saying good-bye {day 15}

This Valentine’s Day took a turn we never expected. The girls and I were babysitting for some sweet (even while teething) little guys this morning when Gabe texted me that his grandpa was in the hospital with pneumonia and it wasn’t looking good. (He’s been in a nursing home for a few weeks now.)

We got home from babysitting, ate lunch, picked up Cherry from school (early dismissal), and headed to Lima. We got there at 3:45, and at 6:05, PoPo took his last breath.

Rock, Gabe’s dad, is convinced he had a Valentine’s Day dinner date with his wife (our beloved Grandma Marilyn) up in heaven that he just couldn’t miss.

Lots of family gathered in those final hours to say good-bye. But Gabe’s brother Tug is in Missouri, and their mom is still in Africa. So hard on them not being here.

So, Gabe’s grandpa died on my grandma’s birthday. Our hearts are sad, but we’re so glad they’re not suffering any more and get to be reunited with the ones they love.

PoPo wanted a memorial service, not a funeral. And he wanted all of his family from near and far to be together, eat together, enjoy each other, and share lots of love. I’m looking forward to that super-special day in a couple weeks.

Would you say a prayer for me and Gabe? We just got home (10:22pm) after a long, emotional day. Gabe is worn out from driving, and I just want to fall in bed. Unfortunately, I’m a bit of a procrastinator and always save my prep for speaking events until the day before. Except this day didn’t go as planned, and I was home for about 10 minutes total. Yikes.

We leave at 10:45 a.m. to drive 4 hours and speak to 86 couples at a marriage event.

And I don’t even know where to start.

I know what this means. It’s gonna be all Jesus and no me. My strength is gone. May he get much much much glory. And may Gabe stay awake on the way there and from 10pm-2am on the drive home.

Thanks, friends. xoxoxoxo

12 thoughts on “saying good-bye {day 15}

  1. Sharon


    Didn’t even see this til after the fact, but have clung to something someone said to me years ago. God is not defined by time. I can pray now for him to work through things that have already happened. So, praying that all came together for the speaking engagement and safe travel.

  2. Andrea

    I’ve been praying and am so sorry for your loss. Maybe this is what to talk about. Hard life, not going as planned or hoped for, and making it through all still together and trusting Jesus. Hugs.

  3. marcy

    Oh Marla! I am praying for you and for your family as you say good-bye to a loved one and as you “put yourself out there” at the marriage conference. Praying right now.

  4. Rachelle

    So sorry for your loss. Thankful that our God’s mercy and grace are new every morning. Praying that as you speak your words will testify to God’s faithfulness, even on the hardest days.

  5. missy

    First, so very sorry for your loss and that of your husband and children.

    Second, I know this is crazy but I just realized I totally know (or know OF) tons of your family! I’m from Lima myself, and I have a feeling you may just know my cousin…Troy Cox? He is one of many names I could throw out there that I bet you’d know. SO weird!

    Anyway, it is a crazy small world. And I’m sure Gabe’s grandpa will be watching you guys doing your thing, and be so stinking proud. 🙂

  6. Melinda

    Wow? Never saw that coming after yesterday’s blog. So sorry for the shock and sadness. I get the “being on” when you are fried. Oh do I. God somehow has a special way with those on His Speakers
    Bureau in those moments. I know you and Gabe are about to bless this group and you will be able to do it, perhaps even a bit differently. Vaya con Dios! Hugs to you.

  7. Keri

    I don’t know if you’re still awake or not….I think it’s about 1:15 in the morning there. I want you to know that I’m sorry for your loss…please pass along my condolences to Gabe. I also want you to know that I just prayed for you and the marriage conference. God has you in the exact right spot to blow some people away with His words. There is something so authentic and beautiful about speaking His message when you don’t have a single outline. Or clue of what it’s going to look like. Love you friend!

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