Some of my friends have written posts lately that sort of rocked my world. Like God was pinching the fat on my arm until I yelled “Uncle!” (okay, that was weird)

Like this post from Whimzie who used to want to be famous, then wanted to be famous for doing something big for God and now she wants to be… (read it to find out) I’ll be clicking on this link again today and putting myself through the torture of conviction one more time.

Or how about this post from Amber where she admits that she’s vain? Vain as in she wants people to want to be like her and her family. Ouch, ouch, ouch. OUCH.

Or this crazy-amazing post from Missy. Are you guilty of re-designing God? Yowzers.

Are you afraid of doing big things for God? As I commented on Jen’s post, I’m not really scared of doing big stuff; I’m scared that God’s not going to like my big dreams, and He’s going to ask me to do something small and insignificant that I don’t want to do. Talk about pride, a lack of trust, and a completely misguided sense of what God’s love really means. Man.

Have you read/heard/seen anything this week that God used to smack you upside the eyeballs?

12 thoughts on “uncomfortable

  1. Lisa

    Miss Marla, I haven’t commented on here in entirely too long, but I just had to say THANK YOU for linking us to Whimzie’s blog. I kid you not when I say that EVERY WORD could have come from my heart. Every single dang word, including the lyrics to: “Here am I, Lord”. I am just reeling. God’s been working on my pride in no small way lately and wow, did he ever reach me via Whimzie via you via my blogroll today. Please tell me that made sense!!!

    LOVE you!!!!!

  2. Gretchen

    It’s very hard for me to reconcile all that I have materially with those who don’t have even clean water. I give, sure, but it never feels like enough. Praying that I’ll be a good steward with all that He’s entrusted me.

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