.praying for Karen and her family as they walk through a time of grief.

  11. Rachelle Keppler

    Karen, I pray this time with your daddy is sweet and warm. I hope you both feel God’s arms comforting and holding you.
    Either color would be great.

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