photography by alayna! (super-duper september)

Gonna thank you all in advance for being flexible. I had my sis and her banners scheduled for today and my friend Meg and her jewelry on the calendar for tomorrow, but they both need a little more time to get some stuff made, so Banners by Bethany will air next week and Meg’s jewelry the following week. Opportunistic October! (or something like that)

Today, we have a super-special guest. The beautiful and talented Alayna. She’s also our youngest Super-Duper September participant, and I’m so happy to have her here. She’s fabulous behind a camera and is going to share some of that fabulousness with one lucky winner today.

Me: Hi, Alayna! Tell us a little bit about yourself (and your family if you want).

Alayna: Well, first & foremost Jesus Christ is who i live for, & i really want people to see that through everything that i do. I have a unicorn pillow pet, i love Nutella on toast, i’m green tea drinker, & I have a unhealthy addiction to music. my family is probably one of the most fun, crazy, competitive, strange, loving people you’ll probably ever meet. I have 1 sister & 2 brothers, I also have some really weird parents, don’t even get me started on them.  I have some awesome awesome extended family. oh & fun fact some of them live down the street… seriously.

Me: Now humor me a little bit. You’ve been homeschooled a long time (your whole life?), and you’re one of the coolest homeschoolers I’ve ever known (no offense to all the other ones). Could you tell us a little bit about your experience doing school at home?

Alayna: Yep, I have been homeschooled all the way through! I’m a junior & i’m not sure about the coolest, I still wear my rainbow socks with my sandals.  haha typical day? that doesn’t really exist in this household, but when things aren’t completely crazy around here, I wake up at a time that kids usually wake up in the summer, & then usually do my school in my room throughout the day… if you take out the twitter, Facebook, & snack breaks it would probably add up to about 3 hours, which i love! we have so much flexibility since we don’t do online schooling, we just have books that my mom orders, kind of like a pick & choose curriculum, & I wouldn’t change it!

Me: When did you become interested in photography, what are your favorite kinds of photographs to take, and what projects/photo shoots have you done so far?


in 2010 when my grandma & grandpa were moving out of their house to move into ours due to their age, my mom wanted me to take some pictures of the beautiful structure, in which case I did & really enjoyed doing so. I continued on taking pictures of my adventures throughout the summer & I ended up quitting dance lessons so i could get a nice camera & the rest is history!

oh well I love taking pictures of anything & everything, it just depends on the day. i have taken family pictures for the past couple years of our family friends, some for my brother in-laws t-shirt business, a couple trips Haiti, & more recently i got to help out with a wedding!

Me: I know your family is crazy involved in missions and helping others and serving the poor. (You can read more about Alayna’s mom in this post.) Tell us a little bit about that and maybe how your photography has played (or could play) a role.

Alayna: to be honest, i feel crazy blessed to have a family that is all about missions, but to me it has always been normal. i remember being 10 & going downtown to help out the homeless, & yes it wasn’t exactly normal but i wouldn’t change those memories for the world! & now God is so gracious to have placed me in this position to have parents that want to help with sex trafficking with She Has A Name. I have gotten to help out by taking pictures at events & that has been so fun! i hope to take more in the (God willing) many events to come.

Me: What dreams and goals do you have for your future (photography-related or otherwise)?

Alayna: well as of now, I want to be someone that other people can look up to or get inspiration from. in the future I think I want to go to college & at least minor in photography, just to get the technical stuff down with my camera. it would also be awesome to travel the world & take pictures, i guess that’s every teenage girls dream though… so who knows!

Me: Check out more of Alayna’s photography here.

Today on the blog, Alayna is giving away TWO 8×10 photos of YOUR CHOICE in 12×13 frames. Instant artwork!!

And if you’re local (Columbus, OH area) and looking for someone to photograph your family or wedding or party or whatever, leave a comment, and Alayna will get in touch with you!

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16 thoughts on “photography by alayna! (super-duper september)

  1. Aunt Leslie

    Way to go!! This was so awesome to read and I already knew your were so talented. Keep looking up and remember you are my favorite(wink, wink) just had to add that like Grandpa Orvie. Love Ya.

    1. Alayna

      I actually really like taking pictures of anything, objects are easier than people, but I also love being able to give people direction! random things inspire me to take certain pictures on certain days. 🙂 i really love history, reading about the past has always intrigued me, & for me finding out how people lived way back when is really cool. it kind of ties in with my photography in a way because i love taking pictures of old things & then finding out the history of them!

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