twirly tuesday time!

Two of my daughters lost teeth tonight (Monday). They went to bed with them loose (but not very). Then Ava got up because hers was bleeding. We went ’round and ’round. She didn’t want to go back to bed without pulling her tooth. But she didn’t want to pull it because it hurt too bad (it really wasn’t ready to come out). I was about ready to go nutso. Finally sent her back up to bed loaded with ibuprofen, baby orajel, and many threats.

Twenty seconds later, Livi’s down here. “My molar’s loose!” Please. I wiggle it. It’s loose, but it’s not coming out tonight. Up she goes.

Forty seconds later, Ava is back downstairs, mouth bloody, tooth twisted all crazy. I reach in her mouth, pull it out. Everybody comes down to join the party. Send them all back to bed.

Thirty seconds later, Livi’s back downstairs, mouth bloody, tooth twisted all crazy. “Oh my word!” I say. She goes out to the kitchen to spit, comes back out with her tooth in her hand.

Another mini-party. Photo op. Send them all back to bed. Nina wants to know when she’ll lose a tooth. You mamas with little ones whose teeth are just starting to poke through? You’ve got so much to look forward to.

Tomorrow is the girls’ last day of school. I know–it’s like halfway through June already. We’re leaving for Buffalo, NY as soon as they hop off the bus. This is going to be a fun trip. Praising God for providing the funds for us to go, sweet people to stay with, and good health. Praying everyone stays well–and for safety and decent weather.

Speaking of prayer, please pray for David and Amy Wenzel. David is 27 and was just diagnosed with an Oligodendroglioma (brain tumor). I’ve never met David or Amy, but I was friends with David’s sister and Amy’s sister in college. And a couple years ago, I met my dear friend Kristen, who is married to Amy’s brother. Catch all that?

David blogged about the whole thing here, and let me tell you, God is going to get some BIG glory from this. Please pray as they move David from California to Minnesota to do surgery. Pray for wisdom for the surgeons, healing for David, and peace and strength for him and Amy. You can read Amy’s and Kristen’s posts too, if you’d like.

Keep those Zoo Party RSVP’s coming! A sweet friend donated 2 door prizes today–a $10 Tim Horton’s gift card and a $25 Cheesecake Factory gift card. YUM! And for those of you darlings who said, “Please, please, please tell me how I can help!” I’m working on an e-mail with some ideas for you to choose from. Woohoo!!

Don’t forget–if you want LIVE Zoo Updates from Buffalo, Bronx, Central Park, Philly, DC, and Baltimore, follow me on twitter or add me as a friend on facebook. It’s gonna be FUN!

And oh my word, SPEAKING OF, just 10 seconds ago a gal added me as a friend on facebook. If you followed us on our Texas trip, you know we got a flat tire in front of a school. God sent a wonderful woman to help us whose husband just happened to know all about tires. She called him, he came, escorted us and our spare to a nearby tire shop, stayed until it was fixed, and wouldn’t take any money for his trouble. We gave him a 52 Zoos card, and his wife just looked up our site tonight! So great to reconnect with you, K! Our angel!

May we need no tire repairmen on the East Coast! And if we do, well, God’s hand will be in it again for sure!

And on that happy note, have a Terrific Tuesday, friends!

10 thoughts on “twirly tuesday time!

  1. Elizabeth

    I am so, so far behind on your life and I hate it. This zoo trip of yours snuck up on me. I hope it’s wonderful. I know God will provide all of the details along the way, as He always does.

    Btw, is the Sarah you’re staying with the one I went to JBU with? I don’t know her, but I always thought she was so sweet.

  2. Kristen

    Marla, thank you so so much for spreading the word about David. I can’t begin to thank you…words just don’t suffice. The more people praying, the better…and to top it off, the more support Amy and David feel. THANK YOU.
    Cant wait t read about the zoo updates. I know I dont get to comment nearly enough…but I love you dearly and you know that…with our without comments. One day life will settle a little. For now…just know I appreciate and cherish your friendship and support.
    Be safe and have a blast.
    Love ya.

  3. Chris Yoder

    LOVED your tooth stories!:) You sure do have an exciting life!:) Look at it this way – it just gives you more things to blog about!:) Praying for your safety, and for a wonderful time! Can’t wait to see what all the Lord is going to do on THIS trip!:) Love you all!:)

  4. jess

    im sure you all are all abuzz with excitement! i love trip days! have fuuuuun,

    oh, and you said photo op, but i dont see a photo…:) and i want to see it. 🙂

  5. ginger

    just posted about our last day of school (Mon)…& we’re in FL! my older 2 are out late tonight with their dad who works at a movie theater. they get to watch movies all night! well, sort of…
    Have a safe trip! Traveling mercies upon you & “angels watching over you”….

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