there’s a WHAT in our subdivision?!

Gabe just walked the girls outside to go down to the bus stop and hollered, “Bring Nina out here quick!!” What in the world could be so amazing that I needed to bring my 2-year-old out into the cold in her t-shirt and panties (yes, the potty training begins today…)?

Um, a BUCK! A male deer! In our neighborhood! In our neighbor’s front yard! We live in the city, people. Well, not exactly IN the city. And our neighborhood does back up to a woods. But still. Wow. That was pretty cool. I ran in to get Gabe’s camera, and he (the buck) high-tailed it outta there.

So, I’m in good spirits this morning. Committed to praying for our new President and Vice-President. Congratulations, Barack & Michelle Obama and Joe & Jill Biden. I look forward to seeing God’s plan for the next four years, and I pray that each of us will do our part to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ. And stand firm in our convictions that God’s Word is truth. And love our neighbors. And seek God’s will in every single aspect of our days and lives.

We’ve had to make some tough financial decisions this week, and my heart is feeling a little sore. I know that God will provide. I just wish that my instantaneous response to financial “crisis” was a sense of peace and not of fear and anxiety. God’s working on me though. My response time is getting quicker and quicker. 🙂 Praise You, Lord!

Looking forward to a glorious weekend of family fun! Steph and Kelly will be here from out-of-state. And Bethany and Jess (and fam) and Mom and Dad and Grandpa will all be here on Friday afternoon. And some will be staying through Saturday. Thank you, Lord, for my family. They’re beyond awesome.

Have a wonderful Wednesday!!

13 thoughts on “there’s a WHAT in our subdivision?!

  1. jbnygaard

    That’s pretty cool about the buck! And I have to admit I had to read the sentence about Nina being in panties twice! Whoa there girl! I’m praying for ya!

    I’m with you on the election thing. My feelings are….if God could change the hearts of some of the evil kings back in Bible times, he can change the heart of our President. NOTHING is impossible with OUR Lord and Savior! I have such a peace about this whole decision process. I know it’s ALL God! 🙂

  2. faithchick

    yay for bucks!!  ya shoulda shot him and pickled his heart. (ew.  i should erase that.)

    thanks for the birth story clarification.  I want to think that i can handle the pushing part. if i remember correctly, that’s the part when it got pretty easy (<–am i really saying this?!?) with e1.  it was the contractions that killed me.  so….now, i’m hopeful!

    i’m still scared.  this baby has to come out.  eesh.  i think we’ll adopt the rest.

  3. rocknnell

    Told Rock about the buck , he said, ” did Nina get to see it ?”   HE was soooooo tired, he did not go out this a.m….but we got alot accomplished…here and @ Popos’

  4. ladymiss3739

    We’ve been semi-psuedo-potty-training here.  Kinda.  With some slightly littlish amounts of partial success. 

    Hope yours goes without a hitch and that Nina’s wearing panties by the end of the week!   

  5. adamslady

    Well, I had to go through a series of feelings, the ones you go through when facing fear/change: denial, depression, anger – but eventually acceptance. I share your commitment to praying and looking forward to seeing God’s plan unfold. 🙂

    Best wishes in potty training. 😉

  6. mrsnorthern8605

    Thank you for being one of the few people who aren’t complaining about the outcome of the election. I wish people would feel the way you do and just allow God’s control to reign.

    Very cool that you saw a buck!

  7. beccajanern

    We have a herd of deer that live in the woods behind us.   The season is upon us again that they are out roaming.  It is amazing to see.  Glad undie-clad Nina got to see it.  (Praying the potty training goes well!)

    Financial crises are rough.  It’s not our money, though.

    Have a great weekend with family and friends!

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