toss-it-up tuesday

Well, tonight didn’t go as planned. I was going to write something cute and add some pictures and, well.


Life happened.

I’ve been doing some thinking. About time management. And the internet. And this blog. And goals. And my family.

No concrete conclusions yet, but one thing I want to do is make this blog a little more structured.

Ack! Did I just use the word structured? I like to think of myself as more of a whimsical, swirly, freebie kind of girl.

Maybe structured isn’t the word I want. How about streamlined? Purposeful. Reader-centered.

I know I can’t please all of you. Some of you like controversy. Some want writing tips. Some like zoos. Others give-aways. Some want thoughtful musings. Others want biblical counseling. Some of you just want community or laughter or swirl.

I’m praying about how to be more effective, a better steward of this platform, for lack of a better word. Looking for ways to have a servant’s heart, because honestly? This week, aside from some occasional flashes of Spirit-fruit, I’ve been a great big ball of selfishness.


I hesitate to ask what you’d like to see more of on the blog, but I will. Or maybe a better question would be, why do you come back every day/week/whenever? I’m not dumb enough to think this will be an ego-stroke. I’m sure there will be a handful of you who’ll keep me humble.

So, we saw the cutest baby jaguars today at the Akron Zoo. LOVE that zoo.


What kinds of stuff would you like to read/see/learn on this here blog that would just thrill your little heart?

Have a great week, friends!

19 thoughts on “toss-it-up tuesday

  1. whimzie

    I looked back at the posts of yours that I have starred in my Google Reader to see what I loved most about your blog. What I discovered was no central, unifying theme. I’ve liked different posts for different reasons.

    There you go. That was of absolutely no use whatsoever, was it?

  2. Rachele

    I like how your posts come from all areas of your life. Maybe you could do all of those things you mentioned on a daily rotating basis….Monday is Biblical insight day, Tuesday is controversial day…..

  3. Amy

    I read your post because I like you and you’re my friend. 🙂 I like your post because it’s real. You talk about lots of stuff and life is like that…heavy, controversy, light, rambling, struggling, celebrating…life!

  4. jess

    I also like the randomness. I like reading about your life–and lives are random! your blog doesn’t just fit into one theme or category & I like that. Other blogs that i love–ones with themes–i know what i’m going to see when i get there…but with yours you never know what it’ll be! Swirly Saturday is a favorite & anything with photos cause you both take AMAZING pictures!!!!!!!!

  5. Ashley

    I like the randomness of your blog… if I keep reading your blog with all the randomness, then maybe others will actually keep reading mine, cuz it’s all random! 🙂 I love reading your heart and seeing the realness coming out of you – your heart for God and to see Him work in others lives is amazing!

  6. Kelsie

    I would like to read more about what God is doing in your life and how you see Him making you more into the image of His Son. I come back because you’re real, entertaining, and have a heart for the Lord. (I know you mention things about the Lord and His Work, but I’d like MORE of it, I guess…)

  7. Angela

    More marriage stories/tips like the Blushing Bride book! Reading it, I was so relieved to know I wasn’t alone in not being the perfect bride! It’s always good to hear from people who have been there and are honest enough to share that it’s not all wine and roses. But still worth it!

  8. Stephanie your sister

    I like when you talk about your family because, well, they’re my family too. And I love them and miss them and like to pretend I’m a part of their everyday lives. 🙂

  9. Jennifer

    I enjoy all of your posts. I like that they’re not all about one specific thing or one type of post — some are funny, some are serious, some are giveaways, etc. I like that we get a little bit of everything. (That probably doesn’t help you at all in figuring out what you’re going to do — sorry!)

  10. Amy

    I like reading your posts because you write about real life. I call you, “my friend, Marla” to my husband, even though I’ve never met you!
    I think if you write about things that you are interested in, passionate about, and resonate with your current life experiences, your blog will strike a chord with lots of people.

  11. Crissy

    I keep coming back because I think your cool!! (ego stroke) 😉

    I love your down to earth way of writing and the fact that you are using this platform to serve others. I think this post is an example of that! Life is a hodgepodge of things so, why not have a blog with a little of everything. Just sayin’! 😉

    So, let me ask YOU: What do you want out of this blog? What type of butterfly would you like to see it turn into? (You don’t have to answer me, just chew on it!)

    Love you bunches!

  12. Cheryl

    I also like that you change things up. Found you because of the zoos, but I like the other stuff too. One thought, if anything, the zoo topic would probably be the easiest to move to its own blog, if you need to thin things out.

    Have a great week!

  13. Denise

    I keep coming back because I enjoy reading whatever you post and no, I am not just saying that.

    For me, of course I love pictures and zoos, but I also like anything practical and biblical. I like to shy away from controversy, but in general, anything you post is fun for me in some way or another.

    I know – I am so helpful huh?!

  14. Lee Detrick

    Well, it’s 3:00 a.m. and it would take something very unusual to thrill my little heart. In fact, I think it would be impossible right now. So, just keep on what you are doing…something’s bound to pop up one of these days….

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