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Day #1 of my Quest for Adventure didn’t turn out so well. Ava started crying at 4:00am and crawled into our bed with a blazing fever. Livi was pale and complained of a headache, so I kept her home from school too. Ha. Should’ve sent her. Ava’s fever broke for quite awhile then came back in the afternoon and lasted until bedtime. Whew. No photo ops. Just a lot of holding little girl’s head in my lap while we watched Charlotte’s Web and a slew of Brady Bunch episodes.

Gabe, on the other hand, spent the day at BD’s Mongolian BBQ, on the field where THE Ohio State Buckeyes play football, and hanging out at Crew Stadium. Lucky bum (a phrase I learned from my favorite Oregonian). (EDIT: It’s lucky B U M, not lucky B U R N. That’s what I thought the first time too!)

So, I didn’t even make it to the Target parking lot. And I’m not going to make it to my friend’s to babysit tomorrow. God has other plans for me, apparently. Speaking of, there’s a lot going on with Gabe and me right now in the area of “God’s plans for our lives.” (no, Columbus friends, we aren’t looking to make it 11 moves in 11 years) Most of it is all just swirling around in our heads, looking for a place to land. Until it does, and I can write about it coherently, I saw a creative idea on someone’s blog yesterday and have decided to steal it.

Here’s what you do. You type your first name into Google followed by the word “needs.” In other words, I typed in “Marla needs.” Then you see what comes up. And you laugh about it. And you write about it. And it counts as a blog post, lame as it may be.

Are you ready for this?!

Marla needs… to stop! (This should have been my first clue that this little exercise was a very bad idea.)

Marla needs… a bassist and a drummer. (Well, it’s a well-known fact that I was born without rhythm. Maybe this is referring to that in some way.)

Marla needs… a special family to get her back into good health. (Well, aside from chronic headaches, I’m in perfectly good health. Marla does need some special members of her family to get back into good health. Maybe that’s what they meant.)

Marla needs… help from the San Francisco sorcerers to find the Cornerstone. (Mmmm… no. I’m good. Jesus is my Cornerstone. And I found Him with no help from a wizard.)

Marla needs… to change her name to Marla LIFELINE. (Now, that’s interesting. But I’m thinking that would involve a lot of paperwork, and with my tax stuff strewn all over my desk and floor, I think I’m good. I didn’t even keep my maiden name as my middle name, so LIFELINE seems a bit extreme.)

Marla needs… to take a closer look at her breeding practices. (This one took me off guard, I’ll admit. And I’m completely quip-less. This begs for a one-liner, and I’ve got nothin’.)

And this one was a little different:

The last thing Marla needs is all-out war with the King of the Underworld. (Now, that’s what I’m talking about! But if he doesn’t like me living for Jesus and wants to put up a fight, I’ve got my gloves on. Bring it.)

Well, your life certainly wasn’t enriched by this Tuesday’s edition of Blogging with Marla. But think of it this way–anything I write tomorrow will just shine with brilliance after this lame attempt. Eh?

Happy Day, dear ones! Marla needs… to give up and press “publish.”

17 thoughts on “what a girl needs

  1. Liz

    Liz needs… more cookies!!! I TOTALLY AGREE!! I think I might just make some Chocolate Chip Cookies!! Thanks for the idea – now I’m going to sit and watch Biggest Loser and eat cookies and milk!!! What a great way to lose weight! 🙂
    Hope you are doing well Marla. Love reading your blog daily!

  2. Gail

    Oh my word. Jamie is commenting from labor and delivery. That’s a bit surreal.

    And when I tried the “Gail needs” thing, this was my answer:
    “gail needs to ask for her drinks the same time that she is asking when the bar is open then she might be served more promptly…” LOLOLOLOLOLOL

    And you better be e-mailing me! (Is it cheating if I still read your blog via e-mail? Do I have to cancel my subscription for a while? I’m conflicted.)

  3. Missy

    Fun. 🙂 It’s also exciting to be in the middle of learning what God has for your future, isn’t it? Looking forward to hearing you share what some of that is in a little bit!!!!

  4. Emily Rose

    I tried to google thing and here’s what I need
    “to give Tim lunch in Social Studies today”
    “to run free”
    “Help deciding how to cut her hair”
    “specialised nursing care”

    Oh, and by the way…Buckeyes??!! …I’m with Annie – GO GATORS!!!

  5. Betsy

    As Elizabeth George once wrote about, you just are having Plan B days when you planned to have Plan A days. I tried the “name game” the other day—mine were pretty strange but seemed to have something to do with dogs and children’s books. Funny…

  6. Annie Whitehurst

    What’s more adventerous than Google?!?! 🙂
    I did the same thing- here’s what I got:
    ~Annie needs…to release a LIVE album. (ha!)
    ~Annie needs…prayers. (amen!) 🙂
    ~Annie needs…a spanking. (? no, thank you)
    ~Annie needs…a miracle.
    ~Annie needs…a home.
    I wonder how many people will goggle their name, too after reading your post!
    Hope today is a “healthier” day around your house!
    and by the way– “THE Ohio state buckeyes?!?!” Oh, Marla— GO Gators!!!!!!

  7. Carrie-clearance sticker issues

    Oh the sweet offerings of normal, ordinary life! I played along and here is what I got:
    *Carrie needs a prenup in case of big, messy divorce (NOT going to happen–my guys just an ordinary public servant no billions of dollars coming in to our account–besides I am with him for life!)
    *Carrie needs our vote (I never compete in anything because I hate that there is a winner and a loser!)
    *Carrie needs a new mommy brain (I didn’t even click to see what THAT was!)
    * Carrie needs a new job (maybe some days — I am substitute teaching until I go back to teaching full time next year– but it is easy money)
    * and finally I didn’t find this but it is what I must do: Carrie needs to go wake up the household to get ready for school. I gave them an extra 10 mins while playing on your blog this morning!
    Love ya and get those girlie girls well!

  8. ginger

    Having a name like Ginger leaves you with results that mostly have do do with animals, like, “Ginger needs a good foster home.” Reminds me of the jokes I heard growing up. Interesting exercise anyway…

  9. Holly B.

    Praying right now for God’s plans for you to be clear! Hope your patients are feeling better soon. Marla may need a coke. =0)

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