up in the air

That’s where everything is right now, and I don’t like it much. I’m waiting to hear about book contracts, so I can get writing. I’m waiting to hear from our pastor, so I can move ahead with the video/seminar for the intimacy series at church. I’m waiting to hear from a friend on furlough to see when she and her family will be coming to stay with us this week, so I know how to plan the other things we have going on. A couple other situations also up in the air as well.

Today has been… Well, I have no focus, no momentum. I’m wandering aimlessly, eating (microwaved s’mores) aimlessly, checking e-mail over and over again–nothing. Trying to rest at the feet of my Savior. Not faring so well.

Nina is in her bed screaming. She was up at 6:30, fell asleep on me crying at 10:30, up at 11:00 for lunch, wouldn’t go down for her normal 1:00ish nap, whiny, fussy, trying now to get a late nap in before supper and Livi’s soccer game. Not working.

Livi’s friend is over playing, and the three girls are fighting like hens. Not pretty. I don’t have the energy or desire to intervene.
I have so many wonderful tales from this weekend. Lots of fun family times. Don’t really feel like sharing them at the moment though. Have a link to my tv interview in Indy–don’t feel like posting it at the moment though. Have a bad attitude, need to fix it, working up the oomph to do just that.

Stay tuned. Based on previous experience with myself, I’m sure Chatty Kathy will be back in a day or two.

11 thoughts on “up in the air

  1. Howdytoya

    Wow! You’re quick!  I think I posted my post twice, actually–once as I was doing that slide show on accident.  I have a horrible habit of accidentally posting before I should.    The happy face of my brother, I do believe was, in REALITY, a face of annoyance because his older sister and our mom were taking too many pics and telling him how to pose!  Hey, I’m the older sis!  Someone’s got boss the brother around!

  2. ladymiss3739

    Don’t know if today is any better for you or not….but just prayed for you! 

    Are Nina and Leah about the same age?  Leah’s been teething…again…and it’s made for lots of whining and night waking.  Hope today starts off better for you!

  3. rachmckinney

    i’m praying for you, marla!i am there along with you feeling yucky about stuff, only it’s for different reasons and i am not brave enough to post all of them! i had some encouragement today and a bit yesterday, though. i will pray for some to come your wa y, too. love you! hang in there. rough times always produce more beautiful moments in the end….whether it’s today or a week away; it’ll get better.

  4. SuperGirlAmelia

    Ah yes. I’ve been like that ever since we got back from Michigan. It’s a frustrating place to be and I seem to end up there more often than I’d like. And I get snappy and irritable and unpleasant to be around. Sigh.

  5. gsowell

    I think it’s great that you even post to tell us you just don’t feel like talking about all of it. I go on xanga hiatus for days because I don’t feel like getting into it all. Praying for a fresh wind to blow your way.

  6. rocknnell

    Put it this way….emailed Pam – Subject = ” Dump Truck ”  – migrane…. I looked at your family pictures and thot…”where did that ever go”  – Read the Bible where I am at…” because of  David’s SIN……….  I got it…made it worse… Gas is at $ 3.09  for a dump truck ?

  7. jbnygaard

    sounds like a yucky rut you are in! I bet if you just eat a lot of s’mores, you’ll get your way out of it! (JK) 🙂 

    I am having a great day, but for some odd reason my kids are trying EVERYTHING to ruin it! What’s up with that?! (Satan) It’s 5:30pm and Eden is taking a nap. He was THAT grumpy that we couldn’t wait until bedtime. You do what you got to do somedays!

  8. faithchick

    i hear ya. i’m right there w/ you. (only it’s choc. chips, not s’mores. and a fussy baby boy, not girl…and…)
    chin up!
    keep on truckin’….

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