Thank you for praying for me. The morning went…well. I did spend most of the ride home (from MOPS) feeling deflated and discouraged, but my reason was petty. In the last couple hours, I’ve gotten over myself. Whew, that’s a relief. God answered all (but one) of my prayers (and I was just focusing on the one He didn‘t answer), and I know He blessed a lot of women through the words He gave me. And I have a feeling a few husbands are going to be a little happier this week as well.

Anywho. (Anyhoo?)

So, let me clear up the Mitch Hedberg thing. I do think he’s funny. Side-splittingly funny at times even. Some of his stuff just killed me. Okay, bad word choice. No, I didn’t know he died. Neither did Gabe. He was bummed when I told him. His humor and tone of voice take a minute (or 12) to get used to, but then he’s quite a hoot. A nice change of pace from a lot of other comedians who all sound the same. Actually I don’t listen to many, because it’s hard for me to get past the language and inappropriate humor. That’s why I love Brian Regan.

Gabe and Nina and I took a walk through the woods after lunch. The weather is gorgeous. I kept closing my eyes to soak in the loveliness of each moment. I nearly fell asleep walking a few times.

Did you hear about the 7-year-old boy who broke into a zoo in Sydney, Australia and fed a bunch of small animals to a huge crocodile? I’m sad. Not for the animals so much, but for such a little boy to have such huge heart issues already. What must be going on in his mind and soul and life? I hate the curse of sin. (Nixie, you be careful over there in Oz!)

I thought I had some other stuff to say but apparently not. I’m tired. Hope the rest of your day is delightful!

10 thoughts on “thanks

  1. scottnjes

    Glad it went well!!

    Maybe the little boy just made a stupid mistake. Hopefully this isn’t a pattern in his life. Hopefully some good, old fashioned discipline is all he needs.

  2. jbnygaard

    That is so incredibly sad about that boy. SO YOUNG. Where are his parents?

    Sorry, I didn’t get your post until now…I started praying for you thinking you were talking today…and then realized in the middle of my prayer…your speaking engagement was WAY over. I meant well. 🙁

  3. Nixter77

    I don’t want to be fed to crocodiles 🙁

    You are right though, what must be going on that little ones heart to do something so awful – I did hear about that on the news, not sure which zoo it was though!

  4. setapart1979

    Glad your talk went well.  I find it easy to focus on that “one thing” instead of rejocing about how God came through in some many other ways.  I laughed out loud at your solution… I’m going to remember that for the next time my focus is wrong & get over myself! 

  5. KmHunsberger

    ^^ I totally get what she is saying. And I agree. And I think you are great. And I am glad this morning went well. And I pray God still answers your one prayer in a way you weren’t expecting that knocks your socks off. And I miss you. And are you sick of me yet

  6. faithchick

    I vote for “anywho.”

    and i think it’s okay that you think the comedian isn’t all that funny even thought he’s no longer among the living.  just like i’m okay with not being a massive rich mullins fan even though he’s gone. (klove really plays him (rich, not mitch) up & almost idolizes him and–well—it’s a pet peeve of mine-this pedestooling of people who have died.)  hum. random.  but.  it’s what i thought of.

  7. Oly16

    Oh your walk sounds fantastic!  I’m loving this glorious fall weather too!!

    That’s pretty wild about that zoo in Australia – so sad!  Wow- and the boy was so young too.

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