trish, you’re my hero!

EDIT 2: (9:37 a.m.) THANK YOU! It was really wonderful–one of the funnest interviews I’ve ever done. I can’t even describe how much seemed to be happening to sabotage it. But PRAYER WORKS. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Off to shower and take the girls to spend the $ (three bucks apiece–all I have to my name) I paid them for babysitting Nina. I don’t have the time or energy to think about what I’m getting myself into by paying them for this. I just know it’s over and I feel free as a bird! THANK YOU for praying!! W-O-W. I could kiss each and every one of you.

EDIT: My interview starts in just a few minutes (8:33 am Friday). I’m scurrying around trying to tie up a few last-second things. I’d really, really love your prayers at any point from now until 9:15. There hasn’t been much smooth sailing here in our house last night or this morning. I need God to calm my heart, fill me with His Holy Spirit and give me the right words to say–and a great attitude to boot. And I need my children not to attack each other or yell or find really loud toys to play with. I already promised to pay my older two to watch the youngest.

THANK YOU for praying!! (It’s KBJS, the Moody affiliate in Jacksonville, TX if any of y’all are from those parts.)

So, Trish suggested I remove the “s” key and blow. It worked! You’d’ve thunk I’d’ve thought of that, but no.

I met three out-of-town friends today–along with their five kids–at the Franklin Park Conservatory. I’d never been there before–it’s beautiful. Would be even better on a date–alone with my husband–rather than with eight kids six and under. But we had fun, and the kids were surprisingly good. Livi was the oldest, Nina the youngest. Only one boy. And all of them have blond, blond hair and look like they could be siblings–if half of them weren’t the exact same size. Could be quads, I suppose. Heaven help us.

On the way back to our house, we stopped at Easton to pick up grub. Our van stopped at McDonald’s for six happy meals and 2 Cokes. The Durango (or Flamingo, as 4-year-old Melea calls it) did a Chipotle run. The kids ate on our deck at little tables and only came in 32 times to ask questions, tattle, or just wander around for no reason. Then they played and watched bits and pieces of Nemo. They all piled in the Flamingo just a bit ago and headed back home–with five kids under four and one pregnant woman (and two non-preggers).

I have an eye appt tonight. Can’t wait to get some glasses and give my poor eyes some oxygen for the first time since 8th grade. And new contacts too.

Tomorrow morning, I have a 45-minute live radio interview. I’m letting Livi and Ava watch Nina downstairs. This is the longest I’ve done this for a live show. Please pray that it goes as smoothly as possible–and that none of them get hurt (or airtime).

Saturday–Gabe’s parents are coming for the day. (did I already blog about this??) They’re helping us put windows in our shed to make it into a playhouse. We’re also going to reposition the swingset (since our pear tree got mercilessly cut down last fall) to make more room to play teeball and stuff. And they’re bringing a BIG desk that Gabe’s grandpa is giving me. My current desk is awesome, and I saved up $100 when I was 11 to pay for half of it and have had it ever since. But it really doesn’t do the trick when it comes to writing books and needing stuff spread out all over. Much too small. Livi and Ava are going to get it for their “office.” They’re thrilled!

Speaking of thrilled, have a Thrilling (or Throbbing, Thrifty, Thriving) Thursday! Your choice!

20 thoughts on “trish, you’re my hero!

  1. Nixter77

    PLT Glad the interview went so well – God hears us when we talk to him. = prayer most certainly does work 😉 Have a great weekend beautiful friend!

  2. tonialynn59

    I remember so many times when my kids were younger getting together with friends and doing things like that and the tattling and all the fun stuff that went on.  Brought back lots of cool memories!  Glad you got to the eye dr.  And loved the desk story! 

  3. stephaniedawnbasham

    I’m so glad you’re passing on your awesome desk to the girls!

    Your story of saving up $100 to pay for half of it was like the ultimate authority in purchasing big things for the rest of us (or at least it was for me). Obviously I was only two when you bought it so I don’t remember, but whenever I would talk about wanting something, Mom would throw in a comment about you and your desk and that if her and dad agreed it was something worth it, they would pay for half if I could come up with the other half. It always seemed fair enough. 🙂

  4. ch1pch0p

    I Franklin Park. The first Wednesday of every month is free, and they’re open late… so you can plan ahead for your date.

    Glad your “s” is fixed!

  5. faithchick

    um. how about thbusy.
    i hearing about your day.
    way cool for livi & ava’s office!
    i have something silly i’m going to send them to hang on the wall in their office. i think they might like it. been working on it since the baby was born. (don’t be fooled…haven’t been working consistently!)

    45 stressful interview minutes, huh? it used to stress me out during tutoring…just waiting for oneof them to wake u and scream/distract my very disbractible student.

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