what would YOU wear?

Sniff, sniff. So sad that YOU Week is coming to an end. It’s been a hoot! Let’s do it again sometime!

Next week is Family Week where I’ll interview some colorful characters who share my bloodline. If you like to laugh, you’re gonna wanna tune in.

And now. Dudes. Let’s clear something up from yesterday.

1. I do not hate October. It’s my favorite month of the year. What I said was that the October calendar page is generally orange and scary.

2. And yes, I realize that you can buy calendars with nary a goblin or werewolf on the 10th page. AND that you can make your own photo calendars. The calendar above my desk is a photo calendar. From 2007. And I already bought one for 2010 for 99 cents–Around the World. October’s picture is a lovely aerial view of Christ the Redeemer (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil). And no, Jesus isn’t wearing a Halloween costume.

3. I just thought Mary’s post was fun, and I wanted to hear you say, “No, MY calendar page is worse than YOURS!” Instead, most of you told me why your actual MONTH was better or worse. Sigh.

4. Speaking of Hugely Pregnant Mary, I’d imagine she’s Soft and Squishy Mary by this time, because she called me while we were eating supper last night to say that she was in the hospital dilated 5 cm and waiting for the blessed epidural. Apparently she forgot to call me back the minute baby Jake entered the world.

I love that I met Mary right here on this blog, then stayed with her and Seth in Houston on our Zoo Trip, then she calls me from her labor and delivery room. I love how God works.

And now? Your question of the day.

Gabe, the girls and I are going to a Costume Party in a few weeks hosted by one of the sweetest, cutest girls alive. Naturally, I’d love for all of us to go as some sort of unified group–the Jackson Five, a herd of giraffes, the INGALLS FAMILY.

I already suggested Charles, Caroline, Mary, Laura and Carrie and got SHOT DOWN. By all four of them. Last year (sans Gabe), we did the Ingalls thing, and it warmed my Mama heart. But, after the girls’ friends said, “Who are you guys supposed to be? Cleaning ladies?” they said NO MORE. And in all fairness, they got their dresses three years ago so they don’t exactly fit.

Gabe is already not happy that I want him to dress up. Totally not his thang. And the girls don’t want me to have any input whatsoever into their costume choice. And I told them they’re going to have to come up with something we already own, because Halloween costumes aren’t (and never have been–we always raid the dress-up box or dress as soccer players) in the budget.

I would love, love, love it if one of you came up with something brilliant we could do for the costume party. Something that a grumpy husband and three opinionated children would eagerly embrace.

So, tell me:

What should the Tavianos wear to the Costume Party?

And if it’s going to be complicated, please provide step-by-step instructions.

If you can’t come up with something we can do together, I’ll accept individual costume ideas. Or just tell me the cutest/coolest/most creative costume you or someone you know ever wore.

And if you think Halloween is of the devil and we shouldn’t be celebrating it, never fear. I’m pretty sure a lot of people profess their love for Satan at the end of October, but we’re just going to be hanging out with a bunch of fun Christians at our darling friend’s house. I doubt Satan will even come up in conversation. We might even talk about God. He’s one of our favorite topics.

Have an awesome weekend, friends! Thanks for a delightful YOU Week!

28 thoughts on “what would YOU wear?

  1. Lance Yoder

    so i know it’s a little late, but i just saw the cutest pics of how some friends of mine and their kids dressed: the kids went as monkeys, and the parents went as a zookeeper and a monkey trainer…that would have been a great idea for you guys, with the whole 52 zoo’s thing…haha!

  2. Krista

    Go as Interstate traffic. You and the girls dress up as orange barrels (Doug and I did this a few years back, very easy with orange posterboard), and get a steering wheel for Gabe trying to fight his way through the “construction zone”. I mean, how often do your “little orange barrels” get in your way in the house?!

  3. Jennifer

    Last year, our family dressed up as OU (University of Oklahoma) fans. Wes and I wore OU shirts and baseball caps that we got at Wal Mart for really cheap, and Ana and Emma wore OU cheerleader outfits. (To save money, we probaby could have just gotten the girls some T-shirts, too. But they were super cute in their cheerleader outfits!) It was masculine enough that Wes didn’t drag his feet, and he and I actually wear the shirts and hats on a regular basis now. And it was a great hoot for our church members to see their Texas-born pastor all decked out in THEIR colors! 🙂

  4. Kelly

    OH and I totally forgot. A few years ago when teaching first grade, my students really wanted to dress up for Halloween, but it’s not allowed. So, instead we had an adjective parade. Every student in my class got to choose a different adjective and dress like that. I had one kid come to school with sponges taped to him…he was absorbent. I had one kid dress head to toe in “plaid.” Bumpy, spiky, shiny, hungry (carried around a plate of pretend food), etc. So much fun!

  5. Kelly

    OMG I love the Scrabble tile idea!

    And I was the friend Bethany dressed up with as grapes. We had a ton of fun. It was super cheap and made everyone’s heads turn.

    I was also thinking…being a monster from Where the Wild Things Are. Making masks would be super easy…and all the girls would have to do is mismatch some clothes.

  6. Susan D

    Hi, Marla! I’m a blog lurker!

    What about Scrabble Tiles? You could get those poster board sized foam boards and put one front and back. You could either use the first letter of your name or spell something cute! Just an idea 🙂

  7. Tarah

    Superheros are pretty easy to invent. Course I have boys, so we always have the makings of superhero costumes around.

  8. Amy

    Our older two girls have gone as “Smarty Pants”, just regular clothes with Smarties candies tapes to the legs. Fun and cheap!

  9. mary kate

    you could all be different decades. when i was little, there was nothing better than dressing up as 40’s, 50s, 70’s, and 80s. and…gabe could be the ’00s and wouldn’t need a costume. 🙂

  10. Cheryl

    Here are a couple for you staying with the animal theme:

    1. Fish and fisherman (again not too costumey for Gabe)
    Just make tails, fins out of whatever works, be as colorful as you’d like with the clothing

    2. Found this one online: Raining cats & dogs.
    Wear raincoats or those cheap ponchos & carry umbrellas with stuffed cats & dogs secured to the top (with a little velcro maybe) 🙂

  11. Valerie

    You want to be a group of ballerinas… I can make you guys tutus!! Well, minus Gabe….I don’t think he would be caught dead in a tutu!!

    Or you could all dress in black and paint your faces and be MIMES!!

  12. Rhonda

    I am so not crafty but I made my daughter a m&m costume one year – super easy and cheap. I just cut a big piece of felt into a circle and used wonder-under to iron a felt “m” on the front. You could each be a different color!

  13. whimzie

    You and Gabe could dress like zookeepers. (It’s what? Khaki shorts and a shirt and a nametag? Gabe would probably be okay with that since it’s not very costumey.) The kids could be one of these make-your-own costumes from FamilyFun (they always have cute ideas):

    Zebra or Tiger: http://jas.familyfun.go.com/crafts?page=CraftDisplay&craftid=12272

    Elephant: http://jas.familyfun.go.com/arts-and-crafts?page=CraftDisplay&craftid=11132

    Penguin: http://jas.familyfun.go.com/arts-and-crafts?page=CraftDisplay&craftid=11532

  14. Sarah S

    A friend and I went to a party once as salt and pepper. One dresses in all black with a white cut out P, one dresses in all white with a black cut out S, and you both wear tin pie plates tied to your head with black dots drawn on top. Easy and cheap!

    I like the Gabe as Steve Jobs idea!

  15. colleen

    You could borrow our Narnia outfits or some of our American Girl outfits if you want???
    other ideas: wrap yourselves up in toilet paper and go as mummies, wear your pajamas and pretend it’s a slumber party, wear your zoo shirts and make headband ears to go with whatever your shirt says,…

    that’s all I’ve got…love ya!

  16. Crissy

    Well, in my family the boys usually want to be Jedi’s or something of that sort. However, they have been robots, Michael will be sporting that look again this year. Cardboard box, tin foil, some random glitter and buttons, and you have a robot.

    I think the Incredibles would be fun!! Of course, not sure the red tights would go over so well! Can’t wait to see what you decide on.

  17. Ali

    I think I first saw that “Little House” picture on your fb, I didn’t pay any attention to the background, and I honestly thought you all were at an amusement park or somewhere and you went to one of those photo places where they let you dress up in clothes from a different era.
    And to think that was your Halloween picture! Brilliant.

  18. Kelli

    I HATE that the first thing that came to my mind is for you to be Eeny, Meeny, Miney Mo, and a Tiger and a Toe… how HORRIBLE is that ….ha… you are obviously going to get NO HELP from me! 🙂

  19. Denise N.

    I have no clue…I haven’t dressed up in years and I got Parker’s costume at Once Upon A Child for 5 bucks…he’s going to be an elephant.

    You could have Gabe go as Steve Jobs – he wears jeans and black mock turtle and new balance sneakers. And then you could cut out an apple and stick it on his chest!

    You could go as hmmmm – Steve Wozniak?

    Apparently I have Apple on my brain! 🙂 Either that or I have no clue. I personally think you should go as the Jackson 5.

  20. jess

    get 5 cardboard boxes, cover them with white paint, cut out some black circles from construction paper, glue them on and go as Yahtzee! 🙂 or you and Gabe could be matching dice, the girls can be whatever they want-and you can pretent you threw their dice back in becasue they didn’t go with you & gabe. follow that? 🙂

  21. Bethany Your Sis

    I like Lance’s grapes idea! I did that one year with one of my friends! We used safety pins to attach the balloons and painted our faces purple.

    You could be crayons! Each of you could be a different color. This is how one website said to do it:

    “Find a sweat suit that matches the color of crayon you want to be. Using black construction paper or even dark colored contact paper, write the word CRAYON sideways down the front of the sweat suit. Make yourself a matching pointed hat out of construction paper. Staple a string to it and tie under your chin if necessary.”

  22. Angela

    You could blow up ballons and safety pin them to your shirts and go as bunches of grapes. Seriously, my dad did this as my Halloween costume once when my mom worked in the hospital overnight and he forgot it was Halloween. It is a good memory, though. And who knew Daddo was so creative?

  23. Kelly

    My friend and her family are going as Dorothy, Tin Man, Scarecrow, Lion and Toto…she’s dorothy, her husband is the scarecrow, their 15 month old will be a lion and they have a little black dog. So cute! I’m dressing up as Gene Simmons from KISS. But I can’t imagine that helps you out much.

    I know one year my family all dressed for their dream career. I wore a bathrobe because I wanted to be a stay at home mom…hee hee

  24. Lance Yoder

    I don’t usually read your blog, but I’m putting off writing a paper for school, so here I am…haha.

    While it isn’t exactly using things you already have (unless you have dozens of them lying around), it shouldn’t really cost much either. Go as bunches of grapes! Blow up lots of purple balloons and attach them (string, tape, whatever it takes) to each of you. There you have it. Creative, cheap and cute!

  25. Emily Kay

    I was pregnant last year so I dressed up as “Thing 1″…and “Thing 2.” 🙂 Pretty easy since I had these huge bright red footed pajamas someone gave me.

    You know, I’m not all anti-Halloween, but I am really tired of how graphically violent the decorations have been getting in past years. Do my kids really need to see bloody, headless bodies and un-dead zombies in everyone’s front yard and in every Wal-Mart?? I don’t think so! *Sigh*

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