where in the world is carmen sandiego?

So, it’s midnight. I’m sitting at my desk but longing for my bed. I’m waiting up for my hubby who’s on his way home from seeing Rhett and Link in concert.

I have nothing to say. Well, that’s not true. I have a lot to say, but all of it involves exerting effort. I need something that I can do without thinking too hard. Hmmmm….

So, I started browsing through some old photos for inspiration. Found this one:

This was taken last summer (I think), but this is pretty much what it looks like here tonight too. Except that the tree outside our window got blown over by Ike. And it’s dark out.

Just for the heck of it, here’s Gabe’s desk, which also looks pretty much exactly like that right now.

So, then I started looking through all our zoo pics and getting all sentimental. Look at how much we’ve changed! Look at all we’ve been through! Look at me feeding a giraffe! Then I thought of a fun little game that would be work for you but not for me.

How about if I post a little series of pics, and you have to figure out where they were taken? Or you can just look at them and get on with your day. Either way. You get all of them right, and… well, way to go, YOU! Let’s see what you’ve got:











So, how’d you do? I got all 10. Have a great weekend!

14 thoughts on “where in the world is carmen sandiego?

  1. jess

    i still cannot belive i thought they were real. seriously. where was my brain?
    as soon as i get the shirts back…sign me up for a give-away! he said they should be done next week…so after that sometime. 🙂
    he’s going to hold onto the screen print thingy-whatever-he-has-to-save—so i can get them made at any time. 😀

  2. Kelly, Zoo Girl

    #1 – The Horseshoe
    #2 – Myrtle Beach
    #3 – two cool names brought together in the countryside
    #4 – Pittsburgh at sunset
    #5 – With the legend Reggie
    #6 – Air show of awesomeness
    #7 – ESPN College Game Day set at the Shoe
    #8 – Obama’s Inaguration – Chicago
    #9 – North Carolina Zoo (although Gabe wearing VT gear everywhere doesn’t help distinguish)
    #10 – Columbus Zoo Wildlights

  3. jess

    hey. i wanna see a close up of those collages with the scrabble letters on the wall! those look cute!!! 😀

    and…when i get baby hugger shirts in, i want to do a give away on your blog…mmmkay? but, i guess we should wait until i actually have a real one in my hands. 🙂

  4. Donita

    What a fabulous idea. You are very creative! I, however, am not…so here are my guesses:
    1. The Stadium (a proper name to some, I presume)
    2. The dunes
    3. Italy
    4. The city
    5. A random Tuesday in the life of a famous football player
    6. Coming on the clouds
    7. Pre Game
    8. “One Nation Under God”
    9. Hut-two-three-four-keep-it-up-two-three-four
    10. Zoo Lights!

    Perhaps some of those are more like captions than locations!?!

  5. Kaye

    Love seeing Reggie White on your blog!! Sorry, I’m not gonna venture guesses on the others, but love seeing all of the great pictures. Thanks for sharing.
    Miss you all and pray you have a wonderfully blessed Mother’s Day, free of ANY headaches:)
    Blessings and love,
    Matthew 21:22

  6. Sarah

    #4 is not Cincinnati, I can tell you that much. My guess was Columbus and a quick google search of “Columbus skyline” confirmed it. Is that cheating?

    #7 – outside the Horseshoe
    #10 – Columbus Zoo?

    I, too, noticed the old original Macintosh on Gabe’s desk. My die-hard Mac fan hubby would be proud.

  7. Sandi

    I recognize several, but they quit mattering after I saw the great pic of Gabe, Ava, and Livi with Reggie White. What a great guy – Wes was 4 when we worked our first FCA camp at Texas A&M, Reggie spoke at every session. He and Sara gave that entire summer of 1985, just after they’d had their first child, in a mini-van, traveling across the US, working FCA camps. Payed exactly $0. Made themselves available to everyone all day long – Reggie got down on all fours and let staff kids “tackle” him.

  8. Charity

    All I have to say is that I’m lovin’ the Red Wings wastebasket under the desk. You guys live in Ohio and aren’t Bluejackets fans?

  9. Tonia

    #1 is Ohio State U football field
    #2 is Michigan when you visited Kristen
    #4 is Cincinnati
    #5 is Green Bay
    #7 is Virginia Tech
    #8 is NYC??
    I’m done.

  10. Krista

    Gotta love a fellow Rhett&Link fan. Live concert, so exciting! And I love your pics, but will have to guess my “where”s when I’ve had more sleep!

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