your life may not be complete…

…without a slew of late Monday night/early Tuesday morning randomness from one of your favorite Marlas. (I’m curious to know how many of you actually know multiple Marlas.)

I plan to elaborate on some of these tomorrow (Tuesday) and Wednesday, but for now, they’re burning a hole in my proverbial pocket, and I’ve got to get them all down in writing.

1.) Gabe’s podcast with Travis Cottrell is up and on the web. (If you don’t know who Travis is, he’s a super-talented, super-likeable worship leader who travels with Beth Moore–and does lots on his own too.) Fun stuff! The interview with Travis starts at 19:34 (the first part is tech talk), so you can skip right to there if you’d like. Although, Bethany, he talks about Isabelle (and Stew) at the very beginning, so you may want to listen.

2.) If you missed my Give-Away Mess-Up, good. The less people who know about it the better. I’m happy for Krista and her undeserved gift that will remind her of the undeserved gift of God’s Son this Christmas season. And sweet, gracious Helen e-mailed me with her book choice–Is That All He Thinks About? Methinks Helen’s hubby of 22 years will be thanking me for my error.

3.) If you haven’t already, hop on over to my dear friend Holly’s new blog. She’s couch-ridden for six weeks due to surgery on her foot, and you all and your delightfulness will help keep her amused.

4.) I’m going to talk more about this one soon. Megan has a challenge for anyone who’s interested. Memorize one Scripture a week for a year. I’ve reeeeeeally been meaning to memorize more of the Bible, and I keep putting it off. No more! I’m accepting the challenge, and I hope you will too. The verses are already selected, and they’re really not that hard. And 52 Verses in 52 Weeks–well, doesn’t it just have a nice ring to it?

5.) If you haven’t seen Shannah’s new babies, A & E, check them out here or here. Congratulations to the proud parents!!

6.) I went shopping today at Target with Ava’s class. Her school raised $1578.00 (spare change/bake sale/raffle) last week for needy families in the community. Then the 1st graders got to shop for 21 children at Target. I had Ava and Greta in my group, and we got to spend $75 on a 2-year-old girl. Too fun! Something cool–she needed a coat, but they were $26 (I’m thinking about how much we could have gotten her at the thrift store…). Then we see it on sale for $18.88. We pick it up, start to put it in the cart, and an employee says, “If you wait just a minute, I’m marking it down.” $13.58. Little Girl got fingerpaints with the difference.

7.) I found some new (old) college friends on facebook today. We were in the same hall my last year at Cedarville. They are still a hoot!

8.) My girls have a small part in our church’s Christmas program this coming weekend. If you live anywhere close to NW Columbus, you should come. It’s going to be phenomenal. Our pastor’s wife directs it, and she is flat-out amazing. Bring your friends–it will be life-changing.

9.) The girls don’t have school Thurs/Fri (parent/teacher conferences), so we’re heading somewhere warm to see some wild animals. Except that just like our trip to NC, it’s supposed to be COLD AND RAINY the days we’re there. Figures. But we’re going to have fun anyway.

10.) The release of Expecting is coming soon! Here’s a cool description I just noticed on the publisher’s website. And remember, you can pre-order it now for $10. In January, it’s $15. And I’ll have a limited number of copies at first, so if you want a copy fast, get your order in now. It’s also $10.19 on Amazon right now (w/free shipping if you spend $25).

And if you lasted this long, you get a special offer for your patience. Between now and midnight (Tues. night), if you order all 3 of my first books for $20, you get Expecting for free. Woohoo!!! EDIT: (12:20pm) I’m so sorry, but I’m going to have to limit this special to U.S. orders. (Amber, I’ll still send yours.) I’ll be swimming in the red otherwise. Thanks!

Have a Tuesday worth remembering!

9 thoughts on “your life may not be complete…

  1. ClutzyButtercup

    I am taking my daycare children to the Sanford Zoo on Monday…Decided this would be a cheaper Christmas gift than getting each of them something individually.  I will be thinking of you as we see all the sights!  (this zoo is SMALL so it won’t take long to see everything.)

  2. der_lila_Stern

    The shopping trip to Target is amazing.  What an amzing idea for the school to do!  And that jacket – awesome!!   

    At first I was disappointed that I am not getting Expecting (yet), because I ordered all 3 books a few weeks ago.  And then I realized it is probably a good thing.  I have already read “Blushing Bride” and “Is that All He Thinks About”.  I decided I shouldnt read “Changing the World…” yet.  Hubby doesnt want kids yet.  I am totally excited for them.  Reading either “Changing the World…” or “Expecting” probably wouldnt help my patience! 

    Im so excited for more zoo posts! 

  3. Oly16

    What a neat shopping trip you got to have with Ava’s class!!  It so cool to hear that schools are still doing that kindof stuff this time of year.  I’m also curious to hear what zoo you are headed too next….warm weather sounds fabulous right now!!

    I only asked for 2 things from my husband this year for Christmas.  A family Christmas pic, and your book Is that all he thinks about?  I told him I’m sure it’d be worth the investment

  4. tonialynn59

    I honestly don’t know another Marla!  I can’t wait to listen to Gabe’s podcast with Travis.  And wish I lived where I could come and see the girls perform.  Have a fun weekend.  Praying that the weather will be better than expected!

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