scentsy! (super-duper september)

I’ve always loved my brother, but I love him even more for marrying such an awesome girl and giving me another sister. (And my two sweet nephews and wonderful niece are an added bonus.) Jessica and I are a lot alike (thankfully, we figured out how to make that work for us and not against us). I count her as a dear, dear friend and love being a part of her family.

Josh and Jess moved from Ohio to North Carolina not too long ago (sad face), but we still get to see them fairly often. And Jess is giving something away today that I LOVE LOVE LOVE (and already have, which is good, because I’m not eligible to win).

Let’s find out more, shall we?

Me: Jessica! Tell us all about yourself!

Jess: I am a wife of a great guy. My great guy has a great family! (Yes, I am kissing up to Marla, because she is my sister-in-law!) My husband is currently a seminary student in Wake Forest, NC, with about a year left until he gets his M.Div. (for anyone who knows what those letters stand for). I have three bundles of energy: Anna (10), Ethan (8), and Gavin (6). We classically educate our children at home using Classical Conversations, which I love. I am currently a classical tutor of 8-year olds, which I also love.

I have a passion for social ministries – I am currently also the women’s counselor for our community care ministry, which attempts to help provide financial help to people in Wake Forest who are not members of our church. I think that’s all-about-me in a nutshell.

Me: Now, tell us how you got hooked up with Scentsy. (Scentsy, for those of you don’t know, is a line of beautiful ceramic plug-in warmers, among other things, and a HUGE variety of blocks of scrumptious scents of wax, so candles with a KICK.)

Jess: Scentsy is a company that was started by two stay-at-home moms, which was one thing that attracted me to it from the beginning. I love things that can help moms (who feel like they should) to stay at home with their kids. I had a friend who started selling Scentsy when she had a baby and wanted a stay-at-home job. I bought a Scentsy warmer. Then I had a small home party. Then I had a basket party and figured out that I could actually sell a lot of Scentsy. Considering how easy it is to stay in Scentsy (i.e. I didn’t have an overwhelming amount of stuff to sell every month), I figured, “Why not?” So I became a consultant.

Me: What have been the most rewarding/challenging parts of doing your own thing?

Jess: The most rewarding part of having a side business are the unexpected relationships I’ve formed. With Scentsy, a person has to contact a consultant if they want to buy Scentsy products. There is no Scentsy online store or anything like that. So if a person types in their zip code, the closest Scentsy consultant pops up. It’s been so fun to meet people I never would’ve met, under normal circumstances, because of Scentsy. For example, a few weeks ago, I got an email from a lady who needed a replacement part because her warmer got jostled in a move to Wake Forest. When she came over to my house to pick up the part, I found out that her husband had been hired at the seminary my husband attends! Crazy!

The most challenging would be balancing my family and my business. Under my life circumstances, since I’ve moved to North Carolina, I haven’t kept up with my Scentsy business very well. But, as I’ve said, it’s still in my life enough to provide some fun new experiences!

Me: Any brilliant advice for women trying to balance a family and working from home?

Jess: I don’t feel qualified to give much advice about balancing family and from-home job. For me, Scentsy is not really much of a priority right now. I guess the advice I would give is to simply prioritize based on what is best for your family – and include your family in the decision. My husband and I have decided that having me focus on running our life smoothly is the most important thing during our seminary phase. It is what is best for us to have a healthy family life. In another phase, allowing myself some time to develop my business might be able to fit into our priority grid – but not now. I don’t feel like that’s really advice, but there it is.

Me: Jess, thank you so, so, so much!! Now, tell us! What’s today’s give-away?? I’m so stinking excited about this one!!

Jess: Today, I’m giving away a plug-in warmer and a bar of your choice.


p.s. I have this red plug-in warmer in my yellow kitchen, and from September to March, it’s got some variety of delicious-smelling cinnamon in it. April to August, it’s Camu Camu (think tropical! beach!).

Whether you win or not, I encourage you to check out this awesome line of yumminess. Jess is having an online September Party that anyone can order from–go bless her, why don’t you??

Scentsy stuff makes FABULOUS gifts, and what I love (besides the fact that your house smells like heaven) is that it makes gift-giving easy from here on our. Once you buy someone a Scentsy warmer, you can just get them a new $5 scent block any time you want to say, “I love you. Happy Birthday! Congratulations! Thanks for being my friend.”

I’ll stop talking now and let you get to shopping. AND/OR WINNING.

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  4. Jen Hanson

    Jess, I really appreciated what you said about prioritizing your family and business (and how that can sometimes need to change from season to season).

    Speaking of seasons, I’m uber excited that fall is coming up soon, because I love fall scents the best!!

  5. Sharon

    I like the Damsel Plug-In Scentsy Warmer and I’d love the baked apple pie scent. My husband commented to our toddler the other day that maybe I’d make a pie so she could see what pie tastes like. Um, the only pies I make come frozen in a Marie Calendar’s box. But, I could easily use this to make the house smell like pie….

  6. Amy McG

    We really, really need scratch-n-sniff screen technology! I would love to win the Groovy Brown Plug-in and the Clean Breeze scent.

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