I just made my first-ever facebook photo album. I’m unabashedly proud of myself. You must understand. I don’t even know how to put photos on my blog. Not the normal way, anyway. I copy all this Flickr code (per Gabe’s instructions) and stuff.


Blogging tonight, because Thursday mornings are Bible study (and a bit hectic). It’s our last meeting until January-ish. How sad. I think I may buy another study to do on my own until then. Except that it’s not in the budget. I have a better idea. I’ll go back through one of the ones I’ve already done. Maybe Daniel.

I got a phone call from an old friend today. (Hi, old friend!) She wanted to let me know that she’s reading Blushing and working through some stuff in her marriage. I was touched that she shared that with me and promised to pray for her. Marriages are really important to me, and I’m so grateful God has allowed me the huge honor of helping some women in this area. (Blushing is on sale for $5 on my site for a bit, if you’re interested.)

I got some little tidbits of encouragement today–and an e-mail from a favorite author. It’s funny, but just when I was finishing up my Bible study and thinking, “Wow, God, I just want to know you so deeply. I don’t want anything else to matter,” then He throws some human encouragement my way. When I start to get dependent on kudos/praise/whatever from others, I get all bummed when it’s not there. But when my focus is truly on Christ, He brings little stuff across my path to make me smile. And it’s cool when I can just take it for what it is but not depend on it.

Did that make sense?

Sooooo…the potty-training excitement seems to have fizzled out. Hmm. I don’t suppose she’ll tell her Bible study teacher tomorrow that she has to go potty. That’s what pull-ups/diapers are for, right?

Praying for some of you tonight–especially those I haven’t heard from in awhile. Hope everything’s okay!

Gabe’s uncle Jeff had over 120 stitches put in his face. Please pray for quick and complete healing!

I’m getting random. Off to bed I go. Have a sweet Thursday!

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  1. Anonymous

    Hey Marla, I just wanted to thank you and the people commenting here for keeping my dad in your prayers. I talked to him yesterday, and he was doing really well. I talked to my mom today and she said he is doing great. It seems to me that he will be back to normal in no time, which is great to hear.

    Thanks again everyone,

  2. YoGrandmaYo

    I thought of Galatians 1:10 when I read your blog.  Every time I think I’m not seeking the approval of others, then God shows me that I am, and I hafta keep going back to that verse, and ask Him to help me be content, knowing that I’m doing what HE wants me to do………even if others don’t understand.  I’m sure I’ll be working on that until I get to heaven!:)  Love you!:)

  3. luvmynoah

    So thankful you had some wonderful time with Jesus and some encouragement from friends. 

    I have to admit that I have a Beth Moore study and book sitting on my shelf that I haven’t done yet.  I’ve not done one either. 

    Praying for Uncle Jeff…that’s alot of stitches!

  4. kellycohan

    Funny how when we focus on God, the things we need (like encouragement) just happen to come our way! Why why why is it so easy to forget that?! Thanks for the reminder!

    Just prayed for Jeff. Keep us posted on his progress!

  5. Anonymous

    Hey Marla. Long time no comment 🙂 It’s always fun to read your blog and hear about what God is teaching you. From what I have observed, the tug between God and other people is a constant in the lives of those He is using. Of course it makes us feel good when other people notice what we are doing! Of course it is part of our discipline to ask Him to keep it in check! Congrats on your new book! I’m pregnant again (my last two babies have been accidents 🙂 so have felt yuck yuck yuck for three months and starting to come out of it. God has worked crazy things in my heart about this baby and I wish I had read your new book about 4 months ago! Might have saved us all some time!

  6. faithchick

    @mtaviano – i’d love to borrow it!  –eventually–you said you might do it, so if you’re gonna, go ahead.  meantime, i’ll look around for the workbook/other bible studies.  i was thinking of going to the christian bookstore today (and i still occassionaly rearrange your books. ) anyway, so i’ll take a look at what they have.  but, when you’re through with it, i will definitely take you up on that offer!

  7. faithchick

    potty training enthusiasm will come back, i promise!   before you know it, she’ll be doing everything on her own, too…the wiping & hand washing part, i mean.   you should get the  potty power dvd from the library.  really.  it revolutionized E1’s outlook on the whole process.

    yay for bible study.  i was just thinking this morning that i need to do one.  except, i get annoyed with bible studies that i try to do on my own that are too fluffy & seem to put in questions like, “Who created the universe.” just to fiill space.  I know that’s important.  I get that.  But, if I’m going to study chances are I already know that answer–i wanna go deeper.  sigh.  I’ve never tackled a prophecy book though, maybe i’ll try something along those lines, too!

  8. filledeparis

    Praying for Gabe’s Uncle right now. I hear you on the praise thing. While it’s so nice to get encouragement, I certainly don’t want to create an idol out of approval/praise from others. Hard stuff.

  9. setapart1979

    Way to go with your first ever facebook album!  Bible study season always slows down at this time of the year right when I really need that weekly reminder when things get crazy with holiday stress!  I bet you could find a few great studys online if you don’t find any old ones to go through again.  You are making sense about the back & forth about needing praise.  I’m sorry to hear about your husband’s uncle… that sounds terrible.  I said a prayer for him.

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