twirly tuesday

I have a list a mile long of the posts I want to write, the things I want to give away, the stuff I want to say. But most of those involve pictures of some sort, and those are on Gabe’s computer, and our schedules have been a little wacky the past few days, and well…

All I have for you this morning is twirl.

THANK YOU for praying for the Mother/Daughter banquet. God gave me some really cool things to say at the last minute (Sunday night/Monday morning), and everybody was great. I talked about the kind of legacy we want to leave our kiddos, and I used lots of examples from my grandma. And had some special visual aids. And someday I’ll tell you about it, because it was really cool. My grandma had a HUGE impact on the woman I’ve become/am becoming, and it’s because she was (and is!) completely sold out to Jesus Christ.

Praise the Lord for such godly heritage!

And thank you, Jesus, for getting me through 3 Mother/Daughter deals in 10 days. I was a hopeless cause without You!

One more speaking thing–talking to kiddos in grades 2-5 at Livi’s school about writing books and going to zoos next week–and then I’m clear for a couple months. Summer! Zoos! Sunshine! Fun!

Mother’s Day weekend was fun. Saturday–surprised Gabe’s mom at a Mother/Daughter banquet she was speaking at. It was a really neat time. Then visited my grandma. Love her. Then went to Mom and Dad’s (Bethy, Stew and Izzy came!) and got pizza. Super fun!

Sunday we went to church, then made a spontaneous visit to Gabe’s parents’ cabin on the river. It’s such a neat place. Came home, crashed, girls woke up not feeling well. Gabe says they’re feeling better. While I was gone tonight, he took them to the park and to McDonald’s for ice cream. He’s such a cool dad.

Spending some time with friends tomorrow, 2 soccer games this week (last 2 of season), Muffins for Mom, a graduation party, Gabe has Word Camp Ohio (I know–sounds like something I’d love!). Then I get to see my sister next week! Love you, Steph!

I feel like it’s been awhile since I’ve written a post with any real substance. Would you believe me if I said soon?

Happy Birthday to my cousin Camy! Speaking of a post with substance, she’s going to be a main player in one later this week. (the little stinker)

Have a great day!

6 thoughts on “twirly tuesday

  1. Gail

    I am pumped about what you have to share about spiritual heritage. And I love your grandma. What a treasure!

    I take it Word Camp isn’t all Scrabble and Upwords and Thesauri?

  2. jess

    why does mom have to start with m. if it started with d, then we’d get donuts like the dads do. sigh.

    glad you made it through last night!! i love the feeling of one more thing on the schedule and the freeeeedom!!! YES!!!

  3. Kristen

    I love your twirl…maybe bc it is your life and I love your life and all that God allows you take part in. And I love your heritage, and while I don’t have that…I long to be that. 😉

    Love ya friend. COME TO MICHIGAN ALREADY!!!!!

  4. Valerie

    Soccer season is almost done already??? Wow that seems to have flown by quick!! Are they local games (around CBus)?? If so email or give me a call…. I’ve been meaning to make it to one…apparently my schedule had been agreeing with my plan though!! But I’d love to see you again and meet the girlies…. if you don’t mind 🙂

  5. Elizabeth

    I’m with you on that first paragraph. For some reason I can never get the thoughts in my head down in writing. It is endlessly frustrating to me.

    I want to hear about all these fabulous speaking engagements! And I think that post was plenty of substance for now. It sounds like you’ve been busy.

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