Just realized I never announced the winner(s) of the Guess The Average Age of My Blog Readers Contest. Based on the 85 who commented, the average age is… 33! Which also happens to be how old I am. For 33 more days, that is.

Oh, the irony.

We had two winners–Gail and Blessed Mom. Both of these gals are 33, and smart girls that they are, they guessed their own age for the average. Congratulations, friends!

I’m thinking about your prizes, ladies. Any requests?

Don’t forget–this week is Writer’s Week on the blog. Five fun posts for writers, wanna-be writers, or anyone who wants to get inside the head of one of those wacky writer-people.

I have a couple posts planned out, but I’d also like to address your questions, so bring them with you tomorrow!

Have a great night!

p.s. Drawing THREE winners for Kathi Lipp’s The Husband Project Monday morning. There’s still time to enter!

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