what was your passion as a kid?

I know I’ve written about this before, but I’m fascinated (FASCINATED) by people and their passions. What makes people tick, what revs their engines, what gets them out of bed in the morning.

Of course I’m drawn to those people who share one or more of my passions, but passionate people in general are just fun to be around.

I’m also fascinated (FASCINATED) by people who have been passionate about their passion since they were wee tots, like they were just BORN to love that certain something.

And then it makes me want to study my own kiddos to see what lights their fire as a kind of sneak peek into what they might do with their lives someday.

I’m also fascinated (FASCINATED) by which passions from childhood don’t make the adulthood cut. Why is that? How can you love something so much for so long and then… fizzle ba-dizzle?

For example:

Things I Was Passionate About As a Child that No Longer Interest Me:

Baseball. (I used to listen to every single Cincinnati Reds game on the radio (THE RADIO) and keep track of hits, runs, and errors. I even recorded Pete Rose’s Hit #4192 on a cassette tape. (I was 9.) My favorite thing in the universe was to go to Reds’ games at Riverfront Stadium. I had posters of Eric Davis and Barry Larkin and Chris Sabo in my bedroom. Now? Baseball? Meh.
Collecting/hoarding things. (Oh my word.)
Kittens. (tee hee)

Things I Was Passionate About as a Child (and I’m Still Passionate About):


I could write about this forever, but self-imposed 300-word limit.

I’d love to know: What were you passionate about as a kiddo, and does it still make your heart race, or did you give it up/lose interest? (THIS IS SO FASCINATING!!)

17 thoughts on “what was your passion as a kid?

  1. Brooke

    reading is the only passion i had as a child that stuck around. did you guys have book-it? loved getting pizza hut pizza just for reading books. double score!

  2. Sharon

    Marla: This is the funnest question, ever!!!!

    When I was a kid, I wanted to be a teacher. I even made up my own homework! I am no longer interested in being a teacher. At least not in the sense I was originally, like in a regular school. I do still enjoy teaching people how to do things, though.

    I swam constantly when I was a kid. But, don’t do that anymore. Mostly because I don’t have access to a pool like I used to, and also because I don’t enjoy wearing a bathing suit in public.

    I have always loved reading and I still do. And I often thank God for this gift. My love of reading. Because I know not all people have it.

    I also really really really love music. I don’t play any instruments. But, I am really into music. And singing. I just love it. All kinds of music. I don’t know if this is why, but when I was a kid, for some reason, my Mom limited my time listening to music on the radio! She would hide the radio (it was a small little thing) and I was allowed to listen to it for 15 minutes on any given day. If she hadn’t limited my music time, I don’t know if I’d be as passionate about it as I am now.

    I also loved to dance. There was some show, can’t recall the name, where a friend of mine was on it dancing to some song, probably by Maddona or something. Anyways, two of my friends and I made up a dance to a song (don’t recall what that was…..) and had ideas for our matching costumes and everything. Ya know, just in case we ever wound up on the show ourselves…..I used to love to make up dance choreography. I still LOVE to dance, but don’t have any creativity in doing so. And, I don’t make up choreography any more.

    I can’t remember a time that I wasn’t boy crazy. I mean, I started pretty young (kinda freaks me out as I don’t want my daughters following in my footsteps in that arena!) anyways, that continued most of my life. Thankfully, I’m now married to my husband, so the boy craziness had to subside.

  3. Kelly

    Okay, I have to post! When I was in 4th grade I made the very serious decision to be a teacher. 97% because I LOVED writing on chalkboards and about 3% because I LOVED organizing my 4th grade teacher’s binders during indoor recess. Ahhhhaaaa.

  4. Denise Dilley

    Kittens? LOL

    I have to laugh because though I wouldn’t say I was passionate about kittens, I was passionate about bugging my mom to death about getting a white kitten with blue eyes. I even had a poster on my wall for years of one. Now I have a cat, and while I love him, I am so not a cat person. (And no, my lovely little ball of fur isn’t white with blue eyes.)

    One thing I was passionate about and loved as a kid was babysitting. And reading all the Babysitter’s Club books. I wanted to have my own babysitter’s club, but that never happened. But I did my fair share of babysitting. And I loved it. Now? Not so much. I love kids and all, but I don’t want to spend all my time watching kids. (Though I would love to have a little girl someday, and I’d be more than happy to watch her all day long.)

    Reading has always been a passion. Still is.

    And the #1 thing I’ve ALWAYS been passionate about is missions. My church supported missionaries all over the world and they’d come to share their stories from time to time. I loved listening to what they were involved with and doing wherever they were. Then a group of teens/young adults came to my church and encouraged our group of teens that we, too, could be involved in missions. I had no idea that God wanted to use me in that kind of way until then, and from that point on, I knew that’s what I was called to do for the rest of my life. That was when I was 13. At 15 I took my first overseas missions trip and have been doing missions here, there, and everywhere since! Lord-willing, I’ll be going (and LEADING!) two trips this summer to Mexico and Chicago!! 🙂

    1. Marla Taviano

      When I was growing up, our church had the BEST missions conferences. I looooooved hearing the missionaries’ stories and trying their food and getting to know more about the countries where they served.

      And I read all the Babysitters Club books a bajillion times each. 🙂

      1. Denise Dilley

        During my teen years the church did some remodeling, and they put a huge map on one wall. It was so cool to see where all the missionaries served and to see their pics and read their bios. It stirred my passion even more as I dreamed about one day traveling to all these amazing countries.

  5. Cheryl Pickett

    Okay, so I’m going to submit on behalf of myself and my husband because he fits definitely fits the loved it growing up and still does. Percussion. He started playing when he was in middle school I think, then did band/music/choir in high school and continued to affirm the drum/percussion thing. He went on to be in drum corps and then teach others even while he was still in school. He also got into something called Winter Guard which is doing the flag part of marching band in a school gym to recorded music basically. When he was married (the first time) his then wife discouraged most all participation in any of that.
    When he and I met, he had started judging for the Winter Guard stuff, and later began teaching drum lessons as a second job. Fast forward about 12 or so years later, all things percussion is his home based biz. He teaches privately, consults with school bands, judges across the country and had made a reasonable income (for just the two of us) for the past couple of years. He is interested in other stuff, but talks about reads about watches stuff related to all of the above all the time.

    On the other hand, I am not passionate about just one thing and never really have been. Which in some cases has been hard because a lot of people teach that you should find your passion etc. I’ve also come to learn that there are those who have multiple passions which is probably more me.
    One thing that does continue from youth until now for me is a love for nature/animals and environmental/eco-friendly type things. We met because of my zoo book and your zoo trip and visiting zoos definitely still very high on my list. Being out in nature also either relaxes or energizes me, depending on which I need I guess and that’s pretty much been the case since I was a kid too.

  6. Ruth

    Even as a child myself, I always wanted to be a mom. I started babysitting at a young age as a mom’s helper & loved it. This one I am still passionate about. 😉

    I also was passionate about dancing – I still enjoy it but just haven’t done it for awhile.

    I have also always “clicked” with outsiders – those who are loners and have no friends – and I feel like that keeps happening & I am am still passionate about helping others feel loved.

    Can’t think of other things right now, but this was a great question/exercise!

  7. Jen Hanson

    Hmmm… what about things we LOVED from a young age, but no longer have time for in adult life? For me, that would be theater and acting. I’ve loved costumes and make-believe and acting for as long as I can remember. I would still love it, but for this season, long evening rehearsals, hectic tech weeks, and late-night shows on the weekends aren’t a great fit for a mom of young kids. Someday…???

    Things that are still a part of my life that I loved from a young age –
    – READING.
    – Caring for “Other People” (that was the name of our tithe jar growing up) – specifically the extremely poor in other countries.
    – Learning about different times, places, and cultures (which isn’t surprising considering the love of reading and “other people”).
    – Creativity/art (though not as much as I’d like)

    Things I loved as a kid that I still do, but am not quite as obsessed with.
    – Playing “House” and “Mom” (I’m really thankful I’m home with my kids, but it’s not quite as thrilling of a reality as it was as a make-believe game at age five.)

    1. Marla Taviano

      I love this list, Jen!! And I’m with you on “house” and “Mom” losing a bit of their allure when you do them in real life full-time. My favorite part (for real and for pretend) was always nursing my babies, and that’s not really part of my job description anymore. 😉 The cool thing? Being a mom to older kids is a BILLION times more awesome (to me) than mommy-ing littles. Hang in there. xoxoxo

  8. Sara

    I LOVED planning things and cooking as a kid. I arranged my first musical “My Utmost for His Highest”, when I was twelve. TWELVE. And I planned and catered a dinner at the church a few years later (never mind that something in the oven caught on fire – the rest of the meal was fine…) and I haven’t stopped planning and cooking. 🙂 I am now a stay-at-home mom and do event planning/catering on the side.

    I also wanted to be a vet. I currently own 0 animals and have 0 desire to own any anytime soon let alone take care of other people’s. 🙂

    Have you read The Cure for the Common Life by Max Lucado? I absolutely love that book and it is GREAT for finding out what really is your sweet spot, where God made you to shine. There are some neat interactive parts, too.

    1. Marla Taviano

      That’s so fun! I’m blown away by people who can actually plan/organize/run events. And I think I read The Cure for the Common Life awhile ago. Will have to check it out again!

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