crocheted creations (super-duper september)

You guessed it. Another friend I met online first before I found myself outside the airport in Milwaukee, WI crammed in the back of a mini-van with her, another gal, and some cute little babies.

Fun fact about Stephanie: her husband and my sister Stephanie’s husband have the same name. And their last names start with the same letter, have the same # of letters in them, and sound eerily similar.

I blogged about Stephanie here a few weeks ago, but let’s get to know her a little better (and see what fun thing she has to give away!).

Me: Hey, Stephanie. Tell us about yourself.

Stephanie: I’m a wife who does just a little of everything.  I am the founder of an online community that teaches men and women about fertility awareness, I work two days a week for a family with three special needs kids, and I love to crochet.

Me: Speaking of crocheting, tell us about your little side business, Stephanie’s Crocheted Creations.

Stephanie: I started Stephanie’s Crocheted Creations when I realized I couldn’t.stop.crocheting, and that people were actually interested in the blankets I make. I think I’ve made about 40 or 50 baby blankets over the last four years.  This summer we tried having a table at our local farmers market, and I now have some items in a local maternity & baby consignment store.  Expecting my first check in the mail any day!

Me: Awesome! Do you have big dreams/goals for SCC? What are they? (like anything you’re planning to add in the future?)

Stephanie: I’m hoping to get my items into at least one more consignment store soon. I’m also planning to bring back my winter items, such as warmer hats, scarves, and arm warmers.  I check Etsy often for new patterns, and when I find a good, quick pattern, I’ll usually add it to my line.

Me: You shared something cool with me that I want you to share with the class. Tell us what you do when someone buys one of your newsboy caps.

Stephanie: Whenever someone buys a newsboy cap, I donate a matching newborn size cap to our local crisis pregnancy center. The reason I decided to do it is because I volunteered at the crisis pregnancy center for awhile, and I know that they are always in need of little caps like that for their layettes, or just to have on hand for the moms to get at the free boutique with the “Baby Bucks” they earn for doing Bible Studies and watching parenting videos.

Me: So, so cool! I love that! I have 5 Expecting books sitting here that have been donated by some generous folks, and I’ve just figured out where I want to send them–the West Coast (a.k.a., to your local pregnancy center). Thanks for the inspiration!

And now… drumroll… today’s give-away is your choice of a NEWSBOY CAP or SCARF!

*And remember, to be entered to win, you have to DO what Rafflecopter tells you, then come back and claim your points (confusing, but so worth it–and makes my life so much easier–thank you!!).

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33 thoughts on “crocheted creations (super-duper september)

  1. Trisha

    I think I would like the scarf. So cute!! And I’m ready for fall weather. Stephanie, I signed up at your website and have checked out a book from the library on fertility awareness. We’ll see where the road takes us!

  2. Laura

    Since I would typically say scarf, I’m going to go with the hat. Totally cute! I hate that I only get one chance to win this stuff….I have detoxed myself from social media (twas getting life consuming and my family was suffering…really! it was awful!) so that’s kind of a bummer. I am happily twitter and fb free! 🙂

  3. Danielle

    Hi Stephanie! I know Marla blogged about CFPN a while back but somehow last night when I was thinking about such things it didn’t come to mind. SO, I’m thankful that you are here today, and that Marla included the link for that! Anyway, if I were to win I believe I would like the hat, seeing as how my husband has banned me from knitting or getting more scarves for myself. Through all these giveaways I’m realizing I have some accessory addiction problems… 🙂

  4. Jen Hanson

    Oh man, I would have such a hard time choosing if I won. I’m thinkin’ the scarf, but a hat like that is awful nice to throw on over messy mom hair during the winter. Makes one look a little more put together and a little less frantic, frazzled, mother of twin boys.

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