three a.m.

That’s what time I went to bed last night (this morning). I was finishing up a writing project. Seriously. Not the whole time, but a good majority of it. With no kiddos to wake me up at 6ish, I slept until 9:00.

Our 30-hour get-away was wonderful. It was restful and relaxing–not because I rested or relaxed, but because I got so much done and came back ready to face the world.

Highlights, anyone? Sure! First stop–Plato’s Closet. I needed a pair of jeans and/or khakis w/o holes in the knee. Khakis–$7.00. Pajama pants–$5.00. Took five items in to sell. Made $14.80.Spent $12.79. While I was trying on a million pair of jeans that either showed my crack or wouldn’t fit over my thighs, Gabe was in 1/2 Price Books making me 12 more bucks, getting gas, and depositing the first half of my preggo book advance.

Off to the library for DVDs, 3 books from the “New Books” shelf, and lots of new board books for Nina. And to pay a $3 fine for Charlotte’s Web (DVD) that I forgot to return on time. Kind of defeats the purpose of borrowing DVDs for free, eh? To church to drop off Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes. Another Plato’s Closet–jeans for $8.00.

BD’s for lunch. One trip up for each of us. Split a Mini Apple Cobbler. Mini = feeds 6. Yowzer yummy.

To LifeWay to scope out what I wanted to buy with my 30% off a purchase of $100 or more. Checked in to the hotel. Worked on my project. Gabe played with his new iPhone–sweet little gadget, let me tell you.

Supper, back to Life Way where I got some very, very cool stuff, Old Navy (bought a shiny green puffy vest for 40% off which Gabe says looks like a trash bag), Barnes and Noble until it closed, back to the hotel.

[no details available]

Up at 9:00, coffee, more writing while Gabe headed to the pool, shower, packed up, Target (spent the rest of my b-day $, updated my wardrobe a smidge, bought Shrek 3 for $14.99 with free CD), Kohl’s where I bought a delectable cinnamon spice candle for 52 cents after using my $10 Kohl’s card.

Lunch, Barnes and Noble with my laptop and hubby until 4:00, back home to my clean house, adoring children, and wonderful, wonderful mom and mom-in-law.

Fixed the girls supper, unpacked a bit, off to teach Cubbies. Just me and Chuck and no parent volunteers. 18 off-the-wall rambunctious kiddos. 12 of them boys. I survived, and it was even fun.

Played, “I’m thinking of a person…” on the way home in the van. The girls LOVE this game.

Back home, girls in bed, laundry, unpacking, blogging… Tomorrow is Bible study, 2 parent-teacher conferences (I think this is the right day this time!), more writing.

Is Thanksgiving really in 7 days? Are you kidding me? More to say…another day! Have a good one!

16 thoughts on “three a.m.

  1. Howdytoya

    Your writing for H-M sounds so fascinating to me.  Yes, Ben Franklin was the man…I didnt’ quite realize it until our trip!  BTW, I mean to ask YOU if you are related to Amanda Yoder since you knew Jill Hand, I thought maybe there was a connection that way being a cousin or something.  Happy Saturday.

  2. ladymiss3739

    Haven’t been in Plato’s closet yet, but went to once upon a child…they’re related aren’t they?  I love thrift/yard sale shopping!  Way to go on all your great finds!!!

  3. stephaniedawnbasham

    I want to play “I’m thinking of a person…”!!!! That is the best game in the entire world, hands down. Well, one of the best.

    I live for trips to Plato’s Closet! I’ve never been there without finding something fabulous for oh-so-cheap. Mmm.

  4. kkakwright

    I asked for a puffy vest for Christmas.  I saw the trash bag green ones at Old Navy. 😉
    Holly, BD’s is BD’s Mongolian BBQ.  It is fantastic. You can make your own delectable creation of meats, veggies and sauces.  Then they stir fry it for you.  It is super good.  And all you can eat. 

  5. Nixter77

    So glad you feel ready to face the world, glad you are back and that you had a productive time away with your man..

    I need to go shopping with you little miss bargain hunter/finder.

    Love you billions – not balloons Jess 😉

  6. gsowell

    It’s feast or famine with you. We get a plethora of details (such as the candle that cost 52 cents) or no details available.

    Glad it was a good time and you got work done. You seem happy and refreshed. Just what you need to go to PT conferences. Boy, I do NOT like those as a parent. I was nervous!

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