well, that was painless.

Thanks for those quick prayers, Terri, Jen, and Gail! The call went well. Ten minutes later, we’re all on the same page. Katie’s taking my ideas to the publishing committee meeting next week, and we’ll see what happens. Whew!

If I hurry up and finish this blog, I can take an hour-long nap before the girls get home from school. I’m just plain beat. Did I promise funny? Shoot. I was afraid of that.

Oh, I know–I got an e-mail yesterday from a guy I went to college with. We’ve reconnected over the past year, and I met his awesome wife and three little girls. Anyway, so he forwards me this e-mail. It’s a hold notice from his public library. Lady and the Tramp is ready for pick-up. Hmm… Is this a secret code for something? He also sent the e-mail to his wife and another guy we went to school with. What do we all have in common? What should I be remembering about Lady and the Tramp? Mike’s a funny guy, so I know it could be just about anything. I really want to solve this mystery, but I’m stumped. So I reply, “I’m totally confused.”

He writes back–“And I’m totally a dork!” Turns out he was just trying to forward the notice to his wife Melody (he was at work) so she could pick up the dvd. Mark, Marla, and Melody are all together in his address book. He accidentally clicked them all. “But now that i’ve accidentally forwarded that to you,” he wrote, “if you’re in town and you think about it, please swing by the library for me…”

I couldn’t stop laughing. I know it’s probably only funny to me…

I got a book manuscript in the mail yesterday–Sex, Sushi, and Salvation by Christian George. He’d like me to read it and write an endorsement for it. I’m excited, because I loved his book, Sacred Travels, and he and his wife enjoyed Is That All? so now we’re all buddies. I’ll let you know what I think of the book!

I bought Ava a huge Old Maid game at Target for $1 yesterday. She really wanted to play it before she went to school. I tried to explain that it would be better to wait for Livi, because it’s kind of hard to play with two people. No dice. So, we deal the cards, find our matches (we each had one) and start the game. Every time Ava picks one of my cards, she gets ecstatic. “I have her!!” Then, “I have him!!” Then, “I have her!!” I didn’t burst her bubble, just rejoiced with each new match. Livi put her in her place when she got home. “Ava. When you play with just two people, everything‘s a match!”

How funny that so many of you played the clarinet in high school. We really should start an all-clarinet band.

We’re doing AWANA. I’ll give more details later. Livi is SO excited about her new Sparks book. She can’t wait to get home from school and memorize more verses. That was confirmation right there that we made the right decision. She’s bored stiff at school and thrilled to memorize Scripture. Just the “extra-curricular” I was praying for. God is good.

I got a cool e-mail yesterday from a guy in South Africa. Dear Marla. I read your book, Is that all he thinks about?and all I can say is WOW. If only every woman in the world would read it. I am a South African male , yes male, and I couldn’t have said it better myself.

He went on to tell me about his wife and little girls, and his e-mail was a blessing to read. God knows when I need encouragement and just what kind to give me.

I am so sorry there wasn’t anything funny here. I thought for sure I had some cute kid stories at least! Have a great afternoon!

12 thoughts on “well, that was painless.

  1. ClutzyButtercup

    If you ever need encouragement just let me know…I so enjoy reading what you have to say…funny, serious or just routine!  God is using you in ways you will never know this side of heaven!

  2. rachmckinney

    i’m about 2 hrs. north of homestead. you comiong down that way sometime soon? if so, we should so get together, however we can make it work!
    random question for you….do you know a way to find mike and sara wilson’s address? just curious. they’d moved a while back and we lost touch. i’d love to find them again! let me know if you know a way to help me out 🙂

  3. gsowell

    I play trumpet…which I have to dust off because our music minister informed me Sunday that I am needed for the Christmas musical production. Yikes…it’s only been since Easter 2006 that I played last. Not too long, right?

    I thought the library notice was very funny. You delivered. Happy nappy!

  4. terriwright

    I like that so may(including me!) played clarinet. In Beginning Band, girls usually get to choose between flute and clarinet, unless you have an industrious director who actually analyzes embouchure and decides what you’re anatomically predisposed to be successful playing.  Usually, though – – –  flute or clarinet.

  5. YoYoYoder

    Okay, Livi is a genius. I kinda knew you couldn’t play Old Maid with only two people, but I don’t think I ever would have realized that everything is a match. DUH!

    I’m glad your conference call went well. I can’t wait to read your newest book!

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