the summer of ’69

When we first fell in love… Sigh.

14 thoughts on “the summer of ’69

  1. Anonymous


    I’ve been reading your blog for a few months now after finding you thru Baby Bangs. Bought a set of your three books too for my daughter based on A.J.s recommendation on her blog and an excerpt I read on Amazon. Having scanned the books they seem to be so helpful and read great. I think my daughter who is expecting baby # 2 will enjoy them. I wish I’d had them when I was a young wife and Mom.

    The reason I came out of the shadows today to comment here was to thank you for your refreshing, interesting, and often funny posts. They often brighten my day or at least give me new perspectives and cause to be grateful to God for so many things.  I’d especially like to thank and commend you for the post yesterday about voting Christian values rather than what is popular. I’m sure blogging politics is a bit touchy and not a favorite topic even among Christians but what is at stake this election is too important and I so appreciate you taking a stand on an important issue like this one that affects us all. God bless you for using your gift of writing as you are called.

    With thanks,

    A Grateful Granny

    P.S. Had occasion to visit the Riverbanks zoo last year. I really liked it. Wait until you see the San Diego Zoo someday. It’s so cool.


  2. der_lila_Stern

    It would be way more funny to me if I didnt have a picture of my dad looking pretty much EXACTLY like Gabe does in that picture…  funky plaid jacket and all…

    I wonder what people will think of my high school pictures 40 years from now…

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