tornado tuesday

The @ symbol looks a bit like a tornado, no? How’s about a tornado-bullet post for your amusement on this fine Tuesday morn?

@ Thank you soooo much for praying for my grandma. Nina and I are going to see her Wednesday. I’m asking God for a sweet and memorable visit.

@ E-mail from the San Antonio Zoo today. Free tickets! (my friend Sandi from San Antonio gave them a call that apparently prompted them to respond to the e-mail I sent them last week–ha!) E-mail from Sea World. They’re all for giving us some media passes–as soon as I fax them some “clips of your past work or verification of your writing credentials.” I don’t suppose I could cram a copy of Is That All? through a fax machine. If I don’t hear from the other zoos soon, I’ll have to start making some phone calls of my own (per Gabe’s strong suggestion). If you know me in real life, you know how much I love to talk on the phone.

@ So, I was a bully in junior high. Not toooo bad, but one of my friends and I were especially cruel to my cousin Camy and her friend Cheryl (on the bus). Mostly Cheryl. Just a couple weeks ago, I was thinking about her and how mean I used to be. I was wondering how I might go about finding out where in the world she is these days, so I could apologize. Then, tonight, out of the blue, she added me as a friend on Facebook! She’s married, has four beautiful kids, loves the Lord. Wow! I asked her to forgive me. She did (and said she probably deserved it and apologized to me too). How cool is that?

@ Please notice the lovely ad for Engraved Euniques on my sidebar. Kaye, the mastermind behind these amazing engravings, lives in Texas, and we’re going to meet up while we’re down there. How fun! I’ve admired her work for a long time, and we started e-mailing back and forth a couple weeks ago (about something else). 10 e-mails later, I realized she was the one who did those really cool engraved plaques I love! She’s making one for our family, and I’m going to give one away on my blog when I get back from TX! She’s also trying to get some local gift shops to stock my books. I’m not sure how I got so blessed.

@ I like Texans very much.

@ I’m reading Book 2 of The Austin Family Chronicles by Madeleine L’Engle. I heard about them on a book review blog. They’re great. Written for ages 9-12, no big and crazy plot or anything, just a story about a normal family of six in the 50’s (I think). I’m plowing through A Wrinkle in Time with the girls right now (I like the book but not as a read-aloud). Might read Meet the Austins when we’re done. Anyway, Book 2 is about a family road trip. And listen to this paragraph I just read this afternoon!

@ (The Moon by Night, p. 84-85) Anyhow, we had a blast in Tulsa, and then we spent a couple of nights in Oklahoma City with some people we’d met in Tulsa but who lived in Oklahoma City and insisted we come visit them there. Then it was back to the camping routine again, and a trek across Texas. Just the way I don’t think I’ll ever forget Tennessee, I’m not likely to forget Texas, either. None of us is. It’s such a big state that we really didn’t see very much of it. Just a corner. But we’ll always remember that corner.

@ Are you kidding me?!?

@ And another are you kidding me?!?–our taxes are almost ready to go! I’m dropping them off at our accountant’s office in Bellefontaine when I go visit Grandma. What a huge burden lifted!

@ Soccer started for the older 2 tonight. Here we go again! I really do like soccer season, but all the rushing and equipment and dirt and tiredness and rushing and craziness… Whew. 2 more practices, then their first game is April 1. This is their 2nd and last season of being on the same team. 10 games instead of 20. Bliss.

@ Oh! If you want that other ad space on my sidebar, it’s $10/month, and you can have it up to 3 months. First come, first served.

@ Oh! And I’m speaking at a MOMs group in Chicago (Oak Forest) at 9:30am on Tuesday, April 7. If any of you darling people lives within an hour or so of there (preferably on my way there from Columbus) and would just love to have Gabe and me crash at your place for the night, let me know. We thought about a romantic get-away at a hotel somewhere. Then we remembered Texas.

@ Heading to the zoo tomorrow with some friends from church. Love. The. Zoo.

@ Oh! Just kidding. Have a splendid day!

13 thoughts on “tornado tuesday

  1. Christy

    I’m Kaye (the tile ladies daughter) we traded emails back and forth and you commented on a post I did about your book on my blog back in September . I order several of your Is That All He THinks About Books for my friends and you personalized them for me! A huge thanks by the way! They were a hit! Anyway, I hope to meet you (with Kaye)when you come through Texas and if you need to stay with us on your way or way back, just let us know!!!

  2. Laurie

    SO GLAD you got your taxes done!! Such a relief isn’t it?! We finished ours last Thursday and it was our anniversary the same day so we really celebrated!! Of course, there’s still April 15th to contend with (we owe) but the working it all out is DONE.

  3. sarah gillard

    hey marla! we live on the way to chicago… its a little more than an hour..i can make it in an hour and a half on a good day, but you are more than welcome! and arneta…remember her? she is a xanga friend as well…she lives three miles from me! we would love to have you! i understand if you think it is too far away…

  4. Missy

    How old were your girls when they started soccer? I think Leah would love it, and I know they have teams for young ‘uns like her, but….

  5. Kaye

    Have a great zoo day! So thankful you will get to deliver your tax info ( are SO far ahead of me:() and thankful you’ll have time with your Grandma.
    Look so forward to meeting you and your family.
    Blessings today and always,
    Matthew 21:22

  6. Kori (PrincessSpider)

    We just signed the girls up for their first soccer experience. Not sure how my “princess” will do… should be interesting!!! We are planning a zoo trip this week also, but in Indy. I would offer lodging since we are in Indiana… but we are about 3 hours from Chicago… on the south west side of Indy. Or we would love to have you.

  7. Valerie

    Soccer YAY!! I played for a few years…. perhaps I can come to one of the girlies games with you sometime 🙂

    I’ll email my friend Katie she and her hubby live in a Chicago suburb and she’s always up for company…. but I do know they have a trip to CA coming up but I’ve forgotten when…. I’ll let ya know 🙂

  8. ginger

    Funny you should bring up A Wrinkle In Time. I read it when I was younger (really liked it) but I keep looking at in on my bookshelf thinking I want to read it again.

  9. gitz

    I swear, every time I read your blog I think to myself, “Good gravy! I keep forgetting to do my taxes!”

    And then I forget. Again.

    Could you please remind me again tomorrow? Thanx.

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