super-duper september so far

Friends! I’m loving Super-Duper September. Thanks to all of our contributors and to all of YOU for making it so great!! Without you, September would just be September, not SUPER-DUPER.

Just a few notes (will do a recap of the whole month when it’s over).

Thirty-One GiftsShalla’s party is OPEN! I would love, love, love it if you’d encourage her by ordering something.

She Has a Name t-shirts–I’ve heard from a lot of you that you ordered tees. Let’s make it an even 100. Get yourself a t-shirt!!

Scentsy–my sis-in-law, Jess, is having an online party! Buy something, and I’ll love you forever!!

Noelle Grace Designs–you can get 15% off your order through September 30! (code: MARLA15) Cute, cute stuff!

Dress Blessed Hoodies–I have hoodies here at my house if you live close and don’t want to pay shipping! Otherwise, go buy a hoodie! 40% goes to Cambodia!!!

New Day Granola–1 day left to enter to win the yumminess!

Next week is our last week! Can you believe it??

What you have to look forward to: books, coffee, photography, bags, banners, and jewelry!

I’m speaking at a retreat all weekend. Would love your prayers! Thanks! See you Monday!

3 thoughts on “super-duper september so far

  1. Sharon

    Marla, you are a bad influence on my wallet 😉 I just ordered (another) “She Has a Name” shirt. I already had the gray one, but figured I needed a brown one, too. I (hopefully) got a size big enough that it will fit over my pregnant self. These shirts are the most comfy shirts in the world!

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