when in tired, eat snacky

Let me just say that by the time I click the “publish” button on this post, it will be after midnight. And I have been writing, writing, writing for three hours straight. I take that back. I took a cheese and cracker break about 45 minutes ago.

Today I tweeted/facebooked the following: I just had a startling revelation. The tireder I am, the more I eat. Great.

I may or may not have already mentioned (I can’t remember) my plans to scale back on how much food I consume (I refuse to use the word “diet.”). I see no reason why the jeans I wore last August should be impossible to pull up past my knees the following April. I also see no reason for my middle to bulge out of a tankini whose pieces previously overlapped with room to spare.

You get the picture. (And I apologize for that.)

So, the past 2-3 days, I have been so stinking energized by this writing project that I realized I wasn’t snacking nearly as much. And then I did a whole bunch of jumping jacks and felt even better.

And then today happened. For one thing, Nina climbed in our bed at 4am, and that marked the end of my REM sleep. Add that to the midnight oil I’ve been burning lately, and ugh. Then Nina and I went to the zoo with my darling friend Krista, and we met up with our darling friend Dara and ran into our darling friend Erin. Four hours later, I came home DEAD EXHAUSTED.

I shoveled a bunch of junk food in my mouth, tried to stay awake to write, but ended up taking a nap instead. Woke up in a stupor when the girls got home from school, shoveled in more food and went to a soccer game.

On Facebook, my friend Katie commented that when she was working three jobs, it was very bad for her waistline.

My cousin Michael said,”That is why you need sleep. I would say seven hours. Here is another interesting thing. When I run (more than 2 miles) I do not crave snacks and have more energy. Amazing.”

My aerobic-teachin’/physical-trainin’/best-bod-in-the-universe cousin Camy chimed in, “When we don’t get enough sleep we do indeed crave foods- particularly sugary carbohydrates to help keep us going. (Or so our body “thinks” it needs that) And yes- exercise will give you more energy! Seems like it would be the opposite, but it isn’t- we have to “burn” energy to get it. Exercise will also help you sleep better and it will be more restful sleep! I could write a book here, but I won’t…”

So. The plan is to start running again. And sleep more. But I just need a couple (10) more days to hammer out this writing project first. I know, I know, I’m not going to make it that long if I don’t start running/sleeping, right? Sigh.

So tell me, oh, wise ones. How do you fit exercise and/or sleep into your busy life?

17 thoughts on “when in tired, eat snacky

  1. Kelsie

    I’ve never been a regular exerciser. My college roommate would faithfully go to the gym every night to run on the treadmill, and sometimes she’d drag me along. Once there, I was clueless, so I spent the time going from machine to machine pretending I knew what I was doing. Blah!
    So – post-college, now married with two children, I need to be exercising for my health. Doctor’s orders! Right now I need to be walking because of neck pain, but I love Tae Bo, and I can’t wait to be able to do those workouts again. I started doing those during the boys’ naptime (before I was told I couldn’t b/c of pain) a couple days a week.
    Now we mostly do family walks. Last night, I had both boys in the double stroller pushing them back up the hill to our house, and I FELT that workout! And afterward – I felt rejuvenated…so awesome!

  2. krisco

    I excercise for my mental health, the physical health is the icing on the cake for me.
    We joined a gym (only $30/month) and I go Monday, Wednesday and Friday after I drop older kids at school. I know I pretty much get miserable/cranky/moody/down when I don’t excercise so it’s fairly easy for me to stick with it. 🙂

  3. Tiffani

    Ugh, exercise an almost 4 letter word! BUT, I have learned ways to love it more and more….I started out by running and that’s ok, but I also go to zumba…it’s high energy and fun…goes by fast. Thankfully, my hubby is home in the early afternoons so I get my 4 o’clock hour to exercise…because, honey, let me tell you….I am a tired, happy, grumpy, blissful eater…my eating is no respecter of emotions!! So, I must do something about that!

    Praying over your writing and your sweet heart even though my blog commenting is few and far between lately (with everyone) but still glad I can “see” what’s going on…


  4. Ali

    Girl, I’ve got more junk in my trunk than I know what to do with . . . that being said, my jogging stroller has been a LIFESAVER. Being able to throw the kids in the stroller and run/walk has been such a blessing to me and my not-so-tiny waistline.

  5. Jen your cousin

    I switch out my office chair at work for a yoga ball (for about half the day). I can already “feel the burn” in my abs and it is forcing me to sit up straight and not cross my legs (thus – better circulation). I actually end up having more energy at the end of the day then when I would slouch in my chair 8+ hours because I’ve being “bouncing around” all day long. The child-like fun of sitting on a big bouncy ball puts me in a better mood too!

  6. ConnY

    Well, no advice from me today … I was reading your blog & nodding my head, learning from all those who gave you advice. I am an “emotional eater”, which I guess ensures I’ll never be anorexic … but combined with my hate of sweating, it’s not so good.
    The best thing I know is when my hormones are in line, I do better w/ making good deicsions on eating & exercising. But who can really control those!!? Thankfully right now, nursing my 4 month old is what seems to keep me from gaining the 400 lbs I deserve to have added to my middle! 🙂

  7. Dori

    I am back to doing the 30 Day Shred. My good intentions of doing an hour on the tread mill seem to fall by the wayside. The 20 minutes it takes to do workout 2 from “The Shred” seems to fit in perfectly.

  8. Tarah

    I alternate Jillian’s No Trouble Zones (strength) and her “Blast fat, Boost Metabolism” (cardio) workouts every morning. I get up with the boys and eat something protein-ish and not too heavy, so that I can do the workout right after I drop them off at school. Shower and am ready to start the school day with Anna by 9.

    Then, I also try to walk the dog every evening or even night after the kids are in bed. Just for a little extra action plus alone time. I would love to run more because I miss it. But, my knees are not in good shape any more. I have to be really careful of them. Sometimes I will substitute a run for the cardio workout. But, at this point, I haven’t been able to run alot without knee pain.

  9. amber

    I despise exercise. With every core of my being. I’d much rather curl up with a bag of cheese puffs and my remote. But my jeans are screaming at me…because I’m stretching them to their ever-lovin’ limit to get them up past my ankles.

    So I started with Jennie the Sceery Trainer. And she’s not too keen on cheese puffs or remotes. And she’s scared me into submission. So now I’m eating like I hate sugar and heading to the gym like I love it there.

    And all the while counting down the days ’till it’s over.

    Exercise = BLECH.

  10. Liz

    Unfortunately I struggle with pretty severe insomnia so I have to take medication to help me sleep. As far as exercising, does chasing a ball that my toddler threw down the street 562 times a day count?

  11. Jennifer

    Wes and I take turns watching the girls when he comes home at night so that we can each run. Some days, when he’s here on his lunch break, I run then so that I can shower and get cleaned up during their naps. Here lately, though, I’ve been running at 6ish in the morning because our German Shepherd pup is ready to get out and about at that hour. We’ve actually been more committed to running since he’s come along. You know, since he stares us down and whines until we get his leash out. He’s like our own furry personal trainer.

  12. Stephanie your sister

    I’m still in the process of scouring Craigslist for a cheap double stroller so I can at least take walks with Mia and Ashlyn. When I feel tired and blah during the day I know it’s because I need to exercise since I’m (technically) getting enough sleep at night. At some point I’ll probably start running, but power walking is my goal at the moment.

    Also, I have the Ultimate Tae-Bo dvd and those workouts are incredible. So if I don’t want to go outside for one reason or another I just pop one of those in and spend 45 minutes in pain and agony (just kidding…but seriously). I say all this but I haven’t done one of those workouts since before I got pregnant.

    I guess in light of Nina’s crawling into your bed at 4am I should take back my observation that you’re finally out of the little-ones-causing-lack-of-sleep stage. At least Mia can’t come crawl in my bed yet.

  13. Amy

    The only thing that has worked for me is that I found an exercise that I love. I run. I look forward to it and feel bad if I miss it. I make it a priority just like anything else I value. It sounds simple, but it’s not easy or everyone would do it.
    I have 3 young children and life is busy. Sometimes I get up early and run before my husband leaves for work. Sometimes, I run in the evening when everyone else is eating supper. I just prepare everything, set everyone up at the table and when hubby comes home, I head out to run for about 30-40 minutes.

  14. Cheryl Pickett

    I’m very bad at the exercise part, as an adult get next to none most of the time. However, sleeping and eating regularly has always been non-negotiable.

    My body takes care of the eating part. I’m not diabetic, but prob hypoglycemic so if I don’t get the right food I feel horrible at some point and don’t want to know what comes if I push it even further.

    As far as sleep, other than special circumstances like a late evening event or being sick, I get 7+ hours of sleep. I figured out years ago that if I try to work past my normal sleep time, or I don’t get quality sleep most of the time, I don’t focus well etc. If that happens, I make more mistakes or move slower so work ends up taking longer, needing to be redone, that kind of thing which just isn’t worth the frustration.

    I know with small kids that whole idea is tough, but I remember as a kid we had a bedtime, period the end, unless we were sick or again a special occasion. Guess that habit is what has ultimately stuck with me.

    Not sure if any of that helps, but hopefully there’s something useful in there.

  15. Bethany your sis

    My life is not busy, so it’s easy for me to fit exercise in. But running has SOOO many benefits! More energy, burn calories, decreases appetite, chance to be alone and pray, listen to worship music and praise God with the sun streaming on your face. I know you don’t watch TV so cutting that out is irrelevant. Perhaps when you’re experiencing writer’s block, instead of staring at your computer–go for a run instead! Or better yet, I’ll return your jogging stroller to you and you can run with Nina so you don’t have to wait until Gabe is home!

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