week-end re-wind {day 10}


Remember our formula for Sunday’s Real. Hard. Love. posts in February?

1. last week’s posts.
2. links to good stuff.
3. a verse to meditate on.
4. coming this week.

Last Week:
Monday: taking a step toward your spouse when you don’t wanna.
Tuesday: my friend shares the story of her husband’s affair.
Wednesday: and affair #2.
Thursday: and affair #3.
Friday: my friend Melanie’s new book releases: sparkly green earrings!
Saturday: my friend responds to the responses to her story.

Good Stuff:
I’m sure I read some really good stuff online this week, but I’m exhausted and can’t possibly pass it along.

We love because he first loved us. 1 John 4:19.

Next Week: (I may mix these up. It’ll be fun. A surprise!)
Monday: loving your 17yo daughter from another country.
Tuesday: what kinds of stories do YOU want to read?
Wednesday: gays, christians, & love.
Thursday: when being single is hard.
Friday: let’s wait and see!
Saturday: something fun!

Last day to buy the 5-e-book Marriage Bundle for $7.40! See you tomorrow, friends!

One thought on “week-end re-wind {day 10}

  1. Rachelle

    From all your dumpling posts yesterday I was curious how things are going with Cherry. Looking forward to this post! My college son, Blake, got to have Chinese New Year with 2 exchange student friends, he said the food was amazing!

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