what’s in a middle name?

I was considering never posting again, just so I could keep darling Isabelle Kate at the top of my blog. But I get to see her tomorrow (!), so I’ll just add more kissable baby pics on Monday.

So Gail sent me an e-mail survey last week. I don’t usually bother with those, but this one was different. Kind of a “How well do I know Gail?” type thing. Fun! So I filled it out (and did smashingly well) and sent it out to a handful of friends/family in my address book to find out how much my loved ones knew about me.

Not much apparently. One of the questions was “What is my middle name?” Out of the six people who returned the survey, only one got it right. My sister Stephanie. Way to go, Steph!

The guesses were Lynn, Anne, Grace, Denise, and Darla. (I’m thinking Darla was tongue-in-cheek. Right, Miss? So help the mother who names her child Marla Darla.) All fine names, but my middle name is Rachelle. I’m not sure why I thought that was common knowledge amongst my comrades. Well, there. Now it is.

So that got me thinking. How many Xangals’ (and Xanguys’) middle names do I really know after all? All my family members–Mom, Janelle, Jess, Angie, Bethany, Stephanie, Kelly, Daniel, Gabe. Gail’s. Beth Elaine’s. Kimberly’s. Beki’s. I know a handful of you share Marie. A couple of you have Lynn in your xanga name. And poor Nixie is middle-name-less.

Now I’m all eager to know everybody’s middle name. So how ’bout you let me in on the secret? Maybe I’ll even have a prize for the most unique (subjectively-speaking) middle name. Or something special for the most common middle name (as in, the most commenters with the same middle name).

And Nixie, feel free to make one up, just so you don’t feel left out. Nixie Kate is cute. And I know Isabelle would love to share with you. Right, Izzy-Poo?

So, tell me. What’s your middle name? (and if there’s a story behind it, I’d love to hear that too)

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  1. ladymiss3739

    Happy belated B-day to Gabe!

    Happy first birthday ever in her life to little Isabelle! 

    And my middle name is Bobissa.  Or most often, Ann.  Shocker, I know.

    I am officially mailing your book tomorrow! 

  2. smarkas

    I’m another one who shares: my middle name is Elizabeth, which I share with my sister and my sister’s daughter. If I ever have a daughter, it will most likely be her middle name as well. We are all named after my grandma, Emma Elizabeth, though she always went by Elizabeth (or Aunt Beth for her nieces and nephews).

    @Jellybean523 – I got your rejected name! And I’ve met several other Sarah Elizabeth’s over the years.

  3. gsowell

    Mine is Lynn. There is no story behind it. It just sounded good with Gail. Which they decided on at the hospital after having planned for months to name me Jennifer.

    I’m so glad that my little e-mail prompted so much fun!

  4. FindlayGirl

    Fun post! I always find it interesting to hear middle name stories .

    I’m Ashley Renee, and I’m very proud of my middle name story. Renee is my godmother and my mother’s best friend. She’s a beautiful, strong, inspirational woman. I know Renee isn’t the most original of middle names, but it is the person it stands for which makes it important to me.

  5. Anonymous

    Does it count that I knew your middle name…maybe because you’re the only one I’ve ever know with that middle name (that I know of, anyway!)…or maybe because that’s what girls talk about at slumber parties in the 7th grade…who knows?  My challenge for you is do you remember the five Jennifers middle names you went to school with?  I don’t…but I’m pretty sure at least two were Lynn….

  6. biblestorebrowser

    I don’t think anybody could blame you for wanting to leave those adorable pics up there! BTW, I remembered your middle name, and I know you know mine, which my parents made up. Do you remember my first name by chance? (That one’s from an ELVIS MOVIE! YUCK!)

  7. mtaviano

    @jnrobison – Jen, I actually did know your middle name was Nicole. What I forgot is that you’re on xanga! 🙂 I remember your mom not wanting to name you Jennifer Lynn, because you’d sound like Jenny Lind furniture. 🙂

  8. emmasmom77

    woohoo! i am so happy! my middle name is anne with and “e” also! that is THREE so far! i can’t belive it! the only anne i knew while growing up was anne of green gables. i am named after my mom, who has the middle name anne, and she is named after  HER mother, anna. btw, my first name is sarah, please make sure you remember the “h”. =D my mom even makes me spell it out for everyone, and i am 33! HEHEHE!!!!

  9. jnrobison

    Hey COUSIN- I must be the only xanga family member whose middle name you don’t know That’s okay: gun to my head, family dangling over boiling oil, the fate of the world resting on my shoulders – I still won’t have known YOUR middle name!

    Anyways- mine is Nicole. Which I have found is an extremely common middle name to pair with Jennifer. I can’t tell you how many “Jennifer Nicoles” I have met. That and “Jennifer Ann.”

  10. Jellybean523

    i think you know mine is jean! it’s my mom’s middle name too. i was going to be sarah elizabeth but my parents changed it at the last minute…i’m glad, i think it suits me much better

  11. TenNesSeE_GirL24

    Mine is Isabelle Barros da Costa. i have no idea where the Isabelle came from, i think my mom just liked the name! But the Barros da Costa is my mom’s maiden name. My mom is Brazilian and my dad is American. When Brazilians get married their children receive the mother’s maiden name as a kind of middle name tacked on with the last name. So my brother is Nathan Jeffrey Barros da Costa, and I’m Ana Isabelle Barros da Costa. I don’t know if you view that interesting or not but I thought I’d share! 🙂

  12. jennikim

    jennifer kim. my mom and i share kim as a middle name. my sister’s first name is kimberly. i, of course, had to share “kim” with my baby girl, ellyssa (ellee) kim, who also shares “lee” with several people on both sides of our family. [the guys share names in our family, too- grandpa lee (leon), scott lee (dad), anthony scott (brother), caiden scott (son), etc].

    what a fun idea!!!

  13. Eurydice_Grey

    Kathleen’s my middle name. I don’t think there’s any reason other than my mom liked the name. First name’s Amy. After a friend of my mom’s, and just a name she liked. Amy Kathleen has a nice sound to it.

  14. imsum1special2

    @swbtsmom – 

    lol, I literally laughed out loud at that! I never thought anyone besides the pink backyardigan was named uniqua!

    @kkakwright – 

    actually, I have the same name as my oldest sister, and if my younger brother was born a girl, he (she?) would’ve had the same middle name as my 2nd oldest sister!

    I absolutely love my middle name, Nichele! I enjoy my semi-unique first and middle names. My dad named me and I share my middle name with my oldest sister who died in an incident 4 years before I was born. If I have a daughter, she will also have the middle name Nichele. The name will live on!

  15. tonialynn59

    @kkakwright – Our pastors daughter has 3 boys and all of them have the dads name for their middle name.  I hadn’t ever thought about that before.

    Mine is Lynn (obviously).  I have no story on my middle name but my dad had a teacher in school he really liked.  His wife’s name was Tonia and who know’s maybe her middle name was Lynn?  Never thought to ask.  I love your middle name.  And another story not sure if I’ve shared before but Mike had a dog (a pekinese) named Tonya before I ever met him.  Lovely!

  16. luvmynoah

    Renee’ is my middle name.  Not sure why…..I know lots of gals with Renee’ as their middle name.  As for Jennifer…it’s what my dad liked.  Mom didn’t.  Mom wanted to name me Gretchen or Grettle.  I’m so thankful that Grettle is NOT my name.  I like the other fine.  I also like the ‘ in my name….mom says it’s a must!

  17. FidelicharisHouse

    I *love* middle names!   I frequently call people by their first and middle names, at least, and often by their “historical names” (that’s what I tell my Mom when I call her “Janet Suzanne (Maiden Name), (Married Name)” and she tells me not be “feminist”.   I tell her I’m a history teacher and I’m calling her by all her names in historical order and it has nothing to do with feminism.  We had a lady in our church who always called me by my first and middle names and I simply love, love, love having people that know you well enough to call you by all your names.

    Out of Rebekah, Deborah, Jane (my Grandma), Elizabeth and Suzanne, I got Deborah Suzanne, Deborah after Judges 4 and 5, which I’ve thought was rather cool, she being a Judge, leading Israel in battle and a writer…not to mention the name means “Bee, (busy as a), seeking one” which also tends to fit my life and Suzanne, after my Momma, after her cousin, and, I found out just a couple of years ago, that we have Suzannes and Suzannas in our family going back to the 1600s.  I always liked the Suzanne better than the Deborah as a kid, because Suzanne had a “z” in it and “z” was such a cool letter.  Capital “S”s are also fun to write.

    My Grandma Jane wanted to name my Mom Susan Kay with a last name beginning with a “Y” so her initials would be “SKY”, so I took that idea when I was coining a pen name (one of many, since childhood) and made up my own variation on it.  One of my longer lasting childhood pen names was “Elizabeth Lizette McKinnley” so that the initials would be “ELM” and I always drew a picture of an elm tree after it.  So silly!

    I’m sure that’s way more information than for what you were looking, but there it is.  And I’m out!

    ~Deborah Suzanne

  18. rebates

    Risha Michele is my name.  Michele was my dad’s pick to be my first name, but my mom didn’t want me to be called ‘Shelly’ for some reason.  I used to wish my middle name was my first name, but now I love my unique first name with my rather common middle name.  My mom heard the name Risha on a TV game show when she was pregnant!  I’ve only met or heard of just a few people with my first name.

  19. lwrigglesworth

    Mine is Rae – My dad’s middle name is Ray, my grandpa’s first name is Raymond, my uncle on the other side of the family’s name is Raymond and my aunt’s middle name is Rae. So… I come from a long history of RAY’s!!

  20. mikesandy102

    Jean.  My dad was going to name me Martha Opal Agnes and my grandmother was horrified.  She went to my dad crying telling him what a horrible name that was.  She said Sandra Jean was a pretty name and my dad agreed and that was that.  My poor mom had no say in it at all.

  21. AlwaysSingingHisPraises

    My middle name is Susan…Kathy (not short for anything) Susan…a very 1950’s name ( I was born in 1953).   My mom’s name was Geraldine, and she hated it, so she decided to name my brothers and I very simple names.

  22. M3mine

    Anne. My parents named me Elizabeth Anne, but called me Betsy, my entire life. My dad was the son of two immigrant parents from England, and so when Queen Elizabeth became Queen in the 1950s, my parents named me for her, but I do NOT know where the Anne came from. Guess I’d better ask my mother while she’s still living or I’ll not know that one. I think Rachelle is pretty.

  23. AdamMacsgirl

    My middle name is Dawn. I never really cared for it much since it doesn’t sound very feminine! I don’t know if there is a story or not behind it. I will have to find out! 🙂 I like your middle name. Kind of sounds like my first name!

  24. crystalcave

    crystal jean is my name.. my mom’s mom and my dad’s mom’s middle names are both jeanne.

    my dad accidentally spelled mine wrong when telling the people (whoever those people are? the nurses?) how to spell my middle name.

  25. jbnygaard

    Beth. My first name is Jamie.

    My dad named me because my mom was so sick with the flu when she gave birth to me she handed me over to my dad and told him to name me. Jamie comes from the 70’s t.v. show “The Bionic Woman”, it was my dad’s favorite show at the time. However the spelling is wrong, but that’s okay….my dad was never good at spelling. And I believe he named me after my poor sick mom at the time. So there you have it…..Jamie Beth.

    I’m not sure if my middle name is as interesting as my first. But it’s a true story.

  26. swbtsmom

    My middle name is Uniqua. That’s right, just like the pink Backyardigan. Sandra Uniqua. Do I win the prize???

    Okay, not really. Uniqua’s the name for a girl that Ana has chosen for my nephew’s upcoming baby (or Tyrone for a boy). But my middle name’s not nearly as interesting – Kay.

  27. scottnjes

    Dolores. Yep, that’s right. The only people I’ve ever met with my name were hispanic. My sister has a hispanic middle name too. Only we’re both named after our very white grandmothers. Needless to say, I’m not into family names. My daughter’s middle name is Liora. She has her very own name. 🙂

  28. Airdee26

    Mine is Naomi. I’m named after my great great Aunt. I have always loved my middle name because it was unique. Since I was born in 1980 all the girls were named Erin…but NO ONE had my middle name 🙂

  29. the2bryants

    I love this post….what a great idea!  I’m terrible at remembering middle names!  Mine is Janel.  I have two great-aunts….June and Nell……so my parents took pieces of both names and smooshed them together to create their version of Janel!  🙂  Kinda funny, huh! 

    Oh…and your little niece is just sooooo precious!  Seeing pictures of newborns makes me want another baby…..and then I remember that I have a two-year-old and an 8-month-old and I come back to reality! 🙂

  30. OkinawaAna

    Danielle.  My sister (who was three and a half at the time) suggested the name to my parents because the dog that lived next door was named Danielle.  And she really liked that dog. 

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