the beautiful unexpected

I asked my friend, Val, to share her story back in February during our Real. Hard. Love. series, but some things came up, and she didn’t get the chance. So, she’s sharing today on the 3-year anniversary of the day her life changed forever.

Our long journey to parenthood began back in January 2004, I was diagnosed with Endometriosis, and the doctors advised us if we wanted children we should have them as soon as possible. Although it was much earlier in our marriage than we’d anticipated we started trying right away and figured it’d be easy…boy were we wrong!

After enduring 6+ years of infertility including tests, procedures, medications, and multiple pregnancy losses…I’d hit my limit. I had lost my faith, lost sight of who I was and what made me tick, I separated myself from those around me and was contemplating leaving my wonderful husband because I felt like he deserved better. We started to pursue a private adoption of a baby due in May 2010 and when that fell through, we were heartbroken. After some soul searching we decided to save up the money for two more rounds of treatment which we would complete during the summer of 2010.

God had something bigger in mind for us….

On April 10, 2010 Mike and I were out at his grandparents house visiting with relatives in from Canada. My cell went off and it was my dad; he sounded really wound up about something and asked us to come over there because he and my step mom needed to talk to us.  At that point I figured one of my younger brothers had done something and they needed to vent.  So, Mike and I drove over there and they were sitting out on the back patio.

My dad asked us if we’d consider adoption if it was a guaranteed situation, we responded yes.  The next few moments of conversation were a blur because it was a lot to take on.  Basically my step mom had found out she was pregnant that morning, had no idea how far along she was..she thought maybe 3 months.  Due to their ages and financial stability they did not want to keep the baby. They wanted us to be the parents so at least they could still see him/her grow up.

About a week later; I went with my step mom to the OB’s office for the local hospital for an ultrasound to confirm viability and get us a due date.  That morning was so surreal… the ultrasound revealed that we were going to have a healthy baby boy who was due on July 6th… doing the math this meant that she was almost 28.5 weeks already!

The next couple of months were a blur of lawyer visits, home studies, OB appointments (she wanted me to be as hands-on as I wanted to be), and preparing our home for the son that we were about to have.  Everything just seemed to fall into place.  Due to her age and gestational diabetes they had scheduled an induction for July 7th just in case he didn’t come on his own.

About 5:15 pm on July 5th I got a call from my dad telling me that she was having some major contractions and they wanted me to come over.  I gathered our last minute stuff, called Mike who was fishing with my youngest brother, and left for their house.  Just as I was pulling out of the subdivision my phone rang again…this time it was them telling me to just meet them at the hospital.  They got her all checked in and hooked up to the monitors by 6, her water broke at 6:35, the epidural got started around 6:45 and we sat and waited.  The doctor on-call had a lot of deliveries and was tired so the midwife was coming into cover. She came in to check progress at 8pm and gave the go ahead for pushing at 8:05.

At 8:17pm our precious Sean Daneel entered the world weighing in at 7 pounds 11 ounces and was 19.5 inches long. He had a head full of dark brownish-black hair, sweet little pouty lips, and the most beautiful blue eyes.

Holding my brand new son was the greatest feeling I’d ever had and for the first time all the pain infertility had caused simply didn’t matter.  I’d been given the greatest gift ever….and he was worth everything we had to go through to have him in our lives.  I will be forever thankful and indebted to my parents for doing what they did…they chose to give him life, and to give us more joy and love than we ever could have imagined.

Today Sean is a 2.5 year old who is incredibly sweet, smart, funny, and a continual ball of energy that makes this life worth living.  We would’ve loved for him to have a sibling but we just don’t know if it’s in the cards for us.  Regardless we are so beyond blessed to have him.

Marla here. Thanks so much for sharing, Val. I love your story, and I’m honored to have been a part of it while it was happening. Sean is a beautiful little boy (and we have first-hand knowledge of his intelligence and ENERGY), and I know God has big plans for his life. And yours and Mike’s too. And any other little ones he miraculously adds to your family.

If you have comments/questions/encouragement for Val, feel free. I know you’ll be sensitive and sweet. If you’d like to chat with her personally/privately, e-mail me, and I’ll put you in touch with her.

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  1. Connie

    I have so much I want to say but am totally overwhelmed by emotion so I will just say Congratulations! and thank you for sharing!!

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