super! duper! september!!

A few weeks ago I had this brilliant idea. Take a month and feature all of my creative friends and family members who sell stuff/services as a side business/ministry (or for a living).

And it’s time! It’s here! Super-Duper September is (just about) here!!

Everything is coming together, and I have someone awesome lined up every Monday through Saturday in September (except today, which is Intro Day and Labor Day, which I’ve already promised to someone else for a great cause).

Before I give you a sneak peek at all our “vendors” (for lack of a better word), how about a quick list of reasons why I’m excited to do this thing?

Why Super-Duper September? (in no particular order)

1. I love being able to give. I don’t often feel like I have much to offer people these days, but I can share my platform with those who would love to get the word out about their businesses to a new circle of peeps.

2. I’m passionate about people pursuing their passions. Whether you’re a single gal or a work-at-home mom or an aspiring artist or have a heart for the poor or whatever your deal, I LOVE being able to help people do what they love.

3. I love unique, handmade stuff. Not all of these products will be unique or handmade (and that’s cool), but many of them are. What a great chance to get something fabulous that wasn’t made by a big corporation.

4. I can blog every day in September without getting personal. I mean, really, how much of, “Things are awesome!!” and “Now they suck!!” can we take?

5. Free for me! Most of these sweet gals (and a lone guy or two) have offered me something free as a thanks for featuring their business on my blog. You are so welcome, and I’ll take it!

6. YOU get free stuff! Every single day, we’ll be giving something away on the blog. Fun times!

7. I’m just really excited to introduce all of you to some new folks who are doing cool things with their gifts and talents. Not only will they be sharing their stuff, but you’ll get a fun peek into their lives too–and maybe make some new friends along the way!

The Line-Up:

Tuesday, September 4–Noonday Collection
Wednesday, September 5–Fancy Free Jewelry
Thursday, September 6–Stephanie’s Crocheted Creations
Friday, September 7–Beaded Crosses
Saturday, September 8–TBA

Monday, September 10–31 Gifts
Tuesday, September 11–She Has a Name t-shirts
Wednesday, September 12–Potoffee Chips
Thursday, September 13–Paci-Finders, Etc.
Friday, September 14–Scentsy
Saturday, September 15–TBA

Monday, September 17–Noelle Grace Designs
Tuesday, September 18–Dress Blessed hoodies
Wednesday, September 19–Strength & Courage cards
Thursday, September 20–Jasper Pendants
Friday, September 21–New Day Granola
Saturday, September 22–TBA

Monday, September 24–Creation Inspirations
Tuesday, September 25–Three Story Coffee
Wednesday, September 26–Alayna’s Photography
Thursday, September 27–Ivey Expressions
Friday, September 28–Banners by Bethany
Saturday, September 29–Hand-Stamped Jewelry

Since I decided to add Saturdays, I have 2 more openings. E-mail me if you’re interested.

So excited about this, friends!! See you Tuesday!!

7 thoughts on “super! duper! september!!

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  3. Krysten

    So excited! Thanks for letting me be a part of this. How fun!

    PS: just so you know…I doubt anyone minds the “things are awesome/now they suck” rollercoaster.
    : ) You are loved and its part of life, my friend!

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