we’re not in Kansas anymore…

We are, however, in central Ohio. There was a tornado warning last night during Cubbies, so we spent 45 minutes sitting in the hallway trying to entertain a slew of 3- and 4-year-olds with songs and clapping and goldfish crackers. They were actually quite well-behaved.

We had a couple gorgeous (and loud) thunderstorms, too. Livi and Nina slept through them (how??) but Ava needed comforted. Then, at about 3am, I woke to the sound of a dog trying to bark. Or rather, a little girl trying to cough. It was Ava with a nasty, barking cough that she couldn’t even get out. It was so pitiful, the poor little thing. So, no Bible study for me today. I bought the audio CDs (Beth Moore’s “Daniel”) for such a time as this…

Video-chatted with Nicki in Oz (Australia) last night. She is just as adorable “in person” as she is on xanga. Not too sure about her work ethic though. She would rather chat with Americans than fulfill her job responsibilities. Most of my xanga associates are much more disciplined and committed to their employers. Maybe some of you will rub off on her…

I’m super-excited about our upcoming trip to the Smokies. Our cabin looks cute, and I’m looking forward to spending lots of time in God’s great creation with my little family. The most beautiful week of the year is supposedly the third week of October there. Hopefully, the leaves will stay on for just one more week after that.

I still have free books for anyone who wants one–just e-mail or message me. Toodles! 

11 thoughts on “we’re not in Kansas anymore…

  1. biblestorebrowser

    Having attended college in KY only 11 miles from the TN line, I can attest that the third week of Oct. is definitely “peak!” Be sure to take lots of pics to share with us! I miss being down in God’s country!

  2. cowgirlgowest

    We may have more connections than you think… did you know I roomed with Maximus at Grace our freshman year, and Yoyo was my RA? AND that I live near you (According to Yoyo) ??? 🙂 Wait, how’d you know my cousins when you were little?

  3. Nixter77

    lol myblu 😉

    It was just great to chat to you guys, it was actually my boss who set up my webcam for me and wanted to see how it all works – “go on ring someone you know” he told me.  So I did 🙂 YOU!!

    nixie = don’t employ her she, chats to Americans on work time!!

  4. angntug

    Oh, I wish we were going to Tennessee……then again, I wish we lived there, how awesome that place is! It’s definately my favorite place…..Our speaker this year at the “Women of Faith” Conference said Jesus lives in Florida at the beach……I’ve got to “disagree”, He’s defiantely in Tennessee! That place is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!

  5. gsowell

    You’re doing the Daniel study? It looks great! I get a lot out of her studies. She really forces me to dig in the scriptures and think critically. I like that!

  6. ch1pch0p

    Darn it. I thought of a book person last night, and I forgot to get her address. I’ll try to remember tonight!

    Most of us have good work ethics? Did you notice what time we’re on here every day!?? 😉

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