taking a breather

Hey, friends. Taking an unplanned break from Super-Duper September today. My friend Karen’s daughter Alayna was going to tell us about her awesome photography today, but her grandpa died Monday. (Karen is the She Has a Name gal–remember, I told you her daddy wasn’t doing well?)

So, please keep Karen and Alayna and their whole family in your prayers during this hard, hard time. I’ll be chatting with Alayna to see if she’d like to reschedule for October sometime. Nothing wrong with keeping Super-Duper September going just a little longer.

I’d love your prayers as I do a live taped interview for Moody’s Midday Connection today (Wednesday) at 10:30a.m. (“Live taped” means that there will be a studio audience, but the show won’t air on the radio for 2 weeks–October 10, I think.)

A huge thank-you to everyone who’s been praying for me already. Things have been pretty rough around here lately, and we had a tough counseling session today. After crying through that entire thing, I cried the whole hour-long drive to my pre-interview tonight, but made it through okay.

Right this very minute? Gabe and I are good. The girls are good. My eyeballs are on fire, and I’m about to keel over, but hey, God is so faithful, and I’m counting on him to use my weaknesses in whatever big (or small) ways he sees fit.

See you tomorrow with some really pretty bags and purses! And don’t forget to place your Scentsy order with Jess!

10 thoughts on “taking a breather

  1. Krysten

    I love you Marla. You are covered in prayer from all directions. God always comes through and He doesn’t plan to take any breaks this time around either. Our pastor and friend has said many times that the field has to be plowed in order to create the most fertile ground for new things to grow (that’s not a cliche for him… He’s actually a farmer!) and he talks about how the plowing is a terribly violent action, which causes everything in the earth to literally uproot and be turned upside down. But the result is new life. The plow has been dropped in your life, my friend, and I believe in Jesus’s name that much new life will come of these times. Praying for you, Gabe, and the girls. Call me if you need anything (or even if you just want to scream really loud into the phone and hang up!)

      1. Krysten

        Funny you should mention that… Todd just asked the other day: “so, when can we take Marla and Gabe out to dinner?” No joke!

        Our world is just stupid busy right now, but I am sure we can get a date on the calendar. I’ll talk to my man and email you some possible dates. : )

  2. Jen Hatmaker

    Marla, I am praying for you and Gabe and the girls right this second. Right this second. You are prayed for, girl. Stay the course. You are so dear to God. Your story matters so much. You are so mighty and able in Him. Jesus is all and everything and enough. Love you, sister.

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